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    Still trying to be Christina by over-singing, I [unfortunately] hear. The song is alright, but her singing just ruins it.
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    Kelly is closing out 2019 on top, and will slay 2020!
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    This album is still dope, af! Cannot wait to see what the next single happens to be!
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    I only wish I could've been there to see it, 'cause I hate the WBC!
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    They came to my high school to protest our production of The Laramie Project. I did not go, as I was not allowed, but only three of their church goers showed up, while hundreds of our students did.
  8. My issue is that the girls (non-Nicole) complained that it was all Nicole's vocals... yet even in the new song, it's all Nicole. You would've thought they'd at least re-record the pre-recorded vocals, and just not lip to the entire thing. SMFH. The medley was cute, though.
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    Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy listening to "Headlines," because it was their message to the fans and to the general public, however, it did lack the spice quality that their music always had. There is a reason why Melanie C was against recording new material for the hits compilation. And let's not even discuss the horror that was "Voodoo," because that song should be illegal. Girls Aloud and MKS did it right with "Something New" and "Flatline," respectively. Also, I wouldn't call Steps a girl group, but their comeback was iconic.
  10. 5 April – Dublin, 3 Arena 6 April – Cardiff Motorpoint Arena 8 April – Birmingham, Arena 9 April – Nottingham, Motorpoint Arena 11 April – Glasgow, The SSE Hydro 12 April – Newcastle, Utilita Arena 14 April – Manchester, Arena 15 April – Leeds, First Direct Arena 17 April – London, The O2
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    Celeb News

    Melody refused to join, due to the "extensive" therapy she sought after they split.
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    Celeb News

    I saw them when they opened for Britney, alongside the Big Apple Circus, haha.
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    Celeb News

    Shame, indeed. Boo those bitches. Let's stan Suga instead!
  14. I know someone who got tickets and they're pissed, but this is why I'd never buy tickets to a Madonna show. I love her. I do, but shit just keeps happening that disappoint. Not trying to downplay her pain, but damn.... she knew what she was signing up for!
  15. Abusers are fucking nasty. I hate them.
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    Meh. I can name things wrong with each look, unfortunately. 2012 the dress, for me, is not tailored properly for her body, and those shoes did not go, either. 2019's look could've used without the excess bottom fabric on the top.
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    They each have misses with them, which is unfortunate.
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    They've stanned them for years, lol, so the delusion continues.
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    Off-topic, but your set is a WIN!