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  1. Chromatica is just an incredible album cry8 

    Almost every song is just perfect... *especially Babylon*

  2. I submitted my final assignment of university today cry7cry8cry9 

    1. Jjang

      I envy you. 


      But congratulations. clap3

    2. Royalty

      Congrats! clap3hug1 

    3. Dan

      Thank you everyone! hug1hug1hug1 

      Now the job search begins! :D 

  3. Stream Tonight everyone ari3



  4. Our minister at the Christmas service started with “First off, I want to congratulate Mariah on her long-awaited #1, breaking a record”... so, Merry Christmas y’all cry2

  5. giphy.gifOk but Kesha served...

    1. KeshaOverdose

      Miss Keisha, lakesha, keshandra and ketchup agree kesha4 

  6. I really like this cry7 


  7. So many artists are releasing music this Fall/Winter, I'm READYimready1 

  8. A Lil Nas X, Fiona Apple collab... What in the world fall1 

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    2. Kyoteki

      1 hour ago, Dan said:


      He offered after she called him out for sampling a song without permission.

      It’s a fucking soundcloud song that he isn’t even making money off and removed from everything I...

    3. Dan

      ny4 Was he ever making money off of it? 

      But I think she is also just super sensitive about where her music goes. I was just reading an article that says she wouldn't let Panic At The Disco use a sample of her song at the beginning of Miss Jackson, even after they asked. 

  9. I fucking love this song


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    2. Onika

      I personally love Blue Lips but I also related hard to a lot of the themes at that time, so maybe I have a bias in that way dead7

    3. Dan

      That's understandable! My friend really loves the album, but it's just not style of music I like.

    4. Chris Morlock

      I say hi

      You say hi

      We stay high

      You look so pretty yeah


  10. It is finally starting to feel like Autumn and I am beyond excited kesha9 

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    2. Kirjava

      The cold, wind and rain overrules all of that for me. jay1

    3. Dan

      Understandable! jay1 

      I'm in New Jersey/Delaware and we don't get too much terrible weather and it doesn't get that cold until December, so I really enjoy it kesha9 

    4. Gravity

      I like cold, rain and wind jay1 Some people like that melancholic mood. Also it has a certain /more pure/ smell bcuz of all the wind.

  11. The second I graduate I'm adopting a million cats jj1 

  12. I wish I was in university during late 2000s, early 2010s... Music would've been so good fall1  The only songs that I know at half the places now is Good Form and Truth Hurts remixes ny4 

    1. Gilly

      rlly? like.. i love me some early 10s pop music but i couldnt imagine twerking to pokerface at my college parties rip2 im grateful that i was a senior during cardis peak because hearing bodak yellow at every party was a MOMENT burn1 

    2. Dan

      Yeah but you only get like one Bodak quality track out of 50 songs, the other 49 will just be male rappers that all sound the exact same fall1 

  13. Hustlers has led me to researching pole dancing classes in my area mad4

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    2. Dan

      That would be the one time they see me purchasing something from Home Depot nicki4

    3. Chris Morlock

      9 minutes ago, ajp said:

      Just buy a leaf blower nicki4


      those pit stains ari1 

    4. Dan

      He's working out, do you expect him to not sweat? jj1 

  14. I really, really like Hustlers kesha9 

    1. Kyoteki

      It was good!! I love that the non actors were there for a brief time and not the whole movie. Cause all Cardi and Lizzo did was act like themselves 

    2. Dan

      Yeah! I think everybody in it did such a good job, I was worried about Lizzo and Cardi since they hadn't acted before, but they seemed really natural. Also, JLo's acting was incredible. I didn't know much about Constance before this, but also was super talented.

  15. Where the f*CK is Lorde? bey7 

  16. I texted my dad “Your icon, Lana Del Rey released a new album” and he said “I know! I already bought it.” fall1 

    1. ajp

      We like your dad better lana9

    2. Dan

      ny5  I’ll get him on here

  17. Ugh, I love Lauren Daigle's music so much cry2 

  18. I never ate fast food before but now that Burger King released an impossible whopper I've been WAY too many times in the past 2 weeks, it's become a problem mad5 

    1. Chris Morlock

      havent had it yet fall3

    2. Dan

      Don't! You'll be hooked ny4 

    3. Chris Morlock

      thats okay, i know that i have no money and that other people will be buying it ny4

  19. I love snow so much I cannot wait for Winter cry7 

  20. Did Nicki really announce her retirement? jj3 

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    2. Dan

      No I left battlegrounds fall1 

    3. Hermione

      Good choice! You don't need that level of delusion and willful ignorance in your life.

    4. Dan


      What was the conclusion?

  21. Never Really Over has grown on me so much bey6 

  22. I LOVE LIZZO SO MUCH cry9 

  23. Worst flight experience of my LIFE was had today rip4 

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    2. Honey

      Judge: “Is there anything you’d like to say to the jury, Dan?”

      Dan: “Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wish the world was different...”

      *sad trumpet* 


      You could ride SwissAir to school and when you got off you’d have luggage...

      NO YOU DON’T


    3. Dan

      ny5ny5ny5ny5ny5ny5  I think this will work! :P


      Also, I don't have any more shorts cause they all got lost, so I'm wearing swim shorts shopping everywhere today mad4 

    4. Chris Morlock

      ive gone to the store before without underwear on (unintentionally actually fall5

  24. Kesha and Gaga both coming with albums cry9  

  25. I really hope Kelly Clarkson's talk show does well mad4