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  1. Photos

    Her expression is a little... odd. But I love it, tbh.
  2. Niall's voice is nice. I also think Harry's vocals are very good, even though I haven't really listened to his album. I don't really pay attention to anything else. Hozier (remember him?) has a pretty great voice, imo. Off topic, but when I looked him up (to see where he been) this was actually on his wiki page:
  3. @*Starlight* is the #1 stan of "When You Believe" wtf Billboard? The Prince of Egypt is an astounding film that garnered critical praise. It is much more than some "religious kids movie". I'm glad they're representing the duet of the 20th century, but I'm not here for their attitude towards the film.
  4. Review

    Idk why but this made me laugh you're cracking me up Maybe that's the reason for the sarcastic "that was exciting"?
  5. This isn't a fucking TV show He literally just wants to go back to hosting The Apprentice. I would say "do your job" but he literally hasn't been doing that for a full fucking year. I'm so disgusted every fucking day.
  6. To be fair, all of the artist the OP listed haven't really had chart/radio success since they started their residencies. They all have done very well in Vegas, though. It's just sort of trading one type of success for another. But to answer the question, I think Gaga can keep herself relevant with new releases down the road. She is only 9/10 years into her career and will be the youngest pop act in Vegas. I think if she releases a good album with good promotion, she can still remain "relevant" – however you want that to mean. I think she will do well in Vegas, but honestly, settling with a residency puts her energy into one area. It could do her in, tbh. Off topic, but I'm surprised she's seemingly focused on shows. Especially since she has physical ailments, right? Shouldn't she rest and focus instead on writing & singing?
  7. This sounds interesting! I'm perched
  8. Gossip

    Honestly, if it is a cover of the Madonna song, I think it's the perfect one for her.
  9. Even though she doesn't have any #1s, I feel like her fans kind of have a big head just because she had more promise for longevity. She has a great voice, good stage presence, and her music just keeps getting better. Not to mention, her music has its own type of sound (although pop) that sets her aside from the rest. Selena is a discount Britney, Miley relies on gimmicks, and who really cares about Demi? Ariana isn't "huge", but neither are her peers. The biggest was Miley, but that was in 2013 and she's only become less relevant since. She's had plenty of hits, and her last album arguably had 2 (Dangerous Woman and Side To Side). So, honestly, I feel like she's on par with her peers, just in different ways.
  10. Wendy avoids "touchy" subjects (political/social/etc.) as much as possible, so it isn't surprising that she dodged talking about the content of Oprah's speech and went for shallow things. And then she went on The View like a day later, which was so out of place. She had nothing to say
  11. Congrats to Dolly Just teasing. What was her first Hall of Fame entry?
  12. Discussion

    Although I did tease it earlier, I am interested to hear what/how Shelby '68 sounds. I'm also always curious about title tracks, so Golden, also!
  13. Apparently I'm trash.