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  1. Better Vocalist: Xtina or Mariah

  2. Better Vocalist: Xtina or Mariah

    You came for her first.... and then got clocked with her achievements. Not taking away from floptina tho. And lol at you still clinging on to that outflated ass number. She’s forgotten yet still topping iTunes in 2017. Kim K dressing up as her on holidays, etc etc etc. but I won’t waste my breath. You can stay in your close minded bubble. Its also funny how you skip right over me saying I stan rihanna also. Are you scared?
  3. Upon strong preorders, can Reputation sell 2 Million First Week?

    No but she will sell 1m
  4. Better Vocalist: Xtina or Mariah

    You’re delusional because in my earlier post, I said that I never claimed those things, dummy. Think before you type. Aaliyah was successful in her own right, that was the point being made. And clearly she is remembered if you spend your entire day talking about her Lol at Christina Fucking Aguilera tho Britney overshadowed her in every way
  5. Better Vocalist: Xtina or Mariah

    You’re ability to be this delusional is worrying. Did you select read again? Anyway, I’m done. You can’t read and you’re out of touch with the real world. And you wanna bring up Grammys when I can easily say that rihanna, my other fave, has more Grammys than both.
  6. Yet another new girl cites Xtina as her influence...why aren't Katy ,Gaga, etc. ever cited?

    He always makes shit up
  7. Better Vocalist: Xtina or Mariah

    You should take your own advice. When have I ever denied floptina’s overall success? I said she IS a collosal sized flop this decade, and her only successful years were 1999/2000 and 2002/2003, which were overshadowed by britney, Avril, Alicia, and Pink. If you wasn’t so stupid you would be able to process that. Mariah only has one Grammy. Does that make your flop fave more iconic, known, and legendary? Thought so. I don’t need to show you evidence for it to be true dummy. Her music is widely kept alive and the hate that you have for her will not change a thing. Shit, Kehlani sampled aaliyah on her 2017 album. Literally who started to compare Aaliyah to floptina at the very beginning? You. I didn’t bring your fave up, you brought mine up and got your ass handed to you. Never have I ever claimed those things nor was I trying to take away from floptina, just saying that Aaliyah was also successful in her own right. But ofcourse, you missed the point. Aaliyah was local yet all of her albums are certified in WW countries? She has over 18 top 40 UK hits? Aaliyah stays remembered because she was ahead of her time, will continue to be a muse for female Alternative R&B stars, her music will continue to be referenced, she was praised by legends like Whitney, Janet, Stevie wonder, and her fashion will continue to be on waves aswell. Sorry!
  8. Better Vocalist: Xtina or Mariah

  9. Better Vocalist: Xtina or Mariah

    So floptina sold 40m plus records this decade? Nice try. You bragging about some forgotten feature? She wasn’t even the lead artist? Are you seriously bragging about a few top 40 singles that had no longevity on the charts? Yeah, Bionic reaches top 10 but was still a commercial bomb.... Lotus didn’t even sell 1m WW. So what are you blabbering about? Are you kidding me? Bitch bye. Lol. Aaliyah’s last album scored a 76 on metacritic which is higher than any of floptina’s albums. She’s a quick fad from the early 00’s yet her single try again spent more weeks in the top 10 then What A Girl Wants and actually won a VMA over your fat fave? Her discography is forgotten yet countless artists have sampled songs from her ever since her death? countless tributes? Her name still being kept alive on social media, fans, and artists saids otherwise. And trust me, I’m not setting myself up for drags, I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt. I also stan rihanna, and I’m being nice enough to not even bring her up against your fat, flop fave. You should be thanking me.
  10. Better Vocalist: Xtina or Mariah

    Lol Rihanna isn’t a Mariah Carey but she has a voice, and not a bad one.
  11. Better Vocalist: Xtina or Mariah

    Aaliyah has him fuming from the grave.
  12. Better Vocalist: Xtina or Mariah

    .... And you’re comparing floptina’s album sales this decade to Aaliyah, why? Lol her music wasn’t even available for sale or streaming until some random night in January this year when it leaked on iTunes and Apple Music, then disappeared hours later. But I mean if that makes you feel better about your FLOP fave then go ahead. Especially when her actual competition just damages her in every category since 2008. Stripped gets acknowledgement on some blogs and gets name dropped by a few new generation artists and you act like it’s the new thriller. Bitch please. Aaliyah helped revolutionize R&B what it is today back in her era and gets named as an influence in not just R&B, but in pop as well. Stripped is forgotten just look at the recurrent streams from the singles and album tracks. She’s nothing compared to your Oreo vagina filled fave yet she has had achievements that your fave hasn’t broke. Has had all types of legends praise that hasn’t praised Floptina. While Aaliyah was releasing forward thinking songs like “We Need A Resolution”, your fave was releasing cookie cutter pop generic radio filler which is why she has very few classics compared to other pop acts. But what can I expect? You’re a Christina Aguilera stan in 2000 and-almost 18.
  13. Yet another new girl cites Xtina as her influence...why aren't Katy ,Gaga, etc. ever cited?

  14. Better Vocalist: Xtina or Mariah

    He brought her up like always
  15. Better Vocalist: Xtina or Mariah

    “Second most successful act of the 2000’s” Beyonce Alicia Pink Rihanna Britney Mariah All sold more records and had more chart and touring success as well as awards, acclaim, and media presence. And let’s not even bring up the Katy/Gaga domination in 2008/2009.