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  1. Dan


    Yeah, this was one of her cleanest performances ever Vocals weren't shaky, she had confidence AND the choreo was fantastic!
  2. Dan


  3. Yes! Love that I love when families have taste!
  4. It did bad in America? I remember hearing it so much as a kid, but maybe that was just around my house My mom stanned
  5. This doesn't seem like a song that should have someone else on it I do like how they harmonize on "Can I go, where you go? Can we always be this close" But besides that, noooo
  6. Does The Voice just pay to get their judges as sexiest man alive? First Adam, then Blake then John... hmmmm Edit: People Magazine is published by Meredith Corporation, who is an affiliate of NBC. It all adds up
  7. Is it cool if we send our rates in, in parts? I have to re-listen to a bunch of these! Also graphics are awesome
  8. Dan

    I loved her new album, deserving of all the praise!
  9. Dan


    I'm fucking deeeaaaaad Well @Chris Morlock didn't know the Forgotten Queen of the 2000s, Nelly Furtado. Then proceeded to say he didn't like her vocals
  10. Dan

    @TomTom this is the mess I was referring to
  11. Dan

    Omg it's probably the truth
  12. Dan

    What if Kim has been DMing Kesha but Kesha doesn't check her socials
  13. Dan here


    I really like this cry7 


  14. Dan

    Celeb News

    Omg, thank you