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  1. I mean…. I know it's crazy, but I can understand why some of these people hold onto the belief that there was voter fraud. (No evidence, I'm just saying I can see how they can justify that for themselves). But this continued desperate, dystopian idea that the power grid was going to shut down on Jan 20th or that Trump will be sworn in on Mar 4th is like… So wild. Where. Where's the material. There is none.
  2. Lots of performers who are up front and center eventually take careers "behind-the-scenes". I hope whatever she does is fulfilling!
  3. Girl, I don't see or hear it Also she's not entirely right. Ariana was compared to Mariah almost exclusively due to how she sounded.
  4. Tbh she is always looking older than she is.
  5. I also wanted to point out that the paragraph where she talks about Glitter being "ahead of it's time" (blech), that she knew it was going to be a thing (double blech), and was happy for #JusticeForGlitter is repeated twice – verbatim – in the book. 234 and 274, within 40 pages of each other.
  6. I feel like it was a topic on this forum about Madonna hopping on R&B trends in the mid 90s but like, who is really out here arguing that Take A Bow isn't the best song Babyface has cowrote/produced? aretha1

    1. BabyMario44


      R&bdonna >>>>>>>>>

  7. I think he's 21. I mean, he needs to start asking guys what their age is considering this has been a problem already Like, just ask right away. How do you get this mixed up.
  8. Yeah the stuff about her childhood was the best parts, honestly. (so far, for me, anyway) So much monumental and heartbreaking stories. Dynamics that we never got to know. Like how Pat didn't pay attention to Mariah's hygiene, Mariah's brother and father getting into fights, her sister's pregnancy and trying to pimp her out. Crazy stuff, but illuminating to read. And I know. The fact that Pat didn't see how problematic it was that Mariah was marrying her boss/a man 20 years her senior is wild. She should have protected Mariah more.
  9. I think her mother was the most positive influence on her in her childhood, but that didn't mean that there weren't some big negatives. When everything around you is terrible, it's easy to see the not-so-bad part as being the best thing. It probably took a long time for Mariah to realize how inept Pat was. (no shade to Pat but y'know)
  10. I actually haven't finished it yet because it has been rather disappointing. I think I paused right before she got into Glitter. The bits about her childhood were really great, but once she started talking about her days living in NYC and her early career, I became rather disenchanted with it. She really glides over a lot of things and there was a lot less details on moments in her career. There was some good insight on her relationship with Tommy and Derek, but, at the same time, I feel like she could have delved even deeper into her and Tommy's relationship because it didn't make a whole lot
  11. Girl I'm not smelly. I still shower regularly. My towel just doesn't stink tho. Idgi. I'm not wiping my sweaty self on a towel.
  12. I'd also like to point out that some people (like me) have to use a laundromat. I'm also broke so I try to conserve my clothes and things (like towels) for a long time.