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  1. Billie Eilish is a Gen Z icon, but her fandom spans generations – and includes more than a few famous faces. In episode 3 of British Vogue’s ‘Ask a Legend’ series, Halle Berry pops up to ask the star for songwriting tips for her daughter; Avril Lavigne wants to know about Billie’s future goals; and Sporty Spice is keen to hear her most life-changing moment to date. Her friend Denzel Curry meanwhile, just wants to know: “When am I going to see you again?” Watch the video in full to hear British Vogue’s June cover star on her first date, her favourite song from her own back catalogue, and whether she’d pick fresh sheets over fresh socks. 


  2. Just now, Billie Frank said:

    Have you seen Mariahs remasters? They're very poorly done upscales. fall9

    Because I doubt Sony is going to dish out $$. Majority of the so-called remasters coming out have been done properly; unless it's 4K, I half-expect them all to look like shit.