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  1. SoulNotForSale


    Going to the Rome show to see these 2 legends!
  2. SoulNotForSale


    Absolutely phenomenal. FOHL TQ BJAF remain underrated.
  3. SoulNotForSale

    When I first heard Up Out My Face
  4. SoulNotForSale

    I don't get along with racists
  5. SoulNotForSale

  6. SoulNotForSale

    Congrats on your 256886 thread about someone you supposedly hate! Obsession is a disease
  7. SoulNotForSale


    I would k*ll to see ha cover Sugababes' Freak Like Me. Whew that would've been perfect for the Blackout era
  8. SoulNotForSale

    Incredibly basic and generic. It has nothing to do with the 'skinny stereotype' tho it is an issue in the industry. She honestly only appeals to soccer moms
  9. SoulNotForSale

    A swiftie making racist jokes? Are we suprised
  10. SoulNotForSale

    You are laughable
  11. SoulNotForSale

    (She's literally shook)
  12. SoulNotForSale

    (Amazing Vocals) IS A KII
  13. SoulNotForSale

    Lmao people mocked the old hag for a week and that's it. If anything it boosted Drake's sales The only thing it did was be a meme for black Twitter to have a cute kii. Hey literally made BeyChella, brought the views and actually paid tribute to historically black colleges. It inspired the NATION whereas your girl made a fool out of herself