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  1. Or she can just be a performer, she’s a pop singer... nothing else
  2. Iggy actually doesn’t do well maybe in some third world countries her songs go top 20 but not in America. Post Malone has been doing well for awhile ever since white iverson, just because some black people don’t like him doesn’t me all black have a hate for him. If that was the case, hip hop radio stations wouldn’t be playing his songs and he wouldn’t be invited to perform at hip hop shows. You do realize that being black and gay is a thing right ? You also realize that for whatever reason, Eminem used to be respected in the black community right ? Oh wait you’re not black so you wouldn’t know. And who the fuck is listening to WALE EVER ? He had one song that was popular, that right there makes your whole argument weak and it’s clear you don’t know what you’re talking and you have no stats to back you up. Just pure stereotypes. You said borderline racist things on this site including that black people don’t listen to white artist which is completely untrue. What chart are you speaking of because I would love to know ? Also everybody and there momma listen to drake and Nicki Minaj, white or black so sounds like a racist right now thinking that people only listen to music that their race makes. Drake is black and white btw
  3. 1. Post malone just had a number 1 on bilboard hot 100 with 21 savage. 2. Proof ? You don’t even live in a country where black people are 1 percent ? 3. You just said white people embrace “poc” artist and then named 3 sit down. Do you know how many white rappers are popular and get hits in hot 100 ? 4. That’s actually not even true, name a rapper that got political in his music, a young new one. You keep saying ALOT and then only naming 3 artist. You have no idea what you’re talking about and you have no proof or FACTS. You’re not even black so I don’t know how you came to the conclusion on how black people feel black people don’t only listen to hip hop music, the main consumer of hip hop is white male teenagers. Straight black males listen to female artist so I don’t know how you came to the conclusion that they don’t
  4. I heard someone say on this website that black people only listen to hip hop so I want to know the demographic of pop music listeners. @m****nw****n said this but I blocked his name because I want to keep his identity anonymous, I just thought his comment was interesting.
  5. I just heard “end game” on the radio wig

  6. Oh my gosh look at that amazing legend in your avi