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  1. God Of Lyrics


    Not really my faves but... Katy: Teenage Dream Miley: Bangerz
  2. Both of these females are talented and interesting Pop Artists. They both have pop discographies and are well known (Gaga more so though) Who has the more distinctive and unique voice?
  3. God Of Lyrics

    No Not At All and anyone who says is completely delusional. I’m not even that big of a fan of P!nk, but there is no denying the woman has talent, amazing stage presence with her silk talent, star power etc. Things Halsey wish she had.
  4. God Of Lyrics

    Gaga by far. She has changed the pop landscape forever!
  5. God Of Lyrics

    True haters gonna hate!
  6. God Of Lyrics

    How does all Gagas discographies sound the same? Your saying from TF to BTW to J all sounds the same?
  7. God Of Lyrics

    Geeez y’all are so nasty to each other in the comments above. Stay kind to each other on my thread plz! Thanks!
  8. God Of Lyrics

    Well out of all the other pop girls besides Katy, I choose her.
  9. What of the mainstream pop girls have discographies that all sound the same? I’d say Kesha tbh (except her last album) and Katy tbh. Some tracks on Prism could’ve easily gone on Teenage Dream. (Oh and I have no idea where this thread would go, so I put it under this)
  10. Gaga Nicki Katy Who has the best cartoonish, colorful and creative aesthetic/ persona?
  11. God Of Lyrics


    I love her acrobatics she does, her voice and some of her songs.
  12. Britney Spears or P!nk Imagine the Slayage!
  13. God Of Lyrics


    Madonna Madonna- Holiday True Blue- Live To Tell COADF- Get Together Lady Gaga The Fame Monster- Bad Romance Born This Way- Marry The Night ARTPOP- Do What U Want Britney Spears In The Zone- Toxic Femme Fatale- Hold It Against Me Britney Jean- Alien