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  1. Pizzazz.

    Celeb News

    Wait! So basically Kesha made a " secret tv show " that got no promo and people were just supposed to discover it??! It's not even on Wikipedia this is so so bizaare!
  2. Hi everyone, As news of Madonna's returning to stage surfaced, it soon became a possibility that she was maybe doing a residency show! This inspired to create a setlist: Here it is, I wanna hear all of your ideal setlists for her show if it were to happen!! Madonna: Iconic ( Las Vegas Residency Show ) Setlist- Intro Iconic Burning Up Give It 2 Me/Jump Material Girl Dress You Up Don’t Tell Me ( 80’s Synthop Remix ) Sorry Lucky Star Living For Love Justify My Love Frozen ( contains elements of “ The Power of Good-Bye “ ) Open Your Heart Express Yourself Holiday/Holy Water Like A Virgin Ghosttown 4 Minutes Live To Tell Take A Bow Ray Of Light Like A Prayer Into The Groove Borderline Bitch I’m Madonna
  3. Pizzazz.


    Take It Off - 65 C'mon - 80 True Colors - 85 Praying - 115 Good Old Days - 35 Cannibal - 80 Woman - 60 Learn to Let Go - 95
  4. Ok so my favs thus far are shedontknowbutsheknows, cycles, 9th of october, and hey, you got drugs! overall, the album's a lot to swallow at once, but is overall incredibly beautiful in a traumatic & psychotic way., if that makes any sense
  5. I honesly love Gorgeous, it's such a solid pop track imo
  6. Ready for It? End Game I Did Something Bad Don't Blame Me Delicate Look What You Made Me Do So It Goes... Gorgeous Getaway Car King of my Heart Dancing with Our Hands Tied Dress ( I LOVE THIS SONG BUT IF I HAD TO CUT ONE MORE THIS WAS IT ) This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things Call It What You Want New Year's Day
  7. Pizzazz.

    Little Mix- Glory Days 1. Intro 2. Power 3. Touch 4. Shout Out To My Ex 5. FU 6. You Gotta Not 7. Nobody Like You 8. No More Sad Songs ( feat. Machine Gun Kelly ) 9. Beep Beep 10. Oops ( feat. Charlie Puth ) 11. Down & Dirty 12. Your Love 13. Freak 14. Private Show 15. Nothing Else Matters
  8. Pizzazz.


    1. End Game 2. Delicate 3. TIWWCHNT
  9. Pizzazz.


    Pendulum is one of the best songs on the album, and could easily be a single The best part of Mind Maze is the chorus Miss You More is one of the more forgettable tracks The album's cover isn't actually half-bad
  10. Lady Gaga- The Fame Monster Fifth Harmony- Reflection Katy Perry- Prism Beyonce- 4 Kesha- Rainbow Little Mix- Get Weird ( so fucking underrated oml )
  11. One of my faves on the album tbh, I adore it.
  12. If Fergie decides to tour with her new sophomore album, this would be my ideal setlist. Feel free to share yours! ACT ONE 1. Hungry 2. A Little Work 3. I Gotta Feeling 4. You Already Know ACT TWO 5. Just Like You 6. Clumsy 7. Love Is Blind 8. London Bridge ACT THREE 9. Enchanté ( Carine ) 10. Glamorous 11. A Little Party ( Never Killed Nobody ) 12. Tension ACT FOUR 13. Finally 14. Save It 'Til Morning/Big Girls Don't Cry 15. Life Goes On ACT FIVE 16. Boom Boom Pow 17. L.A Love ( La la ) 18. M.I.L.F $ ( contains elements of " My Humps " ) 19. Where is The Love? 20. Like It Ain't Nuttin' encore: Fergalicious I'm not really sure where to put " Love Is Pain ". Tell me your thoughts and share your setlists!
  13. Pizzazz.


    Let ‘Em Talk Your Love Is My Drug Finding You Blah Blah Blah C’Mon Hymn Praying Blow Bastards Rainbow Crazy Kids/Timber Take It Off Hunt You Down Old Flames ( Can’t Hold A Candle To You ) Woman Boogie Feet Die Young Boots Godzilla Tik Tok Spaceship encore: We R Who We R