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  1. Glory. "Open Sesame"
  2. thats complete ******** first of all she released the album so quickly after one of the most controversial moments in pop music history the media was NOT rooting for her as she got back together with him secondly the album itself was released when kesha and lady gaga and other dance pop tracks were ruling the charts. are you forgetting rihanna is a pop superstar who is expected to create pop music to cater to everyone. i mean compare her artistic response with katy perrys response to her breakup (she continued that extremely generic pop sound despite being in a dark stage of her life). The album itself was filled with new sounds that had not reached the mainstream yet (dubstep, etc). And when you place emphasis on the lyrics they're extremely sexual, violent ( like she has army beats, gun references and a lot of explicit lyrics) and confrontational. they are so over bearing and melodramatic it was too much for some critics. dont you remember that entire controversy surrounding the suicidal lyrical content of russian roullete? critics however agreed that she was the only pop star staying original. Even rude boy, that Caribbean influenced pop trend wasn't a thing until rude boy and it acclaim from alot of critics as well as criticism because she was a controversial female figure singing so vividly about sex and a mans penis. when i first heard it i was shocked. And te amo's video was so extremely sensual and suggestive. like compare it to i kissed a girl which is more flirtatious. Dont forget rihanna is a black woman and will be criticized 3X more for her antics (especially her aggressive sexual imagery during the era).
  3. I feel like it was a risky move because it was a total 360 flip from her usual pop bops she had during the good girl gone bad era. The music was much more dark and explicit, the lead single referencing sucidal thoughts, the wait your turn video.... she also got much more raunchy during this era and the album did not follow trends (has no dance pop songs on it, which was the trend that was going on in 2009) and instead had urban, rock, and pop influences more. Not to mention releasing a dark ballad in the middle of the dance pop craze was unexpected from her at the time. So what do you think?
  4. Erm.... Katy. I feel like Gaga will never see major pop success again.
  5. You're disgusting
  6. I don't have the time for this and your contradicting posts. At the end of the day, I stan a R&B legend who is ranked on billboard as the 10th most successful R&B artist of the past 25 years and 27th most successful R&B artist of all time.
  7. When you get clocked and then you make an attempt to change up what you said. It doesn't matter how small the difference is, it still proves that you THOUGHT you knew what you were talking about but you didn't. How am I trying to claim Billboard is false when I JUST posted a billboard source claiming she sold 8.1 million? You are truly just...... And this isn't me claiming that IFPI is false but that it's real because it has the Aaliyah album sitting pretty at #34 for selling 13m. And her two other albums sold 3m WW a piece, meaning her album sales range from 24m to 32m including her complilations. Put all things aside tho, even if I'm wrong, she sold well for a R&B artist that barely got any promo outside the US. Not to mention her albums have been out of print digitally and physically since 2003 so therefore the WW units you posted are estimates and not accurate. Move along dummy.
  8. When your life is so boring you get an ego boost and satisfaction for "clocking" and "dragging" someone tho. I pity you. And how could she sell 8.7 million WW when she sold 8.1 million in the states? And this is the same source your ass has been clinging to. So you can sit down now because if that is wrong then that WW certification is wrong also.
  9. The shameless selective reading. And yet you still try to come for my reading skills? And I said that because you're acting as if they're my only faves. But of course you missed the point. AINBAN - 2m OIAM - 2m Aaliyah - 2.7 million to be exact I Care 4 U Compilation - 1.6m. Do the math dummy. How old are you?
  10. Lol at those false aaliyah stats. She has 3 2xplatinum albums in the US plus a compilation that sold another 1.6 million.How does that amount to 7.7 million? Please go check your math skills. And that WW certification fits more as to her US stats with only 3 albums. Not to mention her complilation sold another 1.6 million in the states (I'm saying this again because I already know you're going to skip over that). That amounts to somewhere around 8 million dumbass. Take these receipts and shove it up your ass like you shove random stranger cock up there in your everyday life. One of my faves has 8 Grammys ALONE. You proving once again you can't read
  11. The way he's constantly putting words in our mouths
  12. I'd rather take the receipts from official, legit, and respected websites other than some xtard on a pop forum. I'm not pretending that Aaliyah was bigger than your fave, you're the one that brought her up in the first place. I never said she was...... You tried to label Aaliyah is some flop and you got clocked and proved otherwise. Oh wow. A tired, overdone Aaliyah death joke. You are so edgy! She's dead and yet has still done more in her 22 years of breathing than you ever will in or sad, pathetic life. So that was a failed drag. She has writing credits and yet she still remains one of the more least musically the acclaimed out of all the pop girls. So is that really doing her any good?