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  1. Effie white

    Whitney continues to have more beauty, talent, and her music in remembered outside of gay clubs NEXT
  2. reading your old threads and i must say... i'm impressed!

  3. Effie white

    Yes they were, it’s not our fault her career lasted 2 year
  4. Effie white

    I didn’t see any black dancers, I’m protesting
  5. Effie white

    She is fat
  6. Effie white

    She is fat
  7. Effie white

    Britney has been washed up since 2003 justin Timberlake should go back to pretending that he’s black, at least he made good music then Usher has sold more than all your cunt faves
  8. Effie white

    You’re not even American but I’ll bite, plenty of liberals especially on this site think that illegal immigrants should become citizens without actually doing it the legal way like all of the African and Asian legal immigrants. It’s not my problem whether or not they can get citizenship. I definitely do, they are hopping the border to get away from hardships in their own country, however, that’s not my problem nor should they be granted citizenship what are you talking about ? I didn’t even explain how to get citizenship in that post ? Do you understand how immigration and citizens works ? No one has a right to a country they came illegally to
  9. Effie white

    I agree and no one has a right to live in a country if they aren’t a citizen. I can’t hop the border to Mexico and become a citizen just because I want to, I have to do it the legal way. It’s not fair that people from other continents besides South America have to get citizenship the legal way while people from Mexico think they have a right to citizenship
  10. Effie white

    Yes Whitney did crack
  11. Effie white

    Yall ready for Rihanna to sing out of breath tonight?? “Willlld wiiild wiiiild. *gasp* wiiiild wiiild willlld thoughts *gasp* when I’m with you all I get is *turns mic*
  12. Effie white

    Not only was she out of breath, she looked fat. Bitch you can’t dance. Her fat ass was out of breath just walking out. Rihanna is fat& out of breath but at least the stage was good and my daddy looked good bye
  13. But like I said, I’m black and I think he said it on accident
  14. Is jlo black ? That’s defeats the purpose of his argument