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  1. 1. Maybe I’m a little bit…. Fuck Him He's A DJ 2. What is your favorite emotion? Hair Body Face 3. What is your favorite song, even though you may not think so? Poker Face 4. Today I’m feeling…. Brown Eyes 5. My best friends always say about me that I'm… I Am Not A Robot 6. If I would have a tv-show, it will be named… Just Dance 7. What would be the name of your first movie made? Blow 8. If I’m sad I listen to… The Louvre 9. Blind …. Is pretty much how my life is right now. 10. Barcodes …. Tells me my future life. 11. The song I hate the most is… Before I Cry 12. Which song can I listen over and over again? Start Over (Bey) 13. If people laugh at me, I listen… Stick To The Status Quo 14. Sometimes I just think… All That Matters (The Beautiful Life) 15. When I see and hear things that are don’t there it means… Hey Girl 16. What is the answer to all my questions? Domino 17. People are… I Care 18. If I would write a book about my life it would be called… Thinking Of You 19. How was your first kiss? Wonderland 20. What song will be played at my funeral? C'Mon
  2. Dan

    Oh The portalkeshasite twitter posted about it But no videos besides the HCTC performance
  3. Dan

    @TomTom have you seen any videos of Kesha’s press conference yesterday? I saw a video of her singing HCTC at it, but can’t see any videos of the table discussion.
  4. Looooove it. Hope she talked to Gaga
  5. Why is the autotune so unnatural I loved the original version of this, but I can't do it I liked the girl's part, she nailed it!
  6. Icon Was that the first televised scream?
  7. It’s what the world needs right now
  8. Soul and rock (with pop influences) are some of my favorite genres and this makes me so, so happy Especially another collaboration with the Struts makes me even more excited cause Body Talks is like the best song ever
  9. Dan


    All the photos together make me laugh But she looks beautiful
  10. Dan


    I love this
  11. Dan

    STRESSED! How are you?
  12. Dan

    Die Young