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Status Updates posted by Dan

  1. Mood Ring by Lorde is quite literally the best song ever yas1 

  2. Ungodly Hour is the best album ever made idk what else to say bey7 

  3. cat.png

    Serving taste gaga13 


    It's just so good cry8 

  5. Bree Runway is the future bey7 

  6. Kelly is making some of the best songs of her whole career right now yas1 


  7. Does Kylie Minogue have any other albums that sound like DISCO? I loooove this album rih1 

    1. Atlantis Princess

      Atlantis Princess

      Light Years and Fever

    2. Dan


      Thank you! Will give those a listen bey5 

    3. ajp


      Light Years (2000) and Aphrodite (2010)

  8. This is a must watch


  9. Queen of pop, Gwen Stefani 


  10. Chloe x Halle and Miley saved 2020 giveup3 

  11. The way Plastic Hearts has not a single bad song . yup she did that mad4 

    1. Max


      Bad Karma and Golden G String say hi. nat2 

    2. Dan


      Weird, all I heard them ask was where their GRAMMY is. nat2 

  12. Screen_Shot_2020-11-24_at_6.45.52_PM.png

    This cannot be real, I-

  13. The GRAMMY AOTY and SOTY nominations are the biggest they've ever missed before on these categories, holy shit-

  14. Chloe x Halle getting nominated for 3 GRAMMYs I know that's right, yup yup 

  15. nooo one opens the dooooooor like a native new yorker whit1

  16. I still can't get over how perfectly she nailed the final chorus at 1:18


  17. This Blackpink documentary is turning me into a stan cry9 

  18. Gasping at her vocals

  19. I so look forward to all her covers, she makes every song her own cry9 


  20. A work of art


    1. Ariana


      Omg so good alex1

  21. I'm so excited to listen to The Rarities today, I sense a serve coming moo5

    1. Mario Spears

      Mario Spears

      Sis, The Rarities is a serve! 

    2. Dan


      Yes it was! moo6  

  22. How could you not stan legends