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  1. Event

    This song breaks my heart. I just wanna hug her and tell her how perfect she is!
  2. Event

    Nothing is real, love is everything, and I know nothing!
  3. Event

    I'm not too innocent but I do have too much empathy in me. But no .. It's not too much everyone else has too little!
  4. Event

    My baby Spaceship. Have you guys felt like that ? Cause I have always said that something went wrong and I was sent to the wrong planet. This is absolutely the soundtrack of my life!
  5. Event

    Can I sing Old Flames well? - No, No I can't Will that stop me from doing it - No it will absolutely not!
  6. Event

    I swear I was sick af half an hour ago and now i'm fine. This album is TheCure.mp3
  7. Event

  8. Event

    Lord Jesus save me ... BOOTS!
  9. Event

    My moves are such good luck, you'll win the lottery
  10. Event

    I wanna ride a horse while listenign to this ...
  11. Event

    I LIVE for Hunt you down. Psycho killer vibes
  12. Event

    I wish I had this song when I was a teenager going through extreme shit. I don't deserve it now it my no-f-given university life. It's such a matserpiece.
  13. Event

    Extremely irrelevant but your signature picture is the cutest thing in the entire world!
  14. Event

    It's my least favorite . It's still really good tho.
  15. Event

    I can't listen to LTLG's ending on Spotify without expecting to hear baby Kesha cry. I kinda hear it in my head every time.