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  1. http://ken2.wikia.com/wiki/To_Ken
  2. Gossip

    Fake, it's the adilb stem that leaked a while back
  3. Discussion

    1. Heal Me 2. X Dreams 3. Jewels n' Drugs (feat. All those rappers) 4. MANiCURE 5. Tik Tik Boom (feat. Britney Spears) 6. Do What You Want (To My Body) 7. On The Floor (feat. J-Lo) 8. Frankenstein'ed 9. Poison (feat. Beyonce) 10. The Fame Strike Back 11. The Fame 12. Judas 13. Yas I Do
  5. The good sis is back
  6. Don't ban
  7. scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 scream2 

    1. RihannaRTT

      nnn. don't worry sis, it's only 2 days (and the good news is, it doesn't count against you in future) moo1 You play the game and you don't always win, unfortunately ny7 

    2. MonsterGaga5555

      Yeah but now i've been banned again scream2

      You know how many sites i've been banned from?? scream2 Officially unstanned scream2

    3. MonsterGaga5555

      The good sis is back,

      I'm plotting my revenge since you announced i'm banned moo1

  8. Can I block admins?
  9. Rude, I just went with Selena. I'm reporting you to Selenas fan base for giving only them a Two-Day ban
  10. Oml am I actually getting banned? If so I never played, i'll just create an alt
  11. Event

    No, a small snippet did though!
  12. I don't think we can be friends anymore...
  13. Discussion

    Likely, I remember somewhere reading that there would be the ending to the sequel from ARTPOP. From what I read it was suppose to be one of the Swinefest / Itunes Festival tracks: MANiCURE - Unknown Aura - Likely since it says "I killed my former" X Dreams - Could be likely as well Jewels N' Drugs - Unlikely since it already had 3 other rappers featured on it, they would of either had to extend it or cut somebody Applause - Already had a MV Released at the time I Wanna Be With U - Least likely as the song later transformed into Dope Artpop - Unlikely since it would be hard to add a feature to it Swine - Unlikely as the song was about... well yeah