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    Sorry for the ambiguity in this thread. And since no one’s allowed to put links, I’ll PM you a bit of the track if you guys want…
  2. Other

    I know this isn’t a big deal, but yeah… When I was using the app “SingPlay” – an app that removes the vocals of the selected song (leaving the background vocals and probably hidden vocals, depending on the song) which make it sort of like a Karaoke version – I played ‘Woman’ and listened to the song carefully and heard a hidden line in the part when she sang “… buy my love, yeah”. I think it’s about a guy being rejected or something, I don’t know. Could someone make a further speculation on this? Thanks!
  3. Discussion

    My original Top 3 before the album was released: Praying Learn To Let Go Hymn But now the album’s released, here are my Top 3 songs off of Rainbow: Rainbow Boots Let 'Em Talk This is off-topic, but don’t you think ‘Boots’ can be mashed up with Lady Gaga’s ‘Aura’ from her ARTPOP album? A perfect combination in my opinion.