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  1. This just in: She scrapped K4 and is instead releasing a cookbook!
  2. I would place my bets on that it's the single photo, but highly doubt it would be the album cover. She's usually a bit more artistic with her album covers, so I'm hoping that it's not this. It's a beautiful photo, but I'd want more for an album
  3. Also you need to get in the Discord
  4. I think the UK radio stuff was when LTLG came out? Like on the BBC and Graham Norton show, she did LTLG. Then she did Zach Sang the day Praying released. Again, could be wrong
  5. I'm pretty sure he has always filmed in LA?
  6. Apparently she's in London now ... But, Zach Sang films in LA (I think) so I'm not sure what this tweet means.
  7. No, that was her promo money RCA is fuming!
  8. 666 just in time for her witch era
  9. Omg her assistant looks like she does not wanna be there
  10. OH MY GOD THIS IS THE BEST VIDEO EVER. My favorite song, DRAG QUEENS, and the queen herself
  11. Yeah and these weren’t just regular people. They were RICH, OLD people. The scariest kind
  12. I used to play this at my old job every morning to prepare us for the shitty customers and EVERYONE praises Cannibal’s power
  13. Scientific studies indicate that even the straightest of straights get down to Cannibal
  14. Me too But I’ve already given up hope for today. Now my hope is all for next week!
  15. I praying hope somewhere! Changing, I hope changing soul! I hope peace find your knees!
  16. I'm not sure what she's trying to say, but I agree
  17. She's like a sexy librarian witch who's about to put a curse on us
  18. OMGGGG SHE IS SO FUCKING HOT Also, welcome to the forum! Glad to have you
  19. honestly I'd love Pretty Lady to be performed with her and Drag Queens It's literally one of my favorite unreleased.
  20. It was very much deserved
  21. Omg I just got my first ever downvote from @TomTom, oop-