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  1. Dan

    I'm assuming not very much, it's probably more of an exposure thing, rather than a highly-paid job.
  2. Dan


    I love Come To Mama and MANiCURE, but Electric Chapel is one of my least favorites
  3. After the first song she released, my expectations were SUPER low. But after Twice and Fall In Line, they are SUPER high
  4. Dan

    Celeb News

    I know, Jonas is incredible. And Spaceship deserves a music video But, because it's on Wiki, I don't know if I trust it
  5. Dan

    Celeb News

    @TomTom2288 On Jonas Akerlunds wiki (the director of Praying MV), Spaceship was listed as his 2018 project 2018 "Spaceship" for Kesha
  6. Dan

    Celeb News

    I know But maybe she'll have heard us Praying
  7. Dan

    Celeb News

    if it's a feature that must mean a new track or they got someone on one of the other tracks (Boots ft. _____)?
  8. Dan

    Celeb News

    O MY GOD this is so exciting. What is coming?? I have to know. It sounds like it's for a new track?
  9. ... That's not what I said They cut the sketch from TV and only posted it online. I'm just confused as to why they would cut the sketch that has Nicki in it
  10. Dan

    Celeb News

    OMG this looks like it could be Boots !!!
  11. Did they really cut the sketch Nicki was in?
  12. Dan


    Avril Lavigne coming this year (No date confirmed) Nicki is coming June 14th or 15th!
  13. Dan

    I only know the Rockstar song and I didn't really like it But perhaps! I think Logic could be cool on it too
  14. Dan


    Where did he come out? I don't see it anywhere in the lyrics
  15. Dan

    TBH this is such a good album cover