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  1. What the hell are you smoking? I agree about Katy but Gaga? Of course she will be a legend! Rihanna and Taylor legends instead of Gaga? TF? How? In what world?
  2. Chromatica is only messy because of the delay that she made due to corona. And we have no idea about Katy’s next album. Also Katy isn’t a legend and Gaga is on her way to be one!
  3. Uhh... You and I is not it I love all the rest though but they need to change Telephones ASAP.
  4. If this is true, I’d be soooo pleased. This sounds like such a amazing movie!
  5. Billie probably. I would say Ariana but she’s just too boring and mediocre to me.
  6. Yes but she has no control over this outbreak and can’t control it. She’ll work her way around it.
  7. They are both some of the best pop bridges. I prefer DITD by a mile but Vogues is amazing too. DITD is pop perfection and one of the best pop songs ever. Gaga outdid herself with that song.
  8. Queen Gaga was literally on top of the world at one point. I don’t think she cares about fad, Dua Lipa.
  9. I don’t know why people take a jab at Britney for dressing homeless when Katy doesn’t dress any better out in public often. Also Miley has very hit or miss street style and Ariana always wears the same type of outfits. Like get some inspiration girl.
  10. Yes my avi was the biggest thing in the world from 2008 (debut)- 2011. And she repeaked in 2018.
  11. She did look gorgeous in the Prism Era with the whole “toned down” look but TD was godly 😍
  12. Katy Perry was so gorgeous in her prime which was during the Teenage Dream Era. Was she a dime (meaning a 10) in her prime?
  13. I can’t choose one Bey, Riri, Xtina, Brit and Gaga honestly when she tries!