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  1. Yeah, 2NE1 also. I still hope they reunite after Dara is out of YG.
  2. Went to see her on Nashville and she was amazing! Also, I saw Tommy Genesis and damn, that girl has so much energy.
  3. My heart is broken. Another angel is gone, how many more until companies take mental health seriously?
  4. Not you disrespecting the masterpiece that is Numb. Sign me up sis
  5. Same, I'm worried about this album tbh. I have this feeling I won't like it but let's wait and see.
  6. Do you guys believe M4 is gonna be her best album of all?
  7. Brooklyn Baby Black Beauty Cruel World Money Power Glory Shades Of Cool West Coast Fucked My Way To The Top Flipside Is This Happiness Sad Girl Old Money Florida Kilos Guns And Roses The Other Woman Pretty When You Cry Ultraviolence
  8. Watch it flop. Everything Marina touches ends up flopping.
  9. Is she gonna do a music video for any of the songs in the ep?