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  1. Dan


    Yeah she had them during the Animal era and they disappeared during Warrior Glad they’re back
  2. I didn't really know them until after Woman Like Me, but they are SO talented and I love this song and they're so good live And I love that they really all split up their parts equally
  3. Dan

    Celeb News

    This was so cute
  4. It's like brand new, I think the point is they try to guess which celeb is under the mask? And the viewers like guess too? I don't know it's confusing
  5. Yeah it feels like a fever dream , but ... Kesha!
  6. Yes But why Woman lyrics?
  7. Dan


    Loved what she said, but she spoke SO slowly I had to watch this in high-speed
  8. Dan

    Ok Kesha’s gotta do something, give us SOMETHING
  9. Okay she blew it out of the park again with this show, I just watched it and the looks, the set list and the interludes and stage design were all amazing!
  10. Dan


    They're still some of the biggest names in music and both have enormous followings, so combined I think it could easily hit #1 if the debut was done correctly
  11. Dan

    I'll put up a picture tomorrow
  12. Dan

    Merry Christmas guys My mom made me a Kesha Xmas ornament