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  1. here

    Heading home this afternoon for Spring Break :D


  2. I really like it! Sounds much more mature then his other music. About to have this on repeat
  3. That's incredible OMG, if Trixie liked it I'd DIE.
  4. here

    This was such a bop bey6 


    1. QueenCedar101

      Ugh yes! I was just thinking of that song the other day. I love that song! It reminds me of how good pop songs were back then. :(

  5. Discussion

    I don't know, it's not very catchy The music video is great, but the song is just not there
  6. Discussion

    Yeah And you don't often hear her sing the soft notes in the beginning, but it's so beautiful. That's so cool Good for you
  7. Discussion

    Oh my god, this sounds so good HER VOICE, angelic This style suits her so much more in my opinion, I don't know though... I just love it I think I've listened to the Unplugged album more than any of her other ones, it's SO good
  8. Discussion

    Thinking Of You (Especially the Unplugged version) and Part Of Me are my favorites
  9. here

    What happened to all the new emotes we were going to get a while back? brit15 

  10. Photos

    AW That's such a cute photo. Glad you got to meet her, happy for you
  11. here

    Thanks Professor for assigning 4 essays due in 2 days kii1 

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    2. Dan





    3. Dan

      Essay 2 is ALMOST DONE.

      And I'll do 3 tomorrow :D

      And 4 isn't too long so I can do that quick yas1 

    4. Dan

      I FINISHED yas1  imready1