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  1. + Stars In Your Heart!!
  2. Calliope.


    1. Praying 2. Hunt You Down 3. Spaceship 4. Boots 5. Learn To Let Go 6. Bastards 7. Woman 8. Hymn 9. Rainbow 10. Godzilla 11. Old Flames ( Can't Hold A Candle To You ) 12. Boogie Feet 13. Let 'Em Talk 14. Finding You
  3. FHHTHR- Frank's Heart Hurts Too Heavily- Really
  4. Calliope.


    Rank Song 1 Touch It 2 NASA 2 Into You 4 needy 4 I Don't Care 4 Better Off 7 imagine 7 Moonlight 9 Honeymoon Avenue 9 Blazed 11 Leave Me Lonely 11 Goodnight N Go 13 Sometimes 14 Side To Side 15 My Everything 16 R.E.M. 17 Thinkin' Bout You 18 Knew Better / Forever Boy 19 Be Alright 20 One Last Time 21 Piano 22 ghostin 23 Breathin 24 break up with your girlfriend, im bored 25 thank u, next 26 Let Me Love You 27 Successful 28 Everytime 29 Break Your Heart Right Back 30 bad idea 31 fake smile 32 God Is A Woman 33 Love Me Harder 34 make up 35 Raindrops (An Angel Cried) 36 Greedy 37 Why Try 38 Tattooed Heart 39 Pete Davidson 40 Jason's Song (Gave It Away) 41 Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart 42 Intro 43 in my head 44 Focus 45 7 Rings 46 Dangerous Woman 47 Only 1 48 Daydreamin' 49 Popular Song 50 The Way 51 Break Free 52 Everyday 53 bloodline 54 No Tears Left To Cry 55 Borderline 56 Get Well Soon 57 Baby I 57 Lovin' It 57 Bad Decisions 57 Sweetener 61 Be My Baby 61 Step On Up 63 Problem 64 The Light Is Coming 65 Right There 65 You'll Never Know 65 Almost Is Never Enough 65 Better Left Unsaid 65 Hands On Me 65 Too Close 71 Bang Bang 72 You Don't Know Me 73 Cadillac Song 74 Best Mistake
  5. Calliope.


    it’s the time of album that’s few songs you do revisit are PHENOMENAL, but the others tracks are just ignored for a reason.
  6. ADORE THIS ALBUM! in my top 10 by far
  7. Calliope.

    Think About Us / Strip / Joan of Arc
  8. Calliope.


    After relistening to this album, I concluded that this just might be SelGo's best work yet. I feel as though this album consistently carries a cohesive and engaging sound that challenges any listener to not like a singular song. Considering how easy it is to enjoy the experience of giving this record a play, I decided to rank each track from favorite to least favorite. Imma post my ranking here: 1. Perfect 2. Revival 3. Nobody 4. Rise 5. Me & The Rhythm 6. Hands To Myself 7. Good For You ( feat. A$AP Rocky ) 8. Camouflage 9. Body Heat 10. Me & My Girls 11. Same Old Love 12. Sober 13. Survivors 14. Kill Em With Kindness
  9. Calliope.

    8th Grade With You The Distance ( feat. Ty Dolla $ign ) Stay Long Love You ( feat. Gunna ) One More Gen’ Caution GTFO Giving Me Life ( feat. Slick Rick & Blood Orange ) A No No Portrait
  10. Calliope.


    1. Clean 2. Blank Space 3. Out Of The Woods 4. New Romantics 5. I Know Places 6. You Are In Love 7. How You Get The Girl 8. Wonderland 9. This Love 10. Style 11. Wildest Dreams 12. Welcome To New York 13. All You Had To Do Was Stay 14. Shake It Off 15. Bad Blood 16. I Wish You Would
  11. Calliope.


    raindrops vs Moonlight blazed vs Dangerous Woman the light is coming vs Be Alright R.E.M. vs Into You God is a woman vs Side to Side sweetener vs Let me Love You successful vs Greedy everytime vs Leave Me Lonely breathin vs Everyday no tears left to cry vs Bad Decisions borderline vs Sometimes better off vs I Don't Care goodnight n go vs Touch It pete davidson vs Knew Better / Forever Boy get well soon vs Thinking Bout You
  12. Calliope.

    Definitely one of them right up next to I'm Still Breathing, By The Grace of God, and The One That Got Away!!!
  14. Calliope.


    Hi y'all! Due to Natalia/Teddy serving as the talk of the town on the blogs recently, I have thus been inspired to rank a truly magnificent work of art, Natalia Kills' sophomore record: Trouble! I know for a fact that I will get brutally attacked for some of my decisions regarding the placings for certain songs, but facts are facts opinions are opinions. I definitely don’t think any song on here is terrible, but I prefer some songs to others when bopping my ass or crying in the shower. Without further ado, here is my definite ranking of each track on Trouble: 13. Rabbit Hole 12. Trouble 11. Daddy’s Girl 10. Watching You 9. Controversy 8. Stop Me 7. Problem 6. Devils Don’t Fly 5. Saturday Night 4. Outta Time 3. Boys Don’t Cry 2. Marlboro Nights 1. Television