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    My question is: why upload a cropped 4:3 when it is online in 16:9. Messy MTV. Messy.
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    BeauTubers are snatched.
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    Charlie's third album, currently untitled, will launch its campaign on Wednesday with th release of "I Warned Myself."
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    fuck me daddy! please! I'm just a hole, sir.
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    A true, valid reinvention! #IStan
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    Compact discs.
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    My first and only Britney concert experience, and it was fucking incredible. She was alert and it was a great show; plus, saw her walk off-stage at the end and be greeted by her sons. It was a magical evening (aside from the rude-ass gay behind me and his drunk-ass bitches that we got arrested) I'll never forget!
  10. This is her during a recent shooting of The Greatest Dancer: It's called makeup and it was atrocious during "Love Made Me Do It," along with the poor haircut and colour she had. People forget what makeup can do to a person's face. Plus, faces naturally change as we get older, especially once one has a child, like Cheryl did.
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    Umm... she has two albums to go before she gets to Ray of Light.
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    I need to see them all.
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    Jenner snappedT! Wow! This is something else.
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    Kellegend SNAPPED!
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    Universal has trolled us by putting 720p HD versions of "I Kissed a Girl," "Hot n Cold" and "Thinking of You" on YouTube. SMFH. Remaster them, UMG!
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    Gags snapped! Yes!
  17. Am off this week, so will do my best to provide some.
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    Now we're getting into the good albums, sis. Yas.
  19. Depends; I don't see them including it, honestly. It's not the memorable version, especially since she prefers the radio mix. Because the new mix was on latter pressings of the album. I know my pressing has the radio mix, while my friend's has the original album edit. So, I don't see them changing it up. On that note, I also see them including "Come On Over Baby" instead of "Come On Over," too.
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    video and song are cute.
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    Kelegend snappedT! GAGZ!