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  1. Literal compilations on youtube of her being annoying on The View. She's worse than Demi.
  2. Don't make me choose between the two of them they're both horrible.
  3. Her face in the promo I never know how much of it was just insta filters but damn, girl. Iconic, tho
  4. I was around 7 when this happened. I'm from the middle of the country and I honestly don't really remember the day itself very well, but I do remember the aftermath and how much it was on the news, etc. I moved to the northeast for college and went to school with a lot of New Jersey natives. One year (probably an anniversary) we all talked about our experiences that day and it was the first time I heard stories from people my age who had been much closer to it and knew people who either worked at the WTC or were in the city that day. I don't remember anyone losing someone close – though perhap
  5. 60% Tbh I would have gotten a lot higher because I second-guessed a lot of my first guesses – which turned out to be true.
  6. I think the Red cover is miles ahead of the Fearless cover, but I understand what you mean. I don't think they're just Evermore rip-offs, because she is recording them as she is now, but part of me wishes she would have bought the rights to a photoshoot from each era to reuse for new album covers. That being said, it is just kind of nice to see what the new versions will be. Some of them will be not-so-good, some of them will be awesome, I'm sure. And I think a lot of people, especially swifties, will care about the visuals.
  7. They did her dirty on that lighting. Surprised she didn't go into 7 Rings. Didn't want to pay more royalties
  8. It's so fascinating to finally see this creature in color! They are so fascinating, and it's a shame they're no longer around.
  9. I never understood the affirmation for GGW by the logical fandom. It's pretty vapid, even in comparison to the rest of the album. The only thing it has going for it are some of the mv visuals.
  10. There's stuff to love about all of her Music Box era "Hero" performances. I think the Arsenio performance is the most technically perfect (although she messes up a word lol) I think that clip from that tweet you sent is just my favorite live recording of the "the way" part.
  11. Underrated performance of Hero. Perhaps my favorite, actually. It's definitely helped by the enormous fucking building she's in XD
  12. It's definitely a lovely sentiment but I never really understood why this song was fitting for the event...