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  1. Dan


    I would mainly like to see Warrior as an acoustic album. While it is arguably my favorite album, my one problem is it always seemed overproduced. I'd love to see some of the songs stripped down (especially Love Into the Light)!. But, besides that album... I'd like to see Learn To Let Go, Harold Song and Animal as acoustic songs. Excuse me...? How DARE you.
  2. Dan

    This is so fucking funny
  3. Dan


    What was the picture?
  4. Dan

    Mine just auto-updates, so maybe that's why
  5. It seems like that was part of it. I think her injury was legitimate, but having to take prescribed painkillers due to that injury was the cause of her relapse (at least that's what I've read).
  6. Dan

    Seems like it I hate iTunes
  7. Dan

    Same here - I always try to switch the Warrior artwork to the Japanese release and it fucks EVERYTHING up
  8. I mean, I get excited every era because I love her, but I can't remember being this ready for new music (except when Praying was announced )
  9. I think I'm more excited for this upcoming era than I have been for a LONG time
  10. Dan

  11. Dan

    She didn’t win, it was last night
  12. Dan

    Is she gonna be at the iHeart Awards tonight, since she's nominated and posts about it so much?
  13. Pretty good! Love the group... This might be tied for my 3rd/4th favorite of their five singles.
  14. Dan

    Celeb News

    This is so funny