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  1. Ok, then I'll let it slide
  2. Straight doesn't mean you need dark clothes LIVE THE TYE DYE LIFE!
  3. Not even the tye dye ones?? I loved the tye dye ones...
  4. I'm lowkey just kinda excited for new merch, her Rainbow merch was great
  5. It's kind of difficult to explain... But, just no actions had any weight or value to them. It was also literally, just filmed in a single field of grass, and the setting changed like twice (hardly). do not recommend Yeah, I actually hadn't seen the first one (since it wasn't available on my Fire Stick) But, my friends filled me in, and the plot was quite a bit different apparently, but followed the general idea of the first one. I enjoyed it
  6. @Dennis Reynolds Have you seen "In The Tall Grass"? We watched it the other night and it was one of the worst movies I have ever seen, and it's based off a Stephen King novel... We also watched Sinister 2, and that one was OK, but nothing special
  7. Left or right, your choice!
  8. If any Animals want to join the Kesha discord, just send me a message - we'd love to have everyone!
  9. Nobody should be nervous because we haven’t heard more than 10seconds of the song, and she has a pretty good track record of not fucking up!
  10. Don't give up! Let's wait for the full song first, and if that's bad, we still get a whole bunch of promo and a music video alongside it And then soon enough, the full album!
  11. In this past week I've watched Pumpkinhead, Coraline, and Napoleon Dynamite. Saw all of them for the first time somehow
  12. Omg if it's in New York I better get an invite!
  13. AMAZING I wonder what she's doing there if it's not talk shows
  14. So many artists are releasing music this Fall/Winter, I'm READYimready1 

  15. I don't get it either I just drink tap water and I'm good with it
  16. Water promo instead of music promo, legend!
  17. Pebe’s Porridge Lagan’s Lasagna Brad’s Banana Bread This track list writes itself!!!!