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  1. Sorry I missed this! I totally forgot! @Lynk
  2. Yes, that was the beginning of her Chameleonism. When she went from Paparazzi to Bad Romance it was like a whole different person. She looked, sounded and even acted different. A transformation that I still don’t understand even to this day. She’s an Enigma
  3. Despite all the over the top controversy and all, Bangerz was a true iconic era and cultural reset. Miley's bad gal image, the short blonde hair with tongue, the Hip Hop/ Trap sound and collaborations. Whether you like it or not, it was an era for the books. Even Gaga was overshadowed by Miley during this era especially from the shredding of her Hannah Montana image. It was like a WHOLE NEW PERSON and although many found her antics "crude" and/ or "cringey" the shock factor made her headline news every second. Bangerz was the true point of when people knew Miley was a true reinventor and an ar
  4. The Fame Monster is just FLAWLESS from start to finish. It just has perfect polished production unlike the loud BTW and in your face, ARTPOP. Bad Romance has to be one of the top 3 BEST pop songs of the 00's, Alejandro and Telephone are bops, Dance In The Dark is just perfection from the intro, to the verses to that career ending bridge. SHICD is a dream, Monster is magical like DITD, Teeth is a unique touch to the album and Speechless is a heartfelt ballad on a perfect 8 track pop record! TF is too much filler but the super strong singles and a few album tracks save it. BTW is di
  5. Album battle What album is superior and why? I personally prefer Chromatica and not just because I’m a LM but I like the sound more. Smile has some great songs though!
  6. I’m 4 years late but here goes.... (from just TF- CTC perspective) 5. The Fame 4. ARTPOP 3. Cheek To Cheek 2. TFM 1. BTW
  7. Gimme More vs Till The World Ends  Piece Of Me vs Hold It Against Me Radar vs Inside Out Break The Ice vs I Wanna Go Heaven On Earth vs How I Roll Get Naked (I Got A Plan) vs (Drop Dead) Beautiful f/ Sabi Freakshow vs Seal It With A Kiss Toy Soldier vs Big Fat Bass f/ will.i.am Hot As Ice vs Trouble For Me Ooh Ooh Baby vs Trip To Your Heart Perfect Lover vs Gasoline  Why Should I Be Sad? vs Criminal BO: 5 FF: 7
  8. I love her acrobatics she does, her voice and some of her songs.
  9. Rename album to VenusPop or just "Venus" Music - Work with actual known producers rather than EDM Artists - Do an experimental album! - Go with more of a fresh sound not generic done before EDM beats - Write more relatable songs - Scrap Applause Singles 1st: DWUW ft. (Yes R Kelly) (Aug 18) 2nd: MANiCURE (Nov 11) 3rd: Gypsy (Feb 10) Videos - Film a non Controversial and Artistic video for DWUW; release it the day the single drops - Follow with a behind the scenes video later on in beginning of September - Do a video for MANi
  10. This song sounds overproduced! Her voice sounds muffled! Now everyone go give it a review!
  11. For me it's ARTPOP>>> Monster>>> Joanne>>> Born this Way>>> The Fame