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  1. Charts

    Yes QUEEN
  2. Just bought the Animal and Warrior CD's to complete the collection in my car Now I just gotta get those vinyls
  3. Discussion

    It sounds so good in HQ
  4. Game

    1. Last Goodbye 2. Past Lives 3. Gold Trans Am 4. Emotional 5. Out Alive 6. VIP 7. Dirty Picture 8. C U Next Tuesday
  5. Celeb News

    Great interview But too short
  6. YES. Vanguard award deserved
  7. Discussion

  8. Album

    And that means we'd have to get a video
  9. Album

    Oh, okay that makes sense! I feel like they should choose LTLG as a single, that has a lot of radio potential
  10. Celeb News

    YES this makes me happy. Get that promo She should go on LIVE with Kelly and Ryan next
  11. Damn, she looks good in every color!
  12. Album

    Okay... This may sound stupid, but can somebody please explain singles to me. I thought the first 4 (Praying, Woman, Hymn, LTLG) were all singles? Now people are saying that like Hymn isn't a single. Very confused
  13. Discussion

    I agree. It sounds good, but I'm glad it wasn't included on the standard. Lyrically it could fit on Rainbow, but sonically sounds like it would be on Warrior.