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  1. Loose Rap

    BTB iconic? No one remembers that album
  2. Loose Rap

    1. Rihanna - Wait Your Turn 2. Britney Spears - Unusual You 3. RuPaul - LadyBoy 4. Mariah Carey - Slipping Away 5. Aaliyah - I Can Be
  3. Loose Rap

    You are obsessed with mariah carey
  4. It has massive sales, but it’s success is mostly because of her hype back in 08 tbh
  5. Loose Rap

  6. It’s actually one of her biggest songs, outsold a lot of her singles.
  7. Loose Rap

    Slave sweetie... I’m so sorry
  8. #27 - We Found Love #233 - Love The Way You Lie #308 - Work #407 - Umbrella #471 - Disturbia
  9. Loose Rap

    Which is better, more remembered, more iconic?
  10. Loose Rap

    She was opening for Bruno, so that’s where you messed up
  11. Loose Rap

    FIL got added to pop radio a month ago, where is it?
  12. Loose Rap

    This double entendre.
  13. Loose Rap

    What seperates me from him is that I barely even mention your fave unless he’s coming for mines. Stupid? the irony My point is that while you’re coming for Britney not outcharting GIAW, xtina couldn’t chart at all so you have no room to talk