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  1. synthpop david bowie vibes it bops omg, very indie but i stan
  2. i'm enjoying it a lot more now i'm used to the songs, miss you more and deja vu are my favourites right now
  3. monster > the fame > artpop > born this way > joanne
  4. here for it please let this be inclusive and not terf style shit though )):
  5. i heard this the other day on twitter and nearly cried omfg her voice is beautiful she can play piano so well too. it's never going to happen but would anyone else literally die for her to perform something like an everytime acoustic version?
  6. my wig went up n' down before detaching and flying out of the window
  7. this makes me so nostalgic for 2012
  8. i sold my soul for a new kesha album so now it looks like i'm gonna have to buy it back and sell it again
  9. i was just thinking about up n' down on vinyl and... nut