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  1. Oh god I didn't even see those I'm on Episode 5 and I looooooooove Leah so far, I thought she was gonna be boring after Episode 1 but she's grown on me so much and she is hilarious. I forgot how much I loved New York, I missed them all
  2. Mmm they have decent taglines, I liked Ebonis! AND ALSO YES THOSE SHOES I WASN'T EVEN LOOKING- Luann has some HOOFS on Yes! She's really impressive - I watched through some of these when she was first introduced to the show cause I was amazed they got an already famous actor on the show! She's great ALSO, RHONY season 12 just got put up onto Hulu. So expect lots of posts about that because I'm starting it now
  3. Wait the Lenny and Larry cookies have like 500-600 calories, and are NOT a diet cookie at all... Why is she complaining about them? They're a vegan protein cookie...? Also why is she attacking a small yogurt shop and not the brands that she is annoyed at? Literally what the fuck.
  4. Luann's is perfect And Ramona's is a lie as usual Omg no way! I never watched that show, but that's so cool that you could see her on both. She definitely did have the most class, and I think it always helps to have a level-headed housewife on each franchise, once they're gone the shows kinda fall to shit
  5. I loooooved Eileen! I watched the first season Denise was on (Season 9 I think). She was okay, but I found the season to be so boring, they drew out that LVP storyline for like 19 episodes. Might just skip Season 10 and go right to 11
  6. What the fuck? She is so irresponsible with her platform sometimes
  7. OMFG LET ME COME VISIT AND LET'S GO SEE QUEEN CAMILLE! RIGHTTTTT SHE WOULD BE SO FUCKING FUN TO GO OUT WITH I don't even know Sutton yet cause the last season isn't up yet, but she looks like a blast Yeah, I'm sure they probably tried to get Kathy as a housewife but she is probably the toughest catch out of any of them
  8. Eh Eh! Still love the song and it's vibe
  9. ALSO YES THIS LOOKED CRAZY! The trailer.. omfg
  10. OMG @Ruthless Love Camille Grammer posted an Instagram in Boston and in the third picture she is literally on the block next to me, that church is literally right outside my door https://www.instagram.com/p/CNunLMxBTi0/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  11. I hate both But I'll say 1000 Doves since that has the iconic piano cover
  12. Why did they give her age and not his when he is the one who has COVID