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  1. Ooh thank you for the recommendations, I will 100% check out The Bravados - they got that on Hulu, I've needed some more western content Also, hoping for a Red Dead DLC one day
  2. @Ruthless Love We need to catch up on Housewives RHONY - This is the worst season ever, I am so bored by it 2 episodes ago was good, but this weeks was just nothing for 40 minutes again. RHOBH - INCREDIBLE, I am living for this season so far, their best season in years Crystal is great and I love that she doesn't put up with Sutton's craziness. RHOP - I finally am getting caught up on Season 5 of Potomac, as it was just put on Hulu last week, and I'm on Episode 10 and I think it might be the best season out of any housewives franchise ever. RHOA - I watched the first
  3. Not her remembering she has 2 other daughters halfway through- But I cannot WAIT. So excited for whatever direction she's going in
  4. I don't drive either and have been vegan for 6 years and got the same amount No idea what energy my apartment building uses though. I also fly a lot, so I know that contributes a lot.
  5. Dancing was great but the audio was mixed terribly
  6. Yessss they leave just enough mystery to the imagination to make every villain perfect
  7. Rain On Me and Future Nostalgia Stupid Love and Don't Start now played a few times right before the pandemic and it was LIFE. Need more of that
  8. Yes! It's such a fantastic game, and I love the writing for it. I wish the campaign was longer, but I really enjoyed it and the world-building is perfect. Ooh, I haven't played any of the Resident Evil games besides one of the really old ones, but I just got Resident Evil 7 so hopefully will play that after Outer Worlds. I was watching some RE Village gameplay and that game looks incredible.
  9. @Dennis Reynolds What have you been playing lately? I just finished Horizon Zero Dawn, and absolutely loved that. I also played through God of War, Control, Long Dark, and a lot of Subnautica. Now I'm onto playing Outer Worlds, which is really fun and Fallout-esque.
  10. Are they doing these for all the Pokemon types? That's kinda cool if they do