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  1. Single

    My little queer heart is burstin' guys! I love this woman so much y'all don't even know!
  2. Performance

    I don't like her vocie that much when it's low and when it's high she yells too much but she slayed the high note!
  3. Celeb News

    Get Dat Promo !
  4. Performance

    She sounds super nervous but the performance is real amd emotional so I love love love it!
  5. Photos

    I am fuming she didn't win any awards ... but this look is stunning! Blue looks so good on her!
  6. Celeb News

    Jaw-dropping beautiful
  7. Performance

    Yup .. I've always been a LM before I am an animal but queen Kesha better snatch that Grammy !!!
  8. Performance

    I was secretly hoping but I din't dare believe !!!
  9. Other

    It's super cute! Keep em coming!
  10. This song slays though. Kesha blew me away Serving vocals!
  11. Game

    Take It Off - 15 We R Who We R - 20 Blow - 25 C'mon - 30 Dirty Love - 155 Praying - 175 Learn to Let Go - 0 Good Old Days - 20
  12. Celeb News

    Wow ... this is too random. How did she hide this from us
  13. Shhh! Don't jinx it!