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  1. I notice the review didn't note the often lip-synced Dreamlover and Fantasy I guess those sounded a little too good, huh? I tease Isn't kind of interesting how Mariah always slays her first four number one hits – even after all these years?
  2. Although certainly not a "big vocalist", it's obvious from her acoustic performances that Kylie has a very clear, smooth voice and she's rarely ever off-key. People don't give her enough credit for her vocal talents.
  3. Well, to be honest artists like Mariah and Whitney were extremely popular with the general pubic and weren't really making music that was "challenging". Madonna was certainly going through some things throughout the 90s before she made Evita and got pregnant and was quick to "read" other people in the industry. She was all about being edgy and having a strong opinion about something or another. Obviously she wouldn't like someone like Mariah, who in the 90s, had a pretty soft and reserved image (to be fair, she also didn't do a lot of press or anything like that – or had much of a chance to ex
  4. Idk if you watched the whole video but she's so adorable joking around with the host when he's getting his hair done Also, I'm such a sucker for Walter cameos mariahxlambily is such a nice person. A good, decent, pure lamb.
  5. @5:08 – You can hear Mariah listening to "Always Be My Baby" almost a full year before it was finished/released
  6. I wouldn't really say her voice was "thin" in the 90s. Unless we're talking about 97-99. She definitely had more access to a lighter and airier falsetto/upper register. But yeah, it's definitely lower and thicker now.
  7. I get that people don't like Jimmy Jimmy – although, personally, I kind of like it in a "filler" type of way. LMTWGR is just boring and annoying. I don't hate it. I actually don't really hate any song on Erotica (Waiting is actually one of my favorites, so I ain't here for the hate for it either ) I don't even hate Did You Do It – I find it kind of humorous. I chose Words because out of all the the songs it is my least favorite. The instrumental isn't that good, and her vocals are extremely weak (I get that most of the songs have demo vocals, but she could have at least tired a bit
  8. Madonna – Everybody Like A Virgin – Pretender True Blue – Love Makes the World Go Round I can't at all ya'll putting Jimmy Jimmy, you must have quit the album at JJ because you obviously haven't heard the atrocity of LMTWGR. Like A Prayer – Act of Contrition I'm Breathless – Something To Remember Erotica – Words not counting Did You Do It obviously Bedtime Stories – Don't Stop Ray of Light – Little Star Music – Nobody's Perfect American Life – American Life Confessions on a Dancefloor – Push Hard Candy/MDNA/Rebel Heart – haven't listened
  9. I never thought about it but it's true though Such a good song.
  10. I'm doing pretty well! Also, can I just say that I feel like lambs are actually pretty realistic when it comes to the toss-up of how exactly Mariah is going to sound any given day Also your avatar is beyond adorable. She is too cute.
  11. I posted in here accidentally so... How's everyone doing?
  12. Even though Now That I Know is an incredible song, it's sort of strange to me that she continued to work with C+C for Music Box. Their sound definitely worked for Emotions, but it didn't really fit with the more softer, R&B-pop sound of Music Box. I mean, how come she didn't collaborate with Dave Hall more often? Dreamlover, Fantasy, and Slipping Away are some of her best stuff. I'm gonna kick Mariah back into the mid-90s so she can work with him more.
  13. He's just upset that Jay-Z doesn't want to deal with his nonsense anymore. He'll probably do better without Tidal anyway.
  14. 1. Dear Jessie – This really didn't warrant a single release. It's a good song, especially within the context and concept of the album, but as a pop single it's rather silly. 2. This Used To Be My Playground – Weird that this was a number 1 single yet no one knows or cares about it. Obviously should have been a single for the movie promo, but it's just odd that this did relatively well. 3. One More Chance – Boring and forgetful 4. Turn Up the Radio – 5. Bitch I'm Madonna –
  15. Although, to be fair, it does have 3 extremely forgettable tracks on there Emotions is really good. Another one that might take awhile to get used to the album tracks.
  16. Music Box is pretty underrated in my opinion. It's a little more low-key than her other albums, but there are still many good tracks on there.
  17. Ya better stan for Melt Away And I don't know anyone who wouldn't put Fantasy in their top 5. The rest of your choices are a little generic but good job.
  18. All In Your Mind, The Wind, To Be Around You, I'm That Chick? You have exquisite taste.
  19. Should be higher tbh Honey is such a good damn song. She used a formula that worked with Fantasy but put a new twist on it. The two samples used on Honey work so perfectly together even though they're from totally different sources. Not to mention her vocals flow just wonderfully. Not to mention the music video has the hottest fake boyfriend (who said Mariah was an absolute joy to work with, btw)
  20. Basically recycling what she did with Underneath the Stars yet it still sounds amazing and fresh
  21. I don't really like most of the Rainbow photoshoot. There's something odd about Mariah's face in those photos...either due to photoshop or LaChapelle's lighting. I only really enjoy the one of her laying down on the bed with the neon rainbow. I much prefer the photoshoots for the singles during that era. Anyway, I think I like Butterfly the most. I wish we had more photos from them. Her hair looks absolutely gorgeous in that shoot. Also, I just enjoy Steven Meisel's photography in general, so the Daydream shoot is up there for me too. TEOM is also glamorous and I she's
  22. People coming for Mariah in the Battlegrounds and I ain't got 50 posts to throw back at em