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  1. Mod Notice Do not personally attack other members.
  2. Mod Notice Do not personally attack other members.
  3. You’re so fucking lame it’s not even funny
  4. She had so much potential.
  5. I’m talking about the oreo eating fuck in your avi. Wasn’t it obvious?
  6. She will never be a legend but she is more known, more successful, more influential, and more famous than your disgrace of a fave. You wanna talk about ironic and call another artist a forgotten non factor when the only acknowledgment your embarrassment of a fave gets this decade is posts on blogs about an album (which was less acclaimed than a Paris Hilton LP) she released 16 years ago, and a few ex Disney acts listing it as an influence. “Her career MUST be thriving in impact and Memorability!1!1!1!1”
  7. Right Now. It’s basically just noise. For Britney, Chillin With You For Aaliyah, Those Were The days. I never liked that song. For Ariana, Better Left Unsaid
  8. I’m glad you’re not like the rest of your stupid, bottom of the barrel ass fanbase. Britney might not be a legend but she damn sure is higher on the potential list than your fave. Who was even talking about Aaliyah? She has you fuming so hard you mention her whenever you see my posts. Sad.
  9. I can’t at the Xtinct fans trying to convince people that their fave is a legend when in reality she’s just a early/mid 2000’s successful act (playing 2nd fiddle to Britney, mind you hehe) that fizzled out after 3 albums. She is not a legend and never will be. All the Wikipedia essays in the world won’t change that fact. She is not on the level of Micheal, Whitney, Mariah, etc.
  10. Circus Tour grossed 80m+ from it’s US legs alone.
  11. - No one is taking that away. But you need more than just a great voice to be a legend. -Her lyrics are iconic? Majority of her hits are forgotten with terrible recurrent Airplay, sales, and streams. Even Beautiful isn’t as remembered as her fans make it seem. A quick ballad about insecure LGBT people does not equate to iconic. -Her last gold album was in 2006. That kinda speaks for itself. -What makes her risky? Because she made a NSFW music video to shed her clean image as if that career shift/move wasn’t already done by multiple female artists? Or was it because she made a Jazz influenced album that was a decline from her previous era and her only actual acclaimed album? -Sorry, but majority of the gays from this generation are not familiar with Xtina. It’s evident by her lack of social media presence and YouTube streams. Boop.
  12. How many other female artists were touring in 2007? Lol. Having a #1 tour of 2007 but only grossing 48m with 81 dates is nothing to brag about. The Circus tour was far more successful.
  13. When you factor in singles, tours, radio play and sales, Circus is the bigger era overall. And it’s not much behind in WW sales either.
  14. Inside Out is such a guilty pleasure lol