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    Before I give out my opinion track by track, please know I’m a huge KatyCat! I wouldn’t listen to Katy’s album if I wasn’t. But first, I’d like to say that this album is underrated in general, so… • Witness (song) is a bop! • Hey Hey Hey? Pfft! More like Go Away. • Roulette does remind like a Lady Gaga’s Like It Rough—if possible, I want a mash-up or the songs, please! Uhh, no, I like the song, nonetheless. • I want the unreleased track, we all know as a snippet, to be on the album [fans entitled it as Apologize]; Swish Swish won’t mind, right? • I think Katy would have done better on this one. Right now, the title of it is just how we think about the song itself: Déjà Vu? • An awesome production of the song, Power. Either Lady Gaga or Rihanna could’ve been perfect to be featured in this song. • Mind Maze should have had very less auto-tune, then others would appreciate the track. • Miss You More is the **it! It’s like The One That Got Away 2.0. • Chained to the Rhythm is… a cute song [don’t come for me]. • For me, Tsunami is trying to be a ‘chill’ version of Teenage Dream and California Gurls. • Even though it was a rumour, Ariana would be a suitable feature for Bon Appétit—just change some lyrics and add Ari’s verse, and voilá! • Bigger Than Me, don’t get me wrong, I like the song. But I usually skip the song when the robotic voice says “I can feel it happening” in a fading effect, thinking that the song’s finished. • Save As Draft… ahh! This one, this-this should be what it is in the title: a draft. I do want another ballad sitting on this track’s position, please. • Pendulum sounds like Roar to me—inspirational message [but unlike Roar, it’s forgettable, though], and has that jungle-like theme production. Done well, and also, unlike Roar, it should stay as not-a-single track. • Into Me You See. Just like Miss You More, it’s similar to a Teenage Dream (album) song: Not Like the Movies. I like the song as well, but I prefer Miss You More as the ballad of the album. • I’m imagining a dark and political music video for Dance with the Devil if it was a single. I love the production, but I like the then-demo version played on the snippet of Katy… lazily dabbing more. • Ahh, yes—Act My Age! I was glad this became an interlude to Katy’s Witness: The Tour concert, right before Teenage Dream is performed, cos I frickin’ love this song. I wish it was not a bonus track [along with Dance with the Devil], though.
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    You are most welcome, gurl! I also uploaded it on Coverlandia – for those who want to find a “better-than-the-original” artwork covers [which I’m not promoting]. Sorry for a late reply, by the way.
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    I have always had the album’s deluxe edition. But I used a different artwork cover to it… P.S. You can click the link in the spoiler to preview and/or download the artwork if you want.
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    Sorry for the ambiguity in this thread. And since no one’s allowed to put links, I’ll PM you a bit of the track if you guys want…
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    I know this isn’t a big deal, but yeah… When I was using the app “SingPlay” – an app that removes the vocals of the selected song (leaving the background vocals and probably hidden vocals, depending on the song) which make it sort of like a Karaoke version – I played ‘Woman’ and listened to the song carefully and heard a hidden line in the part when she sang “… buy my love, yeah”. I think it’s about a guy being rejected or something, I don’t know. Could someone make a further speculation on this? Thanks!
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    My original Top 3 before the album was released: Praying Learn To Let Go Hymn But now the album’s released, here are my Top 3 songs off of Rainbow: Rainbow Boots Let 'Em Talk This is off-topic, but don’t you think ‘Boots’ can be mashed up with Lady Gaga’s ‘Aura’ from her ARTPOP album? A perfect combination in my opinion.