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  1. Christmas music from Sia sounds but on the festive side kylie fans had to deal with that for two years, so have fun
  2. Other

    All the Lovers 25Get Outta My Way 10Closer 25 +Everything is Beautiful 30Aphrodite 20Illusion 35Better Than Today 20Too Much 15 -Cupid Boy 10Looking for An Angel 25Can't Beat the Feeling 25
  3. Rumor

    I guess it's true, it's better the devil you know Also at daily mold calling him Oliver
  4. Discussion

    Wikipedia says ruffle my feathers was Biifco. and on another pop forum Biff Stannard has an account and yesterday he listed all the X leaks he worked on and RMF is there
  5. Discussion

    i need that's why they write love songs
  6. we'll see if you still think that when the KMO poll results are revealed
  7. the crying game act followed up with Confide In Me & Cowboy Style just to showoff "Manchester boy "
  8. Discussion

    i really want to know who or whom decide what becomes a single cuz All I See over The One, like??
  9. Discussion

    The One getting its rightful praise after the horrible way parlo treated it
  10. Discussion

    re-listening to Sensitized right now and yes, well deserved
  11. did she tease KMO this much during its recording process? Trying not to over-hype myself but I'm getting really really excited. it feels like she knows shes got something special this time around.
  12. Discussion

    I will literally summon demmonn (by actually buying ha music) to make you fall off that tightrope while I have a rendezvous at sunset, with yo man.
  13. Single

    the song is structured weird and i feel like it needs to be longer to build the atmospheric sound they were going for. plus, i barely hear her with that vocal effect
  14. Achievement

    and here I thought Abomb was referring to Absolutely Anything And Anything At All