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  1. PermabannedT? moo3

    If not come back oprah11

    1. H.O.N.E.Y

      As u can see here @Frozen I was supporting u even when u were in the grave, I'm not a fake bitch. aretha1

    2. Frozen

      KING, I love anyone who isn’t sneak dissing, this forum thrives off of my antics 

  2. reading your old threads and i must say... i'm impressed!

  3. Frozen here

    Don’t isolate yourself every time I try to talk to you 

  4. Frozen here

    I just heard “end game” on the radio wig

  5. Oh my gosh look at that amazing legend in your avi

  6. Madonna is a good performer, I will give her that.
  7. You and your friend are a minority. Majority of young people don’t care about Madonna nor do they know her songs. Madonna is only known in Europe and NA anyway
  8. Frozen here

    i can’t believe I’m married at such a young age 

  9. Frozen here

    What I share with you is sacred and everlasting

  10. @Onika lock this thread and restrict my posting from battlegrounds and NHB, thankyou
  11. She’s annoying, beyonce will regret not putting her albums and singles on streaming services later on
  12. Who needs hits when you have decent album sells and blockbuster tours. Beyonce can’t be as legendary as Whitney, Madonna, or Janet and have number 1 hits (solo), blockbuster tours, and monster album;)