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  1. keshafan11


    Hi guys, I noticed that there were not many fan made Kesha albums here ever since Rainbow came out. Let's make them here!
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    Hi guys i'm back! Sorry I haven't been posting on this forum but I am back. i'l try to post here more.
  3. Britney Spears Trouble (Circus Part II ( fan made Prod By Max Martin label RCA Date 9th March 2018 Length 66:40 1. Trouble // dance pop 2nd single 2. Quicksand Ft Lady Gaga // pop 1st single Rock Boy // rock 4. The Game // dance pop // promo single 5. Party ft Fergie // dance pop 6, Strut // pop 4th single 7. Pretty Girls Part II // dance pop 8. Ultra // pop 9. Insane ft Kesha // pop 10. Diamonds ft Justin Bieber // dance pop fifth single 11. Lips // pop 12. Twerk Something ft Nicki Minaj // dance pop last single 13. Bliss // dance pop] 14. Strong // pop 15. Hypnotized // Dance pop 16. Little Things // dance pop 17. Trouble For Me Part II // Dance Pop Cover This Is Britneys 10 th album it is her best yet it is a part2 to Circus with a lot of fun songs that will make you dance this is sure to be a number 1 hit album This is Like a more dance version of circus and it features massive hits also it is a great way to celebrate 10 years of Circus
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    I wish she did do A Poppy collab
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    Listening party off
  6. keshafan11


    give me the link I will come to it
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    hi guys I'm having another Listening Party of kesha songs and other singers at 7 am AU time I will play you guys request as well as songs I like there is no pre party this time who wants to come?
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    I am having a Christmas listening Party at 7 pm tonight AU time pre party starts in 10 minutes who wants to come I will play request if you want a song on including Kesha does that sound good?
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    kesha Last Goodbye fan made Produced By Zedd and Ryan Lewis Jan 17 2019 1. My Computer Is Not Working Feat Poppy & Charlotte // dance pop 2. Stay Gold // country 3.Fuck off Dr Luke Feat Taylor Swift // Dance pop 4. Last Goodbye // pop 5. Cry // ballad 6. You're The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly feat The Flaming Lips. // rock 7. Powerful Feat Lilly Allen // pop 8. Elizabeth My Dear Feat The Flaming lips 9. You Control My Heart Feat Flaming Lips ] // rock 10 . Magic Feat Calvin Harris // dance pop 11. Child Of The Moon 12. Heart Of Stone // rock 13. Night Sky // ballad 14. Skeleton // rock 15. Meet Me In Space // pop 16. Machine Gun Love Feat Calvin Harris & Zedd // dance pop 17. Animal/Warrior Part II // dance pop this is what I think K4 will sound like do you agree ? Cover credit to
  11. keshafan11


    I really just want dance and country for the next album do you agree
  12. keshafan11


    sorry I have not posted in a long ass time Merry Christmas what do you think K4 is going to sound like does anyone have a fanmade tite/tracklist for K4 and do you think it will be out in 2018 or 2019? also I won't be able to go to The Rainbow tour because Kesha is not coming To Queensland Aus do you think she will soon? Thanks
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    hi guys is there any fan made original doll cds that I can buy the one I tried to buy was 64 aud is there any other ones
  14. keshafan11


    hi guys sorry I have not posted in a while the Artpop App was removed from the App store I had it on my old IPad 4 years ago but I want to download it again does anyone know how to download it again
  15. can anyone make a fan made version of reputation using in realesed songs and look what you made me do