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  1. Dan here


    I still can't get over how perfectly she nailed the final chorus at 1:18


  2. Alanis >>>>>> Billie >>> Fearless
  3. I was so obsessed with their Native album, I wish they'd keep doing shit like that Haven't been feeling any of their music in quite a while
  4. The way he won't be able to leave though since we're banned from nearly every country because of how he handled the COVID crisis He's also lowkey more hated internationally than in the US
  5. Currently sooooo into Phasmophobia, haven't been this excited about playing a game since Animal Crossing's release
  6. Dan


    I've always wanted to cut Queen down 1. Ganja Burn 2. Majesty 3. Barbie Dreams 4. Good Form 5. Barbie Tingz 6. LLC 7. Chun-Li These 7 would have made the best selling and acclaimed EP of all time
  7. The UI is the main reason I prefer it over the Xbox Glad they kept it pretty similar to the PS4
  8. Dan here


    This Blackpink documentary is turning me into a stan cry9