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  1. Ooh this is tough... Top 5 Albums: 1. The Fame - Lady Gaga 2. Water For Your Soul - Joss Stone 3. Warrior - Kesha 4. Love Angel Music Baby - Gwen Stefani 5. 4 - Beyoncé // Don't know if this one is definitely in my Top 5, but it is pop perfection and it's one I know every word too. Top 5 Songs: // Also don't know if this is my definitive Top 5, but they are ones that I have constantly replayed for years 1. The Answer - Joss Stone 2. Paparazzi - Lady Gaga 3. 1234 - Feist 4. Rainbow - Kesha 5. Sweet Escape - Gwen Stefani
  2. Really bad Original was great, this remix is a 2.
  3. Dan

    That would be great! Red Dead 2 was such a great experience, last story game I can remember playing through from start to finish with total enjoyment. Still want to get into the online mode of the game when I get a chance! I just picked up Super Mario Maker 2 yesterday and it was really fun! You have to signup for Nintendo Online though ($4/month) to play any maps made by other people though, which I guess isn't too bad, but I didn't realize that when buying it. But, it's been super fun!
  4. Dan

    Omg that is beautiful! Wish I still had my Playstation !
  5. Dan

    Never even seen that Doesn’t look god
  6. Dan

    Oh no , which one?! Some of them are disgraceful
  7. Dan


    I agree it was magical! But, I still also love her other work, so the combination will be even more incredible!
  8. Dan


    That combination sounds literally perfect I loved so many of the songs from Meaning Of Life, but it was missing the trashy pop production that I love so much Right now Slow Dance and IDTAY are my favorites
  9. There was a lot of ABBA (Gold), Madonna (Ray of Light) and Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B was the first album I was obsessed with, that I'd listen to over and over
  10. But she goes "Oops forget the words!" at every show
  11. Also does she purposefully forget the words to Blow every time? She performs that song like 50-100 times per year and still messes up the same part
  12. Brunettsha deserves to be in pioneers section