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  1. I actually kinda love it Emotional, written well and she sounds great! Only thing I don’t like is the chorus doesn’t really match the rest of the song too well , and when she sings “drown drown drown” something seems off. But I really like it, saving to Spotify now!
  2. Dan


    Omg Pink would throw the greatest show ever
  3. Dan


    Can’t believe they’ve never done it, they have so many hits. And this pretty much guarantees that Cardi B will perform too...
  4. Dan


    I like them both a lot
  5. Stop comparing Body Talks and HCTC, they’re the 2 most different songs ever And one was intended for a soundtrack and one was intended for the radio
  6. Nothing compares to Praying, so that's not fair
  7. I feel like we'll get it early to mid 2019
  8. Because it's incredible
  9. Don't worry, I played one Shakira track and now I'm back
  10. Well, I just listened to this for 75 minutes straight Quick Shakira break and I’ll keep streaming
  11. Is this song getting sent to radio? I can’t imagine it
  12. Omg that’s beautiful
  13. I was so excited for this movie, so I’m happy she’s involved with it
  14. Your last post in rainbow the film
  15. Hmm, in the other thread you were coming for her for having half-thoughtout songs, now you’re coming at her for being too thoughout? Nothing satisfies y’all