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  1. Social Casualty


    I'm so excited for this record. The thing is that, every single song she released so far are different from one another, and for me, that's where the hype of it. I'm curious of what the album would sound like as a whole! Been replaying Learn to Let Go for a while now.
  2. Social Casualty


    I'll be attending my show next month and i can't wait to hear heaven live myself AND THE FEMALE INTERLUDE!!! WIGGG That's actually my theory too!
  3. Social Casualty


    WIGGGGG That made sense. I honestly would be down for an album like that too! Hoping that AG4 would give us plenty of romantic lullabies.
  4. Social Casualty


    I really wish she can give us Baby Loves intro or i wish it would leak. It's been on repeat since it was shown at the tour ahhhhh What if she has a separate album done for "Moonlight"? I think she scraped many tracks on AG3, and i think those tracks are supposedly to be on that one
  5. the last part even though i'm tired of party-concept type of music videos, i enjoyed this.
  6. WELL DESERVED (Even though Into You also deserves that achievement )
  7. Social Casualty


    If she will have a proper promotion + good single choices the next era, watch it be bigger than the debut numbers of DW (160K / 220-230k SPS).
  8. Social Casualty

    Yas at you seeing the light for Moonlight
  9. Social Casualty

    Hate it Groupie Love
  10. Social Casualty

    Love it. Grey's Anatomy
  11. Social Casualty

    Flop. Tonight I'm Getting Over You - Carly Rae Jepsen
  12. Social Casualty


    Good strategy, if that's true. I have a good feeling about the next era as well, i just wish it'll take off properly.
  13. Social Casualty

    THE "I DON'T CARE" SLANDER I loved I Don't Care just when she posted that snippet from her snapchat until it was officially released. I don't get it why people hate it. Moonlight at #15? But i agree with Into You, that song is a MASTERPIECE.
  14. Social Casualty


    Based from the snippets so far, i think i'll love the album (except for Roachella). But let's see when the full album comes out.