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  1. He's delusional. It didn't get a good turn out because most people didn't want to see it, regardless of their sexual orientation. Movie looks like garbage and not funny which is why even the gays didn't see it. He can't see past his ego. Which is probably inflated because he's not that famous and nobody likes him. Other gay-centered films that are dramas or sincerely comedic do well. So... what's the issue here then?
  2. I don't think it's "dying" per se. A lot of creators can't do the same things on tiktok or instagram as they do on youtube. The translation just isn't possible a lot of the time. But it's definitely going through some sort of change or metamorphosis. They've made changes in the past that seemed damning but ultimately creators didn't flock to other platforms. It depends on how this whole ad thing goes and what else they decide to do. I ran into this ad problem but it's already stopped for me.
  3. Do you know if they're also testing out putting many ad breaks in the video itself? I noticed on a few longer videos I was watching (over 30 minutes) an ad break would pop up every 5-7 minutes. I tried asking on reddit what this was about but I only got one bitchy comment about how it was the uploader's who set those rules – except I was seeing it across several different channels and none of them had included those types of ad breaks before. I highly doubted it was their choice and just all a coincidence. A friend of mine said they got several ad breaks in just a 10 minute video.
  4. I think it depends, I guess. That's what sort of happened with Big Energy but if she's going to re-record her vocals she probably shouldn't. Her voice sounds awful on that. If they're just remixes? I guess she could try but I doubt it would have the same effect as Elton's music.
  5. Is this surprising? Nobody's really checking for Demi. Her fans already got it and scrammed. Now there's nobody left to care.
  6. This is fanmade. Still nice, tho.
  7. Can we stop calling him a genius now? Sure he's made good music in the past but his talent isn't unfathomably better than plenty of others – and it doesn't overshadow his terrible personality.
  8. Shocking


    1. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      That's interesting rih1 

    2. Chris


      Thubk what demi meant is they go by both they/them and she/her

  9. Not Nicki still trying it and her rabid stans on twitter still eating her up 

    1. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      What happened? rip4 

    2. LittleDudeNT5


      She just posted an insta story about how people continue to lie about her to try and take her down and how it'll never work. But ofc those "lies" are just the truth.

  10. People are getting so sensitive and annoying about interviews lately. You want an interesting interview? the interviewer is gonna have to ask invasive or "rude" questions sometimes. Your fave can handle it, they're fucking fine.

    1. Chris


      usually depends how invasive the question is and if they asked to specifically avoid certain questions. otherwise, yes they should be able to handle it.

  11. Avril Lavigne was the same, too. I doubt she or Pink would advocate for something like that nowadays and may even regret the way they behaved back then. The early 2000s was peak misogyny pitting women against women. "Pick me" girls like Pink or Avril felt like they had to differentiate themselves from the "popular girls" and followed along with the media/societal bashing. I don't condone it, and its terrible, but Pink was also a young woman and was a victim herself in this shitty business. If she still stands by this stuff then I guess she hasn't changed, which would be unfortunate.
  12. this is literally the only sane way to look at things. The way people are acting like this is more than it is is ridiculous.
  13. Although they used in again in Stranger Things part 2 release, I don't think it'll gain any more traction. I think if it does reach number one it'll stay there very shortly as the ST hype has already started to dwindle, and though people are still in love with the song, I think everyone who was going to be exposed to it has already been. It's a fabulous resurgence and we all know Kate deserves it, but if it didn't make it there in its initial hype, I'm not sure if it ultimately will.
  14. Idk why this keeps being brought up? It's completely besides the point. A 26 year old can have a cordial relationship with a 17 year old, even a friendship. They've obviously talked before and it's not that weird for her to ask him for his co-workers/friend's contact info. He obviously gets it. Her asking him for the guy's info isn't weird. NOW, after the fact, she's being a loser.
  15. Oh my gosh. This is really shocking. This type of violence, especially gun violence, is pretty rare in Japan (or so I've heard). I know this sort of thing is possible anywhere, but it's really shocking. Especially for a former world leader. It's frightening.
  16. I'm screaming at this Doja omg. "Maybe he's is a WHOLE SNAKE". Biiiiiitch. I'm crying. The problem with being famous and being on social media all the time is that you can immediately broadcast the reactionary shame and betrayal you feel that would normally dissipate and relax after a short period if you just let it wait for awhile. It's totally normal for Doja to feel upset that her DMs were released, but it's a huge overreaction because she didn't wait to get over her initial feelings about it. Girl if you took a damn second you wouldn't sound like a total fool taking it so seri
  17. Finally got a chance to check out S4 of Stranger Things and the usage of Kate did not disappoint. 

  18. They literally did so fucking much in one week it's insane. The fillibuster needs to be gone and Clarence Thomas needs to be impeached.
  19. Honestly I'd take Herr's over Rapist-Apologist Chips™ any day.