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  1. I love Old Flames. And in fact like the new version better!
  2. Celeb News

    Boii your sig gave me a lady boner
  3. Celeb News

    Girllll I want her to win so bad. When are the official nominations announced?
  4. Queen of receiving fan feedback! I was stoked to read it yesterday! Can't wait to hear the live performance!
  5. I honetly think she's the most beautiful woman ever!
  6. Performance

    We NEED single number 2 by then!
  7. Celeb News

    How have I missed the tail thing before wtf Cute facts though. Love the promo.
  8. Achievement

  9. Game

    Don't Bump, give a hint
  10. Event

    Rainbow ( the album and the song ) was robbed. Y'all Blind is good but it's not her third best song like ... But still any Kesha song deserves a high score so they can't all win
  11. Celeb News

    It doesn't play for me. Is it country restricted ??? Nothing happens when I click the play button. I even tried with a US proxi and still absolutely nothing when I click it. Is there anything new to hear from it?
  12. Event

    I'm so late and I'm down with a bad hangover. I'm gonna do my best to submit it!
  13. Achievement

    Been working on those numbers. I'm happy it got 100mil it deserves more though!
  14. Celeb News

    oh no ... sweety no. Still looking fly tho.
  15. Event

    Guy what is wrong with you it's a joke.