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  1. Dan


    @Ruthless Love I just caught up on RHOBH and now I'm watching RHOSLC, have you watched that yet? I've heard great things from my friends I'm stanning Heather Gay already
  2. This could be a cool collab
  3. Dan


    2 of my favorite songs ever But Diamonds
  4. I mean these were 2 of the biggest songs of all time
  5. Don't Start Now Formation Stupid Love Say Something Positions Daisies Work Lose You To Love Me Make Me With You Willow Accelerate Medellín
  6. Gwen Stefani - Stanned her since I was like 7 when LAMB was released, then worked my way backwards through No Doubt's discography. Kesha - Obviously knew her from her hits from the Animal era, but I became a stan when Die Young was released and she was promoting it. Gaga - Also obviously knew all her hits, became a fan after Paparazzi and became a stan after Born This Way. Joss Stone - Discovered her through the Saints Row 2 soundtrack and then stanned ever since Beyoncé - She's the world so I guess I discovered her at birth. Chloe x Halle - Heard of them before Ungodly Hour, but stanned at it's released when I heard Do It and then Forgive Me. Rina - My friend showed me her EP when it was released a few years back, loved 10-20-40 and then fully stanned when XS was released. JoJo - She's been around forever, but I honestly forget she existed until Mad Love was released and I was obsessed.