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  1. Did people really not know about Michael Jackson's molestation accusations until that documentary earlier this year? Wasn't it like... a huge trial back in the late 90s/early 00s? I feel like people are talking as if it suddenly became a dilemma to them.

  2. Y'know, instead of following all of this beauty guru drama I should just unfollow them all and do something better with my time burn1 I'm stressed out

  3. Y'know, instead of following all of this beauty guru drama I should just unfollow them all and do something better with my time burn1 I'm stressed out

  4. The talent of going off for 20 minutes straight with no cutting dead2


    1. Hermione

      Discovering As Told By Kenya has been my favorite part of this whole mess.

    2. LittleDudeNT5

      Her video about James' tour singing had me on the floor. dead2 HANG IT UP. FLATSCREEN. 

    3. Hermione

      "Who the FUCK is Gabriel Zamora?! Tati said she didn't know him, and NEITHER DO WE. NEITHER DO WE."

  5. LittleDudeNT5


    I wouldn't go as far as saying that. The evidence may not be as black and white as Tati put it, but it certainly isn't extremely in James' favor. Remember, there are still loads of other people's testimony and reports of his behavior. He's lost Tati, Jeffree/Nathan, Dolan Twins, Emma, Shane/Ryland, and probably many more friends over his behavior. I think there are plenty of people who share her opinion on the matter. And I'm kind of tired of this whole "she's 37, he's 19!!". I've said this before, but Tati's been a mentor to him for years and she's tried and tried and tried on multiple occasions to get him to grow and change, but he didn't. It also didn't just "start" over some beauty vitamins. That was the tipping point. Actually, it wasn't even the tipping point, it was James and others skewing the narrative against Tati on YT that was the tipping point. Just having some lawyers "on standby" wasn't going to do anything. She wanted to spread the truth of the matter, including the major issues with a major influencer who has a lot of power over people and YT itself. I'm not saying this was the end-all be-all correct way to do everything, but I don't blame her for making the video and saying what she had to say. And I certainly don't think her age has anything to do with it. I know you're saying "in a court of law", but I think that's kind of useless conjecture tbh. I don't think James would take Tati to court. From what I can tell, he doesn't hate her for her video. He didn't try to retaliate against any of the claims. He didn't even really claim any of them were defamation or false. And, like I said, I don't think the evidence is stacked entirely in his favor, if not in her favor either.
  6. LittleDudeNT5


    I did read the whole post I just wanted to generally respond to this statement. I think Tati had a certain point of view we don't have, not to mention she didn't have insight to James' DMs, probably. She talked about what she heard, which was probably him making comments about straight men in the room, or in general, and him talking about going after "straight" men. Like she said, hearing about all that stuff from James' mouth, including his attitude of "It doesn't matter what they are, I'm famous" – is gross. – Did he "manipulate" straight men? I don't think so. At least not really. Has he made advancements and inappropriate comments towards straight men? Yes. Did he stalk and coerce them into doing things with him? Probably not. At least not straight men. – Did he "manipulate" men who were curious and downplayed their feelings and identities? Yes. I think the Seattle Waiter scenario really showcases this. James invalidated this mans feelings and told him what he was. The waiter – and Gage – were unsure about their sexuality and wanted to explore. In the end, they realized they were not interested in men. Are they straight? If they say they are. Were they curious at the time? Yes. James might have felt hurt but he doesn't have the right to tell them they're not what they identify as. He's gotten into these situations before, so he hasn't learned a thing. It's also dangerous to group Down-low, bicurious, bisexual, or questioning men as "straight". (I also think there are other examples than Waiter & Gage. These are just the named ones) Is he a "predator"? I don't like using that word for it. But lets remember the other points in Tati's video – which actually took up most of the video. He's greedy. He only cares about himself. He's in it for the fame. He's in it for the money. He's entitled. He's selfish. He's unappreciative to those who help him and will throw them away for more money. His interactions with these men feel predatory because he thinks he can get what he wants because he's famous and has an holier-than-thou behavior. I don't like cancel culture either. I actually don't think Tati was "cancelling" him. I think she was right to come out and air out his dirty laundry because it's obvious that after 3-4 years of being online, he hasn't learnt a damn thing or grown from his experiences. Not to mention she had to come out and defend herself from the drama channels and Gabriel Zamora who has really been trying it. I actually feel bad that James has lost so many followers, including myself, but this is someone who wasn't going to learn unless something drastic occurred. He has gotten advice from behind the scenes plenty of times and didn't hear any of it – and has lost many a friend because of it. I actually hope he can come back from this, but if his behavior isn't predatory, it's overall toxic.
  7. LittleDudeNT5

    He's such a leech. It's so obvious that because he got out of the last scandal he was going to hook onto the two biggest beauty youtubers out there (James and Jeffree), which is why he started coming for Tati and "defending" James. Thought he was taking the winning side, but Tati's a real adult with actual receipts He tried, and he's losing subscribers because he couldn't keep his dumb mouth shut.
  8. LittleDudeNT5

    This is old but I wanted to address this. I think Tati waited this long for several reasons, but the big reason why she didn't expose him until now is because of the fact that she's 37. She was a mentor to James – a mother figure – and I think she was trying to help him grow and change behind-the-scenes. She, like a lot of people, were probably giving him the excuse that he was young. She met him when he was like 16, so I bet she was just trying to do her best in helping him out, giving him advice, etc. This is evident in all the events she talked about in the video that hadn't been made public before. I don't think she exposed him because he didn't support her vitamins, it was a multitude of scandals just in the past 2 weeks showcased James' faults. 1. Charging wayyy to much for tickets for his tour, knowing full well that his fanbase is mostly teenagers. He's obsessed with fame and money at this point and makes excuses for how much he was charging people. 2. Some guy (Gabe Gomez? I think his name was?) came out and exposed James for pressuring him to date James even though he had told James on multiple occasions that he was uncomfortable and unsure if he was bisexual. James tried turning the tables only for Gomez to come back with receipts. 3. James ended up being bought out by a different (and shitty, tbh) vitamin company and did an ad for it on his instragram story (and very obviously had gotten ad revenue for it). Tati shows in her video that she has gone to lengths to support and promote James' material and business ventures and has never received that in return. His main reason for not promoting Halo Beauty (her vitamin company) was because his base was mostly young people and he didn't think it was appropriate to promote vitamins to them. So, it's pretty hypocritical that he would promote her competitor's shitty vitamins, but not hers? She said she was going to let it slide and talk it out in person, only to realize that James was DMing drama channels to skew the narrative in his direction, his mother was commenting on instragram posts against Tati, and was also being criticized by another Youtuber, Gabriel Zamora, who wouldn't keep his loud mouth out of the issue. So, she exposed him after this not necessarily because he didn't promote her vitamins, but because the narrative was negative against her and she had to set the record straight with the tea. This all happened within the past two weeks. James is a mess and it was just timely to call him out for good.
  9. What do you think about an NES thread? I was playing Ninja Gaiden earlier, made it up to part 3 of stage 3 and I'm still recovering from the frustration dead2 

    1. LittleDudeNT5

      I have not played Ninja Gaiden! But I think a thread about old-school games would be cool! 

  10. Because it is my lot in life to get into shows when they're done or almost finished I'm just now watching Game of Thrones gaycat1 S1E5

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    2. LittleDudeNT5

      LOL that's plenty of time to do it! I'm really liking it so far! Sometimes I'm squeamish about gratuitous death and rape creep1 but otherwise it's my type of show!

    3. LittleDudeNT5

      double post creep1 

    4. Hylia

      Don’t worry, you’ll get used to scenes like that. creep1 You’ll have to keep me posted as you watch it more because it’s seriously such an unpredictable show, and the characters are all incredible. You could hate someone one episode then love them the next, and vice versa. Except Cersei, I’ll stan her forever. creep1 

  11. Can we focus on the actual health care crisis going on in this country? Y'know, how people don't have it or can't afford it? I haven't related to a label so hard in a long time.
  12. LittleDudeNT5

    If I was Tati, I would have been sickened, too. I always knew he kind of chased straight men, and as someone who likes more masculine guys/have fallen for a straight guy or two myself, I thought James was just a heightened version of that. I didn't realize until now that it was actually predatory. This is all coming off a week of scandal about a bi-curious guy who came out saying James was pressuring and manipulating him. Tati just gave us more examples.
  13. LittleDudeNT5

    To think YouTube sent him to the MET Gala Didn't even follow the theme
  14. LittleDudeNT5

    He's basically confirmed that he goes after straight men (which is why he has a terrible love life) and with his ego it's not even a stretch to see him behaving in ways like that. He also didn't deny it in his "apology" video cause there's no disputing to truth He probably just thinks that because he's into straight men and thinks he can turn them. Like I said, his ego is huge and thinks he's hot shit and that his bussy is so good the straights will eventually go for it. He's also had some experience with "straight" men (aka, DL men, not straight men).