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  1. Dan


    Solid question... Her team hasn't really said anything I don't think she's addressed the delay anywhere.
  2. Omg I had no clue who this was but then I remembered this ANTHEM. I loved this song
  3. Dan


    Omg! I forgot to add this, I watched the first 2 seasons of this, have yet to star the latest one though.
  4. Dan


    The Witcher (1) // halfway through it now Desperate Housewives (1-9) Americas Next Top Model (3-12) Game Of Thrones (8) Veep (3) Golden Girls (1-5) End Of The Fucking World (1) Our Planet (1) Nailed It (Whatever the most recent season was) Stranger Things ("") Grace and Frankie ("") Broad City (1)
  5. Dan here


    Our minister at the Christmas service started with “First off, I want to congratulate Mariah on her long-awaited #1, breaking a record”... so, Merry Christmas y’all cry2

  6. OMFG I am so sorry I missed this but, also, apologies for having such high levels of taste
  7. How did this do better than half of these it deserved last place
  8. Dan


    It's cute! Very repetitive, but definitely a stepup over her last couple releases...