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  1. Idk I didn't feel like arguing about it. Everyone has different numbers it seems so whatever.
  2. it's been a week already?
  3. Well yeah, numbers-wise she wins
  4. Hm… I'll have to check the podcast.
  5. Even though Mariah had a steady, unaffected success throughout the decade of the 90s, I feel Madonna was absolutely massive between 1984 – 1991. She was a phenomenon. I think her peak was just a bigger cultural impact.
  6. It's all that driving. They better start working on their eco cars
  7. D O N A L D Khloe K exposed as a Trump supporter
  8. Although it's true that Ray of Light isn't Madge's best, everything else you said about it is bitter coffee trying to disguise itself as tea Butterfly is superior to all, tho.
  9. Honestly, the entire country of the United States and some of its states are too big anyway. This might be a good idea, tbh.
  10. Shake It Off Stay The Night Fly Like A Bird WBT
  11. Discussion

    I liked Gaga's aesthetic more than the others. I guess Katy and Nicki were more drastically cartoony, but Gaga's look is just more interesting & better.
  12. I've been stanning MTV Unplugged so much lately Bitch wasn't having the best vocal day yet she still sounded so authentic and good. The "acoustic" renditions of the uptempo songs are so stunning. I even prefer the Unplugged version over the studio version of Make It Happen. So much more life in it. I love watching it, too. There's just so much joy in the performances.
  13. I mean, it's called a Reaper pepper. Don't be an idiot