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  1. A Lizzo x Ariana collab should have been huge, how did they tank something like this? dead2 I didn't even realize they released this until like a few days ago. Is it flopping because it's an old ass song? Sound off below. 

    1. LuranusLur


      I like that song 

  2. Why do ya'll sleep on George Michael?

    1. Ghostface


      Faith is materpiece. Glad to see someone around here listening to his music. jj2

    2. LittleDudeNT5


      I've loved Faith for years. I've only just realized how great his other music is, too! Even his Wham! days had some hidden gems. 

    3. Ghostface


      Yeah, he has prominent songs from those days as well, but Faith is still the work from him I like to get back to. I think there is no song I don't like. 

  3. If it's literally been 30 years since a label has made a song available I should be able to use it however I want. oprah11

  4. Did the Wendy show get better after she got her divorce?

    1. Venus XCX

      Venus XCX

      Yes she's so much more charismatic, funny and happy oprah2 

    2. Dan


      Like a million times better oprah4 

  5. When you haven't seriously drawn in a few years and you start up again and hate your style. bebe1

  6. Why is Lady Gaga tweeting like Cher all of the sudden.

  7. These are my hands but what can they give me?

    These are my eyes but they cannot see.

    These are my arms but they don't know tenderness


  8. It's mid October. Can I start listening to Last Christmas now? bebe1

    1. Confess
    2. Chris


      Wait for thanksgiving. Thats my family tradition. 

      I just play as much Halloween music I can despite me playing it almost every other time of the year. 

  9. I just heard a Loreena McKennitt song in a porn video dead2 Did not expect that.

  10. Okay but why is no one talking about Sade? The art direction in this is amazing.


    1. KeshaOverdose


      Love Deluxe is amazing yas2 

    2. Princess Aurora
  11. tumblr_prd960Cjxy1srwa35o1_1280.jpg

    1. LÉON


      Was your wig snatched so badly it went back to 1820s France?

  12. Comment if you'd be interested in more Legend of Zelda blog posts from me.


  13. Lana did that on DCMA.
    Ariana was a perfect fit.
    Miley's verse blew eve1

  14. I had no idea giveup1 was an obscure boss from a video game dead2 

    1. LittleDudeNT5


      @Ariana @Chris Morlock It's from Mother 3. I don't think it was even released in the US. (the first Mother was released as Earthbound in the US)

    2. Chris


      I didn't see it after googling mother 3 boss or earthbound boss jj3




    3. LittleDudeNT5
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  15. Psst, hey you day people


    Want some cool video game music? Check out my most recent blog post.

    1. Chris


      Jeremy Soule did the soundtracks to the Elder Scrolls series since 2003/2's Morrowind and all of them are stunning. 

  16. If you like The Legend of Zelda you should check out my top ranking of its themes in my blog


  17. “There’s things I want to say to you, but I’ll just let you live.”


  18. I haven't listened to the album yet but Lover truly has a terrible fucking cover. lol3 is she making them herself?

    1. Hylia


      @Winnie. designed it himself on his diamond encrusted Fire 7 tablet


    2. Dr. Slay

      Dr. Slay

      The one thing that annoys me about the pic is that some of her hair is black and white and it irks me so much jj4

    3. Chris
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  19. Could you imagine seeing The Confession Tour live with the rest of the girls and gays? oprah4 What an experience that must have been. 

    1. Ariana


      and not to mention no smartphones during that time gaga14

    2. LittleDudeNT5


      People taking shitty photos with their Motorolla Razors? gaga14 

  20. People who still whine about not wanting to vote for a Democratic candidate who "isn't liberal enough" and feel attacked because they're being called out on throwing their vote away for not voting for Hillary in 2016 are still a pile of garbage and will always be until they get their heads out of their ass. 

  21. Hollywood writers ideas of "subverting expectations" are ruining entertainment. 

    1. Hermione
    2. LittleDudeNT5


      @Hermione Not what inspired the post but TLJ is the big culprit for sure

    3. Venom


      TLJ really ruined the whole sequel trilogy plot arc didn't it