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  1. Just now, lavenderblonde said:

    The phone call that he got before hand prompting him to race out of his house?

    I just...come on. That alone should be the smoking gun oprah11 


    Plus, the cameras to the roof are off the night of Rivera's death? Yeah, because that is not suspicious. And his co-workers, of all people, finding the hole (and it isn't even a hole from what I've seen) from atop the parking garage? Sure. A suicide this was not, especially with the police quickly taking certain people off of the case, and even someone telling Mrs. Rivera she knew what they (a.k.a. the police) were doing. This was a complete coverup from the moment the co-workers saw the top of the hotel, and his remains were found.


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  2. On 7/4/2020 at 9:21 AM, Infrared said:


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    1. I think that someone from the firm murdered him (the best friend) and staged his murder. If the hotel is near the firm, I would think they'd have connections about how to get in. But there are some other theories - https://www.newsweek.com/unsolved-mysteries-rey-rivera-note-letter-clues-game-netflix-1515283


    2. Definitely think the husband did it somehow. He has manipulative psycho tendencies. 


    3. Xavier is still alive.


    4. I think there was definitely a cover-up. Someone who worked for the police / KBI helped hide his murder. It's physically not possible they could've searched the area for over a month and not have found anything. And there's no way his body wouldn't have not decomposed. We saw how Ray Rivera's body was gone after 8 days. 





    Of course it was the so-called "friend." Rey Rivera was close to uncovering something, hence why people were attempting to break into the home, to spook Rivera into stopping. When he did not, they clearly hooked him in, murdered him, dumped the body in a room they knew no one would likely go into, and then paid off the police. The "friend" failed to talk, which is suspicious enough in itself. Not to mention, the company placed gag orders on their employees, preventing them from discussing Rivera's death