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  1. Dan


    1. 1000 Doves 2. Free Woman 3. Plastic Doll The only songs I am not in love with. However, I LOVE the piano version of 1000 Doves.
  2. Dan


    Idk this song is bottom 3 for me
  3. Dan


    By far the strongest track on the album PERFECTION! Sound-wise it reminds me of an upgraded version of FASHION! I just love it so much
  4. Dan


    Alice vs. Aura Stupid Love vs. Venus Rain On Me vs. G.U.Y. THIS WAS A HARD DECISION Free Woman vs. Sexxx Dreams Fun Tonight vs. Jewels N' Drugs 911 vs. MANiCURE Plastic Doll vs. ARTPOP Sour Candy vs. Swine Enigma vs. Donatella Replay vs. Fashion! ANOTHER HARD DECISION Sine From Above vs. Mary Jane Holland 1000 Doves vs. Dope (Would say 1000 Doves Piano Version is better) Babylon vs. Gypsy Love Me Right vs. Applause Just in general, I saw a comparison between the two albums saying "ARTPOP had a lot of higher highs and lower lows than Chromatica, but Chromatica won in consistency". Which I think I completely agree with. Both are incredible, but Chromatica is liked a well-polished, cleaned up version in my opinion.
  5. This ^^^^ I think basically every song is incredible but these two sound the most radio-friendly
  6. Yess I didn't love it the first listen but it's a bop now
  7. Babylon would like to have a word
  8. Dan here


    Chromatica is just an incredible album cry8 

    Almost every song is just perfect... *especially Babylon*

  9. Dan


    Too early for me to rank the whole thing... But if I had to at the moment: 1. Babylon 2. Sine From Above 3. Enigma 4. Replay 5. Alice 6. Stupid Love 7. Rain On Me 8. 911 9. Fun Tonight 10. Free Woman 11. Plastic Doll 12. Sour Candy 13. 1000 Doves
  10. Dan


    OMGGG WHAT AN INCREDIBLE ALBUM! I can't stop talking about Babylon, it's literally one of her best songs of all time LIKE. WHAT THE FUCK HOLY SHIT
  11. Dan

    Video Game

    Omg mess.. I didn't even realize it was a series But yeah, story-wise it'd be great so if there's one featuring Greek mythology, I'm sure it's fantastic.
  12. Dan


    Interview is up on YouTube!
  13. Dan

    Video Game

    @Dennis Reynolds Have you played God Of War or Horizon Zero Dawn? I'm about halfway through God Of War right now, it's a gorgeous game.. find the combat system a bit shit though, story is good. Horizon Zero Dawn I'm really early in, so I don't have too much of an opinion yet but it seems good.