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  1. 12/3... then 11/27... then 12/3... then nothing
  2. Yeah, but that was only the first delay.. now we're on the second delay with no updates
  3. I definitely intend to play it eventually, but not anytime soon, it looks really great. I fell so far behind on games because of schoolwork, trying to playthrough Diablo 3 and Pokemon on the Switch right now, because I've been loving playing on it lately. Probably will end up playing it over Winter Break from Uni, I also still wanna play Control, the game looked fantastic
  4. Understandable This response just seemed a bit more negative than usual. But who knows
  5. True! I'm excited either way, I love the design of the water and grass starters
  6. I don't keep up super closely with all the leaks and stuff, but why is everyone so mad at GameFreak this time? It makes me worried to buy the game But people also might just be dramatic
  7. I loved her new album, deserving of all the praise!
  8. I'm fucking deeeaaaaad Well @Chris Morlock didn't know the Forgotten Queen of the 2000s, Nelly Furtado. Then proceeded to say he didn't like her vocals
  9. OMG, I'm not going to be home the weekend this releases and I'm PISSED Have to wait until the Monday
  10. Been so obsessed with Desperate Housewives Almost on Season 5 in like a matter of weeks
  11. @TomTom this is the mess I was referring to
  12. Omg it's probably the truth
  13. What if Kim has been DMing Kesha but Kesha doesn't check her socials
  14. I really like this cry7 


  15. Does anyone have any Nintendo Switch games they can recommend? (Preferably under $40) I already have Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Mario Odyssey, Breath Of The Wild, and Mario Maker. But, I need some new ones
  16. I just watched the WORST horror movie of all time, called "Pilgrims" on Hulu. Holy shit.
  17. Omg it’s so fucking good!!!!
  18. I'm gonna guess (hopefully) before end of November....