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  1. 24 minutes ago, Dennis Reynolds said:

    I definitely want to see Us, I actually planned on seeing it last weekend but that didn't really work out and I ended up seeing an early screening of Shazam instead. Hopefully I'll see it in a week or two.


    Pet Sematary looks all right, and John Lithgow's presence raises my anticipation. I'm not much of a fan of the 1980s adaptation but this one looks better. I'm sure I'll see it, yeah.


    Greta I hadn't heard of up until now. Sounds OK.

    YEah I definitely agree with you, Us is a must. The 1980 version of Pet Sematary was OK... only memorable scene was the kid getting run over fall2 

    And you should watch the trailer for Greta if you get a chance, it actually looks interesting and I love the more "realistic" horror-thriller stories like that.

  2. 11 hours ago, Dennis Reynolds said:

    I can see what people are talking about, with the anti-climax, 

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    particularly when the main hero drowns in a puddle of water

    but yes, I do think the intention was to subvert expectations. To have them 

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    make it to the tower

    would be a different movie. I think he's carved out a great and unique little trilogy.

    Yeah, the first spoiler you posted was one of the things that disappointed me the most, and that it was an action done by a nameless character. But still, I adored the movie up until that point. 


    11 hours ago, Dennis Reynolds said:

    I've never seen it sia2 I have also never seen the show sia2 I've seen every other movie he's done minus his little known debut Praying with Anger and Wide Awake though. I have very strong positive and negative opinions on various films of his though dead2 Unbreakable's my favorite and Signs is the one I really hate.

    Oh my god, it’s the biggest train wreck I’ve ever seen. The show is my favorite show of all time, I have it on DVD and have watched it dozens of times through because I think the animation, character development and storyline are some of the most well-written pieces of television ever, but Shymalan made a live action movie and ruinedddd it cry8 

  3. 17 minutes ago, Dennis Reynolds said:

    @Dan did you like Glass? It seems to be a bit divisive but overall I think pretty highly of it, and I'm glad for its financial success. Shyamalan might have some misses, but overall he's a really interesting filmmaker. 

    I liked it waaaaay more than the reviews were painting it. Like it’s definitely not one of my favorites but I was happy with it and enjoyed it the whole way through. I liked the twists it had too, but the end just seemed really anticlimactic and kinda dumb in my opinion.. but maybe that was the point oprah12 

  4. On 10/22/2018 at 8:48 PM, Not Dennis Reynolds said:

    Yeah, it's by the same director as Split and takes place in the same fictional universe. Glass will basically be a showdown between Kevin Wendell Crumb and Bruce Willis' character.



    Oh my, I'm definitely going to watch this soon. Looks great.


    Also, did you see Halloween yet? I just got out from it and it was amaaaazing. 

  5. 1 hour ago, Not Dennis Reynolds said:

    I liked it, McAvoy kinda makes the film but I also thought Anya Taylor-Joy did well in her role, and I'm glad that 

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    she'll be back in Glass.


    What'd you think of it?

    They were all really great, I kinda loved the older lady.


    But, I feel like the movie had a lot of holes and like WTF moments, but overall really good! Glad that they are making another :) 

  6. Just now, Dennis Reynolds said:

    There were more than a few things that rubbed me the wrong way about that film, but I suppose the main one is the "twist" that Freddy actually did molest all the children and isn't seeking revenge over some misunderstanding. It's like "Oh shit, Freddy's the bad guy?! For real?!"

    That was the big problem I had with the movie... but after finishing it, I don't know if it's a good or bad thing. I think if that pre-dead Freddy would have turned out to be good, that could've created a much more interesting storyline.

  7. 7 minutes ago, Dennis Reynolds said:

    Which Texas Chainsaw are you talking about? If you mean the remake then yeah, it is pretty gory (although I like the film). I feel as though the original gets kind of an inaccurate wrap as a "gory/violent" movie; there's far more implied violence than there is actually shown on screen. Part of it is probably the title, but I also think it's kind of a false memory thing with it being one of those "what you don't see is scarier than what you do" situations, so to speak. People walk out of that movie thinking they saw horrible things, but really the most violent thing you see is someone's arm being cut with a knife, a not particularly graphic shot from the back of someone's head being sawed open, and some long dead bodies. 

    Oh! I've only seen the more recent one... Maybe that's why. I was planning on seeing the original after, but I really hated the new one so much that I didn't want to associate with the movie again ny5 


    7 minutes ago, Dennis Reynolds said:

    didn't care much for the Nightmare remake,

    I thought it almost hit the nail on the head with the balance of scariness/plot... I mean, my favorite ones are with the more realistic killers, but this I thought was still good. 

  8. 1 minute ago, Dennis Reynolds said:

    Yeah, I'm a pretty big of horror too. Like I said I'm a fucking list junkie, so I made a blog about that too at one point:



    Don't stand by this list in its entirety now, but it was fun to make dead2 

    Omg I love this dead4  I should make my Top 100 yas1 


    But I think our lists would be VERY different right off the bat, like I agree with a lot of your choices. But, I really hate the super-gory ones... Like, I'm okay with gore, but I don't want it to be the main focus. That's why I hated Texas Chainsaw Massacre, it was just gore-gore-gore... Evil Dead II I wasn't a fan of either, but I love the iconic line from it ny4 


    Halloween is probably my favorite horror movie, it's up there - so I'm glad to see it's high on yours :D And I just the 2010 Nightmare on Elm Street like nights ago and I actually enjoyed it :D

  9. 1 minute ago, Dennis Reynolds said:



    Good point! ;)

    1 minute ago, Dennis Reynolds said:

    Hadn't heard of Dead By Daylight: it does sound cool.

    It's so much fun (if you like horror movies, which are my favorite genre), but it's a REAL time investment, I have so many hours on it dead4 

    2 minutes ago, Dennis Reynolds said:

    Yeah, F13 is one of my favorite film series so I'm sure I'll appreciate the game all the better.

    Yes! :) Totally get that yas2 

    I want to get it too, but I'm waiting until a lot of the bugs are fixed (which I'm pretty sure they're close to doing), but I've watched some reviews and they all said to wait. :)



  10. Just now, Dennis Reynolds said:

    Ah, cool. I'm planning to get an Xbox One in the months leading up to Red Dead Redemption II; I'm also interested in that Friday the 13th game.

    Yess!!! You should cry7  It's fun, but sometimes I regret not getting a PS4 :(


    The Friday the 13th game looks like so much fun! One of my favorite games right now is Dead By Daylight, which is similar and it's just so much fun yas1 

  11. Just now, Dennis Reynolds said:

    Ah, I would never be able to do that dead2 Not having the option to play/watch/display something I once had is the kinda thing that breaks my brain rip2 


    Which are the consoles you have now? 

    I have a Xbox 360/One and I built my own PC :D and I have a Nintendo DS around somewhere...


    But in the past I've had Playstation 1 & 2, GameCube and a Wii