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  1. LOL I cackled. Yeah conservative gays are unicorns for sure. But I've heard of them and their arguments. It seems to me that they've separated traditionalism and the Christian/Puritan aspect that it comes from – yet still advocates that that is like... the best way for society? Like a secular puritan society, lol. It comes off as pretty prudish and dull, maintaining all of the fiscally independent and small-govnt points they love to talk about. I believe conservative gays probably have different vibes in different countries. I bet they're all transphobes in the UK
  2. I know very little about them, so I'm just guessing, but perhaps they're trying to get their foot in the door to steer the Republican party in a more socially up-to-date position – while remaining fiscally conservative and traditionalists. I don't know.
  3. This is so crazy. I'm so happy for her
  4. I guess Gaga. None of them and at this point in her career I doubt she'll get any of them beyond maybe an Oscar for Original Song or something.
  5. Yeah its ridiculous that they let her do it. What a nightmare decision.
  6. This. I feel like this started more stronger during the Joanne era, actually. She said some annoying things before this, too, but there was more passion there that softened that part of her. Now there's almost an austerity in how she talks about herself and her work and it comes off as elitist and pretentious. I also think Jazz Gaga isn't bad. I don't listen to it but ppl are too dramatic about it.
  7. That's true. It isn't really a surprise considering.
  8. I get this is something Kelly could probably apologize for in retrospect. It wasn't very empathetic, but it was also 15 years ago and most people look at that time in Britney's life in a far different way now. Obviously many people have changed, including Kelly, who was like, what, 25 or something at the time? What she said wasn't really that bad, just slightly insensitive. I don't see the reason to start putting her on blast for this and making drama. I like Britney and advocate for her, but she's still a mess on social media ngl.
  9. I might do the same, cause I saw some videos on YT and tbh it seems really fun.
  10. Why would he assume that she made her kids take the photos? It's really weird to perpetuate something that isn't even proven or alluded to. Also why are people trying to police what Madonna does with her body and image? When did that ever work out? He's just a washed up, homophobic rapper
  11. True, but still, it's been very popular for 5+ years now. The wait is kinda hilarious.
  12. I was never really into her music but Hello Hello and C'mon Loretta are great. Glad that she was on Jimmothy Kimmel the other night.
  13. I would like to watch but I ain't getting Discovery+
  14. It's what she deserves We love to see a queen getting recognition. Imagine it it charts higher than it did in 85?
  15. This is really funny Yeah this is what I'm curious about. He said jerked off to, which usually indicates that like, something about the song turned him on. And it wasn't just on in the background or something. Or maybe it was, idk. I honestly can't remember ever doing that to a song.
  16. This is funny. Can't you just throw them both away? What's the point of stanning either of them.
  17. Nicki's longevity is pretty much faded, though. She lasted less than a decade.


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      @ajp Running Up That Hill was featured on Stranger Things s4 and she got a huge boost. 

  19. In toxic relationships both people end up being toxic. So yeah Johnny was toxic in that he abused drugs and alcohol and what that entailed. But Amber was the one perpetuating abuse. I've literally seen relationships like this in my real life. That being said I do think it's really messed up that people are treating this like some sort of show and upload clickbaity videos and shit. It's real life and its dealing with some really sensitive issues. People need to get a grip. I think the reason why people are so invested in this case – specifically in Johnny's defense – is because people turn