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  1. Music Video

    I have no idea I stole it from tumblr I tried making one myself but it looked like something from 2010
  2. Single

    I'm pretty sure it was!
  3. Single

    It could have been a good bonus, but I think she made a good choice with not putting it on My Everything
  4. Music Video

    THANKYOUUU !! You are the sweetest omg
  5. Animal is such a beautiful song tbh
  6. I wish I could have seen The Harold Song live. I get chills EVERY TIME
  7. You're welcome! I'm trying to look for more about the setlist but can't find anything
  8. @Monster She has performed Praying as well
  9. Achievement

    Bad Decisions was already dead and so is Forever Boy
  10. Discussion

    Meet Me In Space is such a bop
  11. Dancing with tears in my eyes