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  1. Probably Love At First Sight, Get Outta My Way, and More More More people will say YDNY tho
  2. I may be wrong, but what I like about Britney stans is that they seem to want what's best for her and seem not only understanding but totally on-board with her stepping away from touring/stage performing or music in general for her mental health and happiness. It's refreshing to see.
  3. I mean, beyond the fact that the scenes are just bonkers, there's also formatting mistakes, lmao. No way its real.
  4. Charmbracelet Joanne High as Hope Madame X Golden Usually if I skip out on an album I've jumped off the train, honestly.
  5. highkey thought they were married already
  6. He right, tho. It isn't that good It's a shame considering Kylie covering a Gaga track should have been spectacular.
  7. It's very Lorde which means I don't really like it.
  8. I was expecting more, considering the cover for Kiss Me More, but it's pretty good!
  9. boo hoo its up to your surroundings. she revealed her conservatism while living in LA. While working in the entertainment industry. People get killed for being trans. She can save her entitled, washed-up tears.
  10. I'm not sure. A few of those things seem pretty par for the course in terms of how tv interviews go. I would say that most interviewers who get the "big" interviews tend to go for touchy, difficult topics for the subject to answer. Barbara might just be less tactful in how she words her questions at times. I don't remember her shaming Whoopi for saying the N-word on the air. I remember Barbara saying the N-word while reporting on a hate crime and Sherri Shepherd being uncomfortable that a white person was saying it. But I may not have seen the Whoopi part of that. But yes she
  11. It's definitely awful, but I don't think interviews/interviewers knew how to tread sensitively back then. The whole point is to get answers to questions. Barbra also felt remorse for it in retrospect.
  12. Is Grimes' latest album any good?

    1. Urbi


      No, it’s awful

    2. Miss Icon

      Miss Icon

      Yes, it’s amazing