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    The moment she moved to RCA was the moment shit began to sink to new lows.
  2. I don't know 98% of these songs.
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    I mean, they did alright, but they could be doing more with this so-called "remasters."
  4. We do LOVE to fucking see it!
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    Celeb News

    A far superior shoot, though, one of them is heavily photoshopped within the main fold-out piece!
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    Mine might be Taller in More Ways or Change.
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    Future Nostalgia: 18 Don't Start Now: 26 Cool: 24 Physical: 62 Levitating: 22 Hallucinate: 26 Love Again: 18 Break My Heart: 18
  8. https://www.instagram.com/p/CITD0senEDT/?igshid=27elv46nywfy harrystyles Verified Bring back manly men.
  9. Good. She was fucking moronic for doing what she did. As for escaping the fine... that is celebrity privilege for you.
  10. Scum. Just like his deadbeat father. Glad Kelly is following in Reba's footsteps, and is exiting the Blackstock regime.
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    Future Nostalgia: 20 Don't Start Now: 26 Cool: 24 Physical: 58 Levitating: 26 Hallucinate: 26 Love Again: 18 Break My Heart: 18
  12. YES! You should! I have ideas of how the third season was originally going to end, too, and what could be coming!
  13. I don't think she is; she seems to be real invested in portraying the role, and seems quite grateful for the opportunity to portray the iconic character. Plus. Gillies always wanted Hendrix on the series, and she [finally] got her wish.
  14. She was playing a bad, 1980s camp character, and not doing it well. Elaine has actually drawn inspiration from Joan Collins' portrayal of Alexis, and has rooted the character. Not to mention, Hendrix and Liz Gillies look so much alike it is insane!
  15. Fallon is definitely the driving force of the reboot, and in-line with how Fallon was in the original series. As for Alexis, I was never sold on Nicolette as Alexis. Elaine Hendrix is the Alexis we deserved from the start!
  16. Ten?! That's damn-near impossible....