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    she what noooooooooo
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    So you're saying she can't have a gay backing singer?
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    I agree with the OP: Just To Hold You Once Again is such a non-event it's like 4 minutes of negative space. I also didn't like a few songs from Rainbow so tbh it could have been Did I Do That? but I completely forget. The Beautiful Ones is all types of sin imo. I Don't is a contender. I actually like Infinity tho We talking about worst song, tho. Even if you don't think it fits, is it really her worst? Also I don't agree that it feels out of place. Perhaps in the track order, but I don't think overall. Butterfly is also a pretty traditional pop ballad
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    Question for ya'll: Is Trey Lorenz gay? I am getting the vibes but I can't find anything about his personal life.
  5. WAAAAIIIIIITTT. WHAAAAATTTT. Ya'll this is good I've never heard this before. Imagine if this was on the album. Scrap Just To Hold You Once Again – add Do You Think Of Me, Everything Fades Away, and this version of Never Forget You and Music Box would have been a much better album holy shit.
  6. Gaga fans continue to be overly sensitive and defensive gaga4

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      @Royalty I stream ROM and complain about Gaga stans simultaneously gaga3

    3. Skyline

      Honestly I wish Monsters would stop taking the bait and getting mad at trolling from haters. It just gives the haters more ammunition in the long run gaga4 Monsters ignoring shade challenge, do that challenge.

    4. SWINΞ

      Preorder Chromatica!

  7. Tbh MATM has a really nice back-and-forth dynamic. No, it's not the best from either of them, but somehow it just works as a collaboration between the two. ROM is new, and although I like it, it doesn't beat out MATM just yet. It's good, but I'm not really raving over it as a collaboration. EDIT: I literally might have already changed my mind
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    I doubt she hated everything she wore around then. It's simple, but it's also elegant. I think it might have been one of her favored costumes on that tour, because she ended up using both this black version and a white version on later dates.
  9. Power of Goodbye is one of Madonna's greatest underrated songs. Production, lyrics, vocals. Power of Love is good, too, though.
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    Maybe she thought she was going to get a hit off that Charlie's Angel's song from Ariana's star power and is just bitter abt it now
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    Power doesn't sound all that bad but, boy was that a struggle to watch It's painful to look at her face. I can't believe she even put the "filmed by E.G." in the opening as if it wasn't obvious. Gaga wins.
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    Music Video

    It was alright. Kinda wish they gave Ariana some solo shots, and I wish the dancing was kept only for the chorus-breakdown. (it feels awkward when Gaga starts to dance before the chorus hits). I just wish there was a little more to it. Not a huge fan of the costumes, either. BUT, I did really like these close-up shots of Gaga (stealing Hyun's avatar for ref):
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    Do ya'll ever watch videos from the last act of the Tokyo Dome concert and just wish you were Mariah walking around in that amazing dress? If I was a woman for one day I would wear this exact dress the whole day.
  14. A really great song! The instrumental is slick and the production pretty perfect. The 90s club/disco sound is fantastic. It reminds me a lot of late 90s/early 2000s eurodance and I love that shit. I'm a much bigger fan of Ariana's voice than Gaga's. There's something about Gaga's voice since Joanne that I don't always mesh with. That being said, she doesn't sound bad, and I'm quite impressed overall. I was expecting a bigger climax, and the song is quite short. I'm also continuously disappointed with Gaga's songwriting, though. Why do we keep getting non-choruses? The instrumental is great, but it would have been nice to actually have a chorus. We kinda get this with Ariana towards the end there, which is probably my favorite part of the song. Overall, miles better than SL, and will keep me interested in checking out the album.
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    I think we've went off topic enough though not as much as everyone else
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    I will if I'm available
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    1) Uh, no. I'm just pulling some "events" pop stars had with movies as examples of what ASIB was not. The comparison just means it's in the same relative category. 2) No, it's not the same. But, what I meant was that Celine and Titanic had a successful symbiotic relationship in the way that Bodyguard did for Whitney. Whitney was in the movie, and the movie was a huge success along with the soundtrack. Celine wasn't in the movie, obviously, but both the song and the movie achieved massive success because of their relation to one another. This is something that could have (or did, arguably) with Shallow + ASIB. What I mean to say is that, like Bodyguard, no one really thinks of ASIB when they hear Shallow, but Shallow/ASIB didn't have the same impact as The Bodyguard or IWALY. Like I said before, Shallow is hardly on the tips of anyone's tongues all the time, and ASIB is an old story that everyone's seen and felt before. 3) This is true. I don't agree that they were "phenomenons", and I don't really believe that Gaga was pulling in all that more people. I'm not saying these weren't successes – it's the most success Gaga has had since 2013, or earlier, even. It just felt very passable to me, and the success it garnered was just seasonal. Obviously this is an argument about its "impact" and it's lack of status as an "event", and I can concede that is pretty subjective. I personally believe you're giving it a lot more credit than it will achieve retrospectively.
  18. LittleDudeNT5

    Not gonna rank. Had to go for BTW. Dangerous Woman is a good album, for sure, but BTW stands out much more. Some instances DW clearly wins, though.
  19. LittleDudeNT5

    ASIB was a very successful film, but it wasn't huge like a pop-star-driven film could be (like Titanic or The Bodyguard, two obvious examples, but they hold up). It's a fourth-time remake, ffs. Even if we want to call it "an event", it and it's music will likely fade from most people's interest or memory when they think of Gaga. Shallow was a hit, but people forget hits all the time. Maybe you had a different experience/your social circle was different, but ASIB came and went fairly quickly, other than Shallow being heard on the radio for a few months. Even then, it wasn't a song people were consumed with. As for your quote of "same surface-level success as Joanne" – don't know if that's meant to be a response to me saying Joanne was surface-level or that ASIB had the same surface level success. Joanne was certainly only surface level success, but maybe it's not correct to say ASIB was the same. ASIB would certainly have better chances at being remembered.
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    This is a weird comparison. I get what you're going for, but I don't think they really are on equal grounds. Bedtime Stories is just a better album. I also think it revived Madonna's career chart-wise. Secret and Take A Bow were both huge successes. I think the media still wasn't treating her right (she was "behaving" a bit better, but was still being controversial, ala the Letterman appearance). But, it seemed like the GP were still onboard with her. The more I think about it I guess I can kind of see the relation between BS and Joanne. Joanne has Perfect Illusion and Million Reasons, which were not as big as Secret or Take A Bow, but Joanne seemed to keep Lady Gaga in the sights of the GP, in a very shallow (ha) sort of way. It was kind of the same way with Madge during that time, I'd guess. People were still consuming her music, she just wasn't particularly popular as an act. I don't think Gaga has pulled herself out of that slump yet, though. ASIB obviously was a huge hit but… idk, it just didn't seem to actually do much for Gaga in general. Shallow was a big hit, so was the movie, but it wasn't really an event. It had the same surface-level success as Joanne. (which, I would struggle to name "successful") And I don't really see Chromatica doing it for her, either.
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    Perfect Illusion isn't a great song, but it's still better than Stupid Love.
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    The three albums immediately ahead of Rhythm of Love should be behind it.
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    Wholeheartedly agree. When she came out, she was brave and honest with her craft and vision. It was raw and all out there at first because she didn't have anything to lose, and it took a bit of time of its success to finally land and begin to change her. Ironically, fame really did alter her and her art, just not in the way she probably anticipated. Even though it was troubled, I feel like Artpop was her last genuine record. Everything since felt forced or extremely self-important.
  24. LittleDudeNT5

    Although certainly not everyone, but a lot of people here were her fans, but she's done one thing or another to alienate them away from her. Yes, she can sing very well, but that's really the only thing she has going for her. Her recent music has either been not that good (Joanne) over-marketed (Star is Born) or severely lackluster/basic (Stupid Love). No one is hailing her for making good pop music because she isn't. Her whole transition into BTW/ARTPOP Gaga really knocked out a few of her fans, and now after the Joanne/Star Is Born Gaga, her attempt to make frivolous pop with wacky-visuals is just shaky. It just doesn't land. and people on here have hailed good pop records. People salivated over Dua and Rina's new albums.