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  1. Dan


    1. Physical 2. Levitating 3. Don't Start Now 4. Hallucinate 5. Break My Heart 6. Boys Will Be Boys 7. Love Again 8. Good In Bed 9. Pretty Please `10. Future Nostalgia 11. Cool Only listened to it twice, so this might change. But I love everything 1-9. Future Nostalgia is meh, and Cool is the only one I really dislike. Fucking ADORE this album already. Levitating is fucking incredible.
  2. Bad Romance (first) Applause Perfect Illusion Stupid Love Just Dance Born This Way Shallow (last) Literally love every single one of these songs..
  3. Dan

    Celeb News

    This is one of the best photoshoots I have ever seen, wow
  4. Dan

    I felt fake having never played The Last Of Us, so I bought the game this week to play! Also bought God Of War (which I'm like 30% through at the moment) as well as Horizon Zero Dawn. Will be getting Animal Crossing first thing Friday
  5. Love this song SO much
  6. Dan


    Rainbow > Animal > Cannibal > High Road > Warrior
  7. Mainly just listen to pop music... but do delve out into several other genres. Feel like I explored a lot through No Doubt/Gwen Stefani since she has done so many different genres in her time.
  8. Dan


    Bastards | Tonight Let 'Em Talk | My Own Dance Woman | Raising Hell Hymn | High Road Praying | Shadow Learn To Let Go | Honey Finding You | Cowboy Blues Rainbow | Resentment // THIS IS THE HARDEST ONE EVER Hunt You Down | Little Bit of Love Boogie Feet | Birthday Suit // demo is better than Boogie Feet, but I dislike the finalk Boots | Kinky Old Flames | The Potato Song Godzilla | BFF Spaceship | Father Daughter Dance //FUCK Emotional | Chasing Thunder Rainbow : 9 High Road : 6
  9. Any Joss Stone album really, her voice is just super soothing. But, Water For Your Soul, her newest album, in particular is my go-to. It's all about love & peace and it just always calms me down
  10. I finally finished the game, playing with Necro So fun! Didn't die once Might play through with a different character now, or might try out Diablo 2...
  11. Apparently they had both heard that from a music industry exec. and that wasn't new news to Gaga either... (from what I've read)
  12. Never Really Over was one of the best of the year. Loved Harleys too (underrated bop!). Could not STAND Small Talk though