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  1. OKAY I'm so incredibly happy for her. I'm so emotional right now listening to this album, all I can do is smile. So proud.. and the fact that the album and Praying is doing so well makes me so excited for her.
  2. Dan

    Artist Sia

    Love the Queen!
  3. You really don't like it? I prefer LTLG and Praying, but I think it still sounds good... Although, I wish it had a little more though in the middle of the song.
  4. Hymn! 🎶 Yeah, we keep on sinning, yeah, we keep on singing 🎶
  5. Unfortunately these old people complain about EVERYTHING
  6. Our store is mostly elderly people, I don't think they could handle all the "mother-fucking's" in Woman!
  7. I make my work play Kesha all the time, so I hear a lot of We R Who We R, Die Young and now Praying!