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  1. Performance

    That was amazing
  2. Other

    Apples and oranges. Pitbull's at least good at making fun upbeat music so he was a fit on Timber. Macklemore is good at what..... trying really hard to sound sincere?
  3. Game

    Let 'Em Talk - 75 Woman - 10 Praying - 145 Learn to Let Go - 75 Rainbow - 145 Boots - 120 Godzilla - 45 Spaceship - 145
  4. Other

    I wish I liked Macklemore, like, at all
  5. LTLG is my least favorite song on the album (still love it tho) but it's the obvious choice for next single tbh.
  6. Game

    Wow this is really hard. Track 2 is impossible.
  7. Discussion

    No one's vocals are as powerful as Adele's... Kesha's are damn powerful though.
  8. Discussion

    Kesha wouldn't sound "awful" in comparison to anyone.
  9. Album

    It's a tongue in cheek homage to June Carter et al. No need to take it seriously.
  10. Discussion

    Let Em Talk Spaceship Boots But also it's a 14 way tie
  11. Album

    I'm like still recovering yall
  12. Album

    This is a perfect album.
  13. Performance

    She said she would be debuting live versions of songs off of Rainbow. A bit misleading, perhaps, but that did happen.
  14. Album

    Haven't listened to any of them. That said, Rainbow features a full damn orchestra. I'd be wary thinking you have an impression of the entire song from a 30 second clip.
  15. From the article she wrote about LTLG: "I worked with Isaac Ravishankara, the same director who I worked with on the video for another song on the album, ‘Hymn.’" The video is out there somewhere! It's ok tho I can wait she's spoiling us enough already lol