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  1. Great point. Honestly, there were few women, especially mainstream pop artists, who were singing such aggressive and blatant sexual lyrics found in 'Justify My Love' or 'Erotica'. Even with songs like 'Open Your Heart' – with the combination of the visuals – showcased a woman who was strong, powerful, and in control. Both in her career and relationships, but also in her own sexuality.
  2. Achievement

    Although Come Into My World isn't "futuristic" like the others, Kylie is still shot in a similar fashion. Almost always in the center, faces the camera a lot. It just feels cohesive. It's nice, really – even if it doesn't have the sort of futuristic/technological vibe to it.
  3. How dare you do that to Love Takes Time She doesn't deserve to be compared to second-rate hits. Love Takes Time was at the top of the charts for 3 weeks. DFAU could never.
  4. Celeb News

    Honestly, this looks like a fucking movie and I'm pretty excited for it. I am getting a little tired of all of the polished, Joseph Kahn music videos. This is like, the 6th in a row that he's directed… That being said, this does look incredible. And if it lives up to the trailer, they probably won't be able to top it, tbh.
  5. Gaga: I don't even know what her gimmick is anymore, but it all feels disingenuous Maybe she just needs to sit down at the piano and write some good pop songs and stop acting so uppity about her talent. Mariah: Sorry girl But I feel like she needs to stop the extended Diva act that makes it seem like she lives in a bubble. It's not helping her image in the slightest. Taylor: Basically obsessing over her image and how people perceive her. I always used to have her back, but now its just coming off as self-centered. Not really a gimmick, but she needs to get out of the "pop" genre. Its turning her writing to crap.
  6. I do think it is pretty notorious in the stan community of this generation. I don't think anyone expected it to flop as hard as it did, so it's sort of infamous in that respect.
  7. Other

    Cher called Madonna a number of things in the late 80s/early 90s They're all true, tho. (including all of the positive things)
  8. I don't think LWYMMD is a flop by any means. But I do think that the lack of promo and appearances has kept it from having some staying power. I don't listen to the radio, tho. Does it still get the spins?
  9. Probably not directly. She looked rather good in 2012 & 2013, after all. (not in 2008 shape, of course, but still) But age probably had something to do with it. He's 10 years younger than her; 36 is a very different age to be at than 46. Maybe the fact that her age was becoming a bit more apparent (which includes physical attributes like weight) was a factor in the end of their marriage. I know that she and Nick seemed happy together, and they produced two beautiful children and they co-parent them wonderfully. But I think it's a little weird how some lambs got so attached to their relationship. Like I said, they have a pretty big age gap. And as you get older, that age gap starts to show more. It's honestly not surprising to me that they didn't last forever... Especially since they only dated for like 3 months or something. That's not a very good base for a relationship.
  10. Vote for her! That's what I voted for, too. She needs to win.
  11. She didn't stay that skinny throughout their marriage, though. She also got this skinny before they started dating. I don't know if its related, really.
  12. If anyone's interested~
  13. Discussion

    I think Slow is too slow () to be @ the superbowl, tbh.
  14. Similarities Between Madonna and Mariah Carey Madonna and Mariah Carey are two artists that stans here seem to compare a lot. It always ends up being such an ugly squabble about sales and talent. As a fan of both of these artists, I started to think about things that they had in common – if any. Although it may seem odd to think that these two might have any parallels, but I was able to make a list of statistics about both their personal and professional lives that seem to align. Personal Lives - Both were married two times First Marriages: - Both married when they were relatively young Madonna: (1985) 27 years old Mariah Carey: (1993) 23 years old - Both first marriages were short-lived Madonna: (1985–1989) 4 years Mariah Carey: (1993–1997) 4 years - Both first husbands were abusive Madonna: Husband Sean Penn was known at the time for his short temper, having physically lashed out at paparazzi and being arrested for altercations during Madonna’s Who’s That Girl World Tour. It was reported that he physically abused her – hitting her and tying her to a chair – but no charges were brought to court. Madonna’s song "Till Death Do Us Part" and her music video for "Oh Father" both hint at marital abuse. Mariah Carey: Husband Tommy Mattola was very controlling of Mariah’s personal and professional life. He dictated what she could wear in promotional videos and controlled who she worked with. It was reported that he listened in on her phone conversations and had her followed when she left their house – which she allegedly nicknamed “Sing Sing”. There was no reports of actual physical abuse. Second Marriages: - Both second marriages were more successful than their first Madonna: Guy Ritchie (2000–2008) 8 years Mariah Carey: Nick Cannon (2008–2016) 8 years - Both second marriages produced children Madonna: Rocco Ritchie (2000, biological) David (adopted 2005) Mariah Carey: Moroccan & Monroe Cannon (2011, biological) Professional - Both achieved their most recent – and thus far their last – Number One around the same time in their careers: Madonna: “Music” (2000) 17 years after debut (1983) Mariah Carey: “Touch My Body” (2008) 18 years after debut (1990) - Both achieved successful comebacks not long after major dips in their careers. Madonna: In 1992, the release of Erotica and the coffee table book S.E.X. saw a major backlash in Madonna’s public image. The album and its subsequent singles failed to reach the top spot on Billboard charts. She was scrutinized and panned for her raunchy artistry. In 1994, the release of Bedtime Stories saw the singles “Secret” at #3 and “Take A Bow” at #1, retrieving her success public approval. Mariah Carey: In 2001, the film project Glitter was a commercial and critical failure, with the soundtrack album also performing poorly. This was followed by a personal breakdown in which Mariah was hospitalized for exhaustion. Her following effort, Charmbracelet, did not fare any better. In 2005, The Emancipation of Mimi saw the singles “We Belong Together” at #1, “Shake It Off” at #2, and “Don’t Forget About Us” at #1, returning her former success and appeal. - Both aforementioned ‘comebacks’ saw them achieving their longest-running Solo Number One hits of their career Madonna: “Take A Bow”, #1 for 7 weeks Mariah Carey: “We Belong Together”, #1 for 14 weeks - Both released what are arguably their most personal and critically praised albums of their careers around the same time Madonna: Ray of Light, March 1998 (#2 Billboard 200) Mariah Carey: Butterfly, September 1997 (#1 Billboard 200)
  15. I can see both of them doing it – Gaga less so, though. Katy's just having a dip. The GP were eating up her music for awhile, so I can see her getting another #1 – especially if she tweaks her music to fit with the times.