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  1. Dan

    I want Die Young 2.0, the perfect song
  2. Dan here


    I really, really like Hustlers kesha9 

    1. Kyoteki

      It was good!! I love that the non actors were there for a brief time and not the whole movie. Cause all Cardi and Lizzo did was act like themselves 

    2. Dan

      Yeah! I think everybody in it did such a good job, I was worried about Lizzo and Cardi since they hadn't acted before, but they seemed really natural. Also, JLo's acting was incredible. I didn't know much about Constance before this, but also was super talented.

  3. Dan


    Wow posting at the same time as me?
  4. Dan


    @TomTom posted this in the K4 thread the other day. But, super exciting! I cannot fucking wait, I've been dying for new music. I also am glad it's somewhat confirmed, so I don't have to check for it everyday Also, welcome to the forums
  5. Dan here


    Where the f*CK is Lorde? bey7 

  6. Dan here


    I texted my dad “Your icon, Lana Del Rey released a new album” and he said “I know! I already bought it.” fall1 

    1. ajp

      We like your dad better lana9

    2. Dan

      ny5  I’ll get him on here

  7. Shouldn't these producers know by now not to do this
  8. OMG! bearman confirmed stuff for K3, right? This is awesome At least I know not to expect it this month
  9. Omg I hadn't hear about Honey... I wonder which will be the lead then
  10. Dan


    This lead can't come soon enough I can't wait anymore
  11. Dan

    I completely forgot this performance existed