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  1. Shocking


    1. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      That's interesting rih1 

    2. Chris


      Thubk what demi meant is they go by both they/them and she/her

  2. Not Nicki still trying it and her rabid stans on twitter still eating her up 

    1. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      What happened? rip4 

    2. LittleDudeNT5


      She just posted an insta story about how people continue to lie about her to try and take her down and how it'll never work. But ofc those "lies" are just the truth.

  3. People are getting so sensitive and annoying about interviews lately. You want an interesting interview? the interviewer is gonna have to ask invasive or "rude" questions sometimes. Your fave can handle it, they're fucking fine.

    1. Chris


      usually depends how invasive the question is and if they asked to specifically avoid certain questions. otherwise, yes they should be able to handle it.

  4. Finally got a chance to check out S4 of Stranger Things and the usage of Kate did not disappoint. 



    1. ajp


      What is going on? um2


    2. Madonna


      Stranger Things putting icons where they belong!

    3. LittleDudeNT5


      @ajp Running Up That Hill was featured on Stranger Things s4 and she got a huge boost. 

  6. As much as I love Oscar Isaac and I'm sure Moon Knight is good or w/e, but it's a little tiring when the same people are involved in basically every franchise and IP. It's like the same 15 actors are everywhere. 

  7. it's crazy that interviewers back then would just straight up tell you they didn't like you and that your work was trash dead2 (go to 11:15)


  8. Honestly Fastlove might be one of my favorite late 90s music videos

  9. some people say i look loike me dad

    1. jrdn


      Do you play with the girls, play with the boys?
      Do you ever get lonely playing with your toys?
      We can talk, we can sing
      I'll be the queen and you'll be the king
      Hey boy in your tree
      Throw down your ladder make a room for me
      I've got a house with windows and doors
      I'll show you mine, you show me yours

    2. jrdn


      That song is filth, utter filth. 


  10. I can't believe its 2022 and companies are still so behind in adding old 12" remixes to streaming and buying platforms. 

  11. Honestly Madonna's modern recounting of what happened during her 1984 MTV performance is such bs laughcry1 she obviously did all of that on purpose. 

  12. I love watching interviews of Madonna from '84. She's so brazen and cocky, yet also extremely endearing, smart, quick, and cute. I can't imagine having that much drive and confidence.

  13. Idk why Selfish by Britney still slaps hard for me after all these years. 

    1. Chris


      because its one of her best deluxe/bonus tracks

  14. Idk why this site can't just grow some balls and get rid of obvious trolls?

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    2. Chris


      Cos it "creates site activity" 👀

    3. Fletch


      I see @Madonna’s thread really did fall on deaf ears bebe1 

    4. Chris


      at first, it was fun to see the drama, but no everyone is tired of it and want new drama. not the same rehashed stuff.

  15. I went to check the definition of "icon" and:

    1. 2.
      a person or thing regarded as a representative symbol or as worthy of veneration.
      "this iron-jawed icon of American manhood"


  16. Is there never any mods on anymore? laughcry1 

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    2. Mr. Mendes

      Mr. Mendes

      Quite frequently! Just because you don't see them doesn't mean they aren't present. 

    3. Kristina


      I’m here multiple times a day true1 

    4. Fletch


      Same lol

  17. Now she ain't never going to put out new music.

  18. I'm looking for someone to help me find a download link for some software. Please DM me and we can chat off-site if you think you can help out.

  19. So I'm looking to get a direct download link for some software. DM me if you're able to help me out. We can chat specifically off site.

  20. Alright I'm just gonna say it: Does anyone else feel like Ariana seems a bit... withdrawn or even unhappy lately? Girl is skinnier than ever and is working on random other ventures other than music (The Voice, Make-Up). I bring it up cause I hope she's okay/happy. 

    1. Kylie


      No rip4 she’s having the time of her live at The Voice

  21. honestly how much more miserable can I get

    1. Mr. Mendes

      Mr. Mendes

      My PMs are open if you need them!

  22. Any jokes aside, I don't think I could watch Tony & Gaga's recent special. It would just be way too difficult considering all of the emotions riding behind it.