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  1. https://open.spotify.com/track/4RPJGu9NXhxdV53l14XwAO?si=Uuek0oc7S66ITJaii8bjoA Out on spotify now too!
  2. It's such a consistent album, I love it. A great piece of work <3
  3. Rock Steady has some great songs on it too, Running and Underneath It All (lots more too) Self-titled will always have my heart though and TK is just peak iconic. You have good taste yup yup. I was 7
  4. That's amazinggggggg I was too young to know No Doubt, besides the hits, so I worked backwards in their discography when I started stanning Gwen in the 2000s. I'm so fucking obsessed with the ND debut album, I have shirts, posters and the vinyl of it TK and Return of Saturn iconic too
  5. That is so amazing Rare is one of my favorites off the record, an absolute gem
  6. Gwen was the first person I was ever a fan of, I remember buying LAMB when I was so little and it was my first CD ever. I honestly thought she was never making music again, so I am so fucking happy she decided to change her mind with this WIND IT UP ON LOOP TIL RELEASE
  7. Chloe x Halle and Miley saved 2020 giveup3 

  8. The way Plastic Hearts has not a single bad song . yup she did that mad4 

    1. Max


      Bad Karma and Golden G String say hi. nat2 

    2. Dan


      Weird, all I heard them ask was where their GRAMMY is. nat2 

  9. Screen_Shot_2020-11-24_at_6.45.52_PM.png

    This cannot be real, I-

  10. The GRAMMY AOTY and SOTY nominations are the biggest they've ever missed before on these categories, holy shit-

  11. Chloe x Halle getting nominated for 3 GRAMMYs I know that's right, yup yup 

  12. nooo one opens the dooooooor like a native new yorker whit1

  13. I still can't get over how perfectly she nailed the final chorus at 1:18


  14. Currently sooooo into Phasmophobia, haven't been this excited about playing a game since Animal Crossing's release
  15. This Blackpink documentary is turning me into a stan cry9 

  16. Gasping at her vocals

  17. I so look forward to all her covers, she makes every song her own cry9