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  1. A work of art


    1. Ariana


      Omg so good alex1

  2. I'm so excited to listen to The Rarities today, I sense a serve coming moo5

    1. Mario Spears

      Mario Spears

      Sis, The Rarities is a serve! 

    2. Dan


      Yes it was! moo6  

  3. How could you not stan legends


  4. The Paris Hilton documentary was really good jj1  Especially the second half

    1. Max


      I got really emotional and I don't even like her that much. jj2

    2. Dan


      Omg I started doing so much research on that Provo Canyon School and reading over their website after jj3  The Google reviews for it are scary ny3

    3. Kylie


      Ugh she's so different then I expected, I knew she was pulling up a character!

  5. Rewatching DH for like the 4th time now In the middle of Season 6 now
  6. I need 2 more co-signers for a Chloe x Halle stan badge if anyone can help me out, I'd really appreciate it!

    Made some badge options here:


  7. Dqv2ue4.png

    Chloe x Halle breaking the internet, we love to see it cry7 

  8. Yes! Love vinyls, the sound is phenomenal and I just love having the packaging too, feels like it brings the music to life Have probably 30+ now been collecting for 8 odd years now! Would have more, but they're expensive
  9. So fucking happy this is being pushed as a single, it's the best song she has ever made (Didn't like the remix, totally ruined the flow of the original which is what made it so incredible). I always imagined how good a music video could be for this though, so a little sad it's gonna be wasted to get TikTok promotion
  10. I need a Chloe x Halle stan badge jj3 

  11. Chromatica is just an incredible album cry8 

    Almost every song is just perfect... *especially Babylon*

  12. OMGGG WHAT AN INCREDIBLE ALBUM! I can't stop talking about Babylon, it's literally one of her best songs of all time LIKE. WHAT THE FUCK HOLY SHIT
  13. Interview is up on YouTube!
  14. I submitted my final assignment of university today cry7cry8cry9 

    1. WarrenThanksYouAll


      I envy you. 


      But congratulations. clap3

    2. Kylie


      Congrats! clap3hug1 

    3. Dan


      Thank you everyone! hug1hug1hug1 

      Now the job search begins! :D 

  15. I felt fake having never played The Last Of Us, so I bought the game this week to play! Also bought God Of War (which I'm like 30% through at the moment) as well as Horizon Zero Dawn. Will be getting Animal Crossing first thing Friday
  16. Highly recommend if you ever see it on sale for PS4! It was literally so good..... I wouldn't buy it at full price because it's kind of quick. But, my favorite game I have played in a while. Super great characters, incredible OST, etc.
  17. So I've been home alone for my last couple weeks of break so I've been playing a lot Just finished Diablo 3 (on the Switch), super fun In process of playing through Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on the Switch... not that great tbh... hate the combat system. Then I just played "A Plague Tale: Innocence" on the PC, I got it discounted on steam for $17.99. It was one of the best games I have played in a while. Mechanics where fun and somewhat unique, great story and it was visually gorgeous. Like 16 hours of playtime though, so a bit short. ( @Dennis Reynolds I highly re
  18. Stream Tonight everyone ari3



  19. Our minister at the Christmas service started with “First off, I want to congratulate Mariah on her long-awaited #1, breaking a record”... so, Merry Christmas y’all cry2

  20. giphy.gifOk but Kesha served...

    1. KeshaOverdose


      Miss Keisha, lakesha, keshandra and ketchup agree kesha4 

  21. Innocence & Pills I am re-obsessed with this song.
  22. I just beat the new Pokemon, it was really fun! Still have to do post-game stuff, but enjoyed everything else Only quips would be, I didn't like the dynamaxing mechanics and the story seemed weaker than usual... But, all fun and the new Pokemon were all quite nice and original.