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  1. I'll be attending my show next month and i can't wait to hear heaven live myself AND THE FEMALE INTERLUDE!!! WIGGG That's actually my theory too!
  2. WIGGGGG That made sense. I honestly would be down for an album like that too! Hoping that AG4 would give us plenty of romantic lullabies.
  3. I really wish she can give us Baby Loves intro or i wish it would leak. It's been on repeat since it was shown at the tour ahhhhh What if she has a separate album done for "Moonlight"? I think she scraped many tracks on AG3, and i think those tracks are supposedly to be on that one
  4. the last part even though i'm tired of party-concept type of music videos, i enjoyed this.
  5. WELL DESERVED (Even though Into You also deserves that achievement )
  6. If she will have a proper promotion + good single choices the next era, watch it be bigger than the debut numbers of DW (160K / 220-230k SPS).
  7. Yas at you seeing the light for Moonlight
  8. THE "I DON'T CARE" SLANDER I loved I Don't Care just when she posted that snippet from her snapchat until it was officially released. I don't get it why people hate it. Moonlight at #15? But i agree with Into You, that song is a MASTERPIECE.
  9. Based from the snippets so far, i think i'll love the album (except for Roachella). But let's see when the full album comes out.
  10. Well you're right about some songs. I just wish she released the Visual 2 of DW But one thing in mind is that i'm sure of, and that is Focus is the MV that snatched me a lot. Same with Into You, S2S and Break Free
  11. Both have been on repeat since they were released, but i must say that Fetish has grown on me a lot than Sorry Not Sorry. Both bops though.
  12. LEGEND 1. Witness - 70 3. Roulette - 85 4. Swish Swish - 80 9. Chained To The Rhythm - 80