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    @Freaky Prince Do you know, queen?
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    She never said that, though. She just dreads singing it, due to how vocally challenging it is. I'm sure, at some point, she'll perform it again.
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    At least she traded it for another excellent song, though, "Candy Shop" can hop the fuck off, and "Rescue Me" can return.
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    Celeb News

    No. No new label; it's purely for music publishing.
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    Can anyone explain to me the actual differences between both versions of the "Paparazzi" music video? I know Alex's "cunt" line is cut from the non-explicit one, but what else was cut to cause a 26 second difference?
  7. Ruthless Love

    The text positioning wasn't great, but we've seen worse from singles and other artists. It was likely there, due to the image of her being used; had a different one been used, I'm pretty sure it would've been done differently.
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    Better than the shit you believed to be the official one, though, lol.
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    This isn't official, though... this is fan made. This is the official album cover, used on both the standard and deluxe editions:
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    Oh, I jam to this! Go Ally!
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    She's extending into 2020 as announced on The Kelly Clarkson Show.
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    She announced she's extending her Vegas show through 2020!
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    Music Video

    Song and video slaps.
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    Celeb News

    I thought she was signing to Sony Music, but it's actually Sony/ATV Music Publishing. Haha. Got semi-excited for a moment.
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    Cancel her. She had one job with this album, and she didn't do the job.
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    While I get why she's doing it backwards, it also makes zero fucking sense, and it's ruining the progression, because now she's comparing each release to something that came after it (ie Madame X and Rebel Heart).
  17. I see some talent... and I do mean some.
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    Charlie Puth announced back in August that he'd release three songs prior to one servicing to radio as the lead from his new album — "I Warned Myself" and "Mother" were the first two, which means we have one more song to come.