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  1. 23 hours ago, Dennis Reynolds said:

    @Dan I watched a couple of lesser known westerns recently, The Bravados and The Gunfighter, both starring Gregory Peck and directed by Henry King. If you haven't seen them you might like them, I particularly enjoyed The Bravados.


    Ooh thank you for the recommendations, I will 100% check out The Bravados - they got that on Hulu, I've needed some more western content yas1 


    Also, hoping for a Red Dead DLC one day gaga13 

  2. 5 hours ago, Dennis Reynolds said:

    I was actually playing Horizon Zero Dawn myself not long ago, I really like that game too. Gorgeous world it takes place in.


    I keep trying to play Avengers but it's kinda sub-par unfortunately.  Yesterday I was talking to my friend about the remaster of Resident Evil on GameCube, which I've owned for a while but have yet to play.


    Yes! It's such a fantastic game, and I love the writing for it. I wish the campaign was longer, but I really enjoyed it and the world-building is perfect. 


    Ooh, I haven't played any of the Resident Evil games besides one of the really old ones, but I just got Resident Evil 7 so hopefully will play that after Outer Worlds. I was watching some RE Village gameplay and that game looks incredible. 

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