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  1. Discussion Witness - Unpopular Opinions

    Before I give out my opinion track by track, please know I’m a huge KatyCat! I wouldn’t listen to Katy’s album if I wasn’t. But first, I’d like to say that this album is underrated in general, so… • Witness (song) is a bop! • Hey Hey Hey? Pfft! More like Go Away. • Roulette does remind like a Lady Gaga’s Like It Rough—if possible, I want a mash-up or the songs, please! Uhh, no, I like the song, nonetheless. • I want the unreleased track, we all know as a snippet, to be on the album [fans entitled it as Apologize]; Swish Swish won’t mind, right? • I think Katy would have done better on this one. Right now, the title of it is just how we think about the song itself: Déjà Vu? • An awesome production of the song, Power. Either Lady Gaga or Rihanna could’ve been perfect to be featured in this song. • Mind Maze should have had very less auto-tune, then others would appreciate the track. • Miss You More is the **it! It’s like The One That Got Away 2.0. • Chained to the Rhythm is… a cute song [don’t come for me]. • For me, Tsunami is trying to be a ‘chill’ version of Teenage Dream and California Gurls. • Even though it was a rumour, Ariana would be a suitable feature for Bon Appétit—just change some lyrics and add Ari’s verse, and voilá! • Bigger Than Me, don’t get me wrong, I like the song. But I usually skip the song when the robotic voice says “I can feel it happening” in a fading effect, thinking that the song’s finished. • Save As Draft… ahh! This one, this-this should be what it is in the title: a draft. I do want another ballad sitting on this track’s position, please. • Pendulum sounds like Roar to me—inspirational message [but unlike Roar, it’s forgettable, though], and has that jungle-like theme production. Done well, and also, unlike Roar, it should stay as not-a-single track. • Into Me You See. Just like Miss You More, it’s similar to a Teenage Dream (album) song: Not Like the Movies. I like the song as well, but I prefer Miss You More as the ballad of the album. • I’m imagining a dark and political music video for Dance with the Devil if it was a single. I love the production, but I like the then-demo version played on the snippet of Katy… lazily dabbing more. • Ahh, yes—Act My Age! I was glad this became an interlude to Katy’s Witness: The Tour concert, right before Teenage Dream is performed, cos I frickin’ love this song. I wish it was not a bonus track [along with Dance with the Devil], though.
  2. Album Witness (Deluxe) coming soon to spotify

    You are most welcome, gurl! I also uploaded it on Coverlandia – for those who want to find a “better-than-the-original” artwork covers [which I’m not promoting]. Sorry for a late reply, by the way.
  3. Album Witness (Deluxe) coming soon to spotify

    I have always had the album’s deluxe edition. But I used a different artwork cover to it… P.S. You can click the link in the spoiler to preview and/or download the artwork if you want.
  4. Other The Hidden Line in Woman

    Sorry for the ambiguity in this thread. And since no one’s allowed to put links, I’ll PM you a bit of the track if you guys want…
  5. Other The Hidden Line in Woman

    I know this isn’t a big deal, but yeah… When I was using the app “SingPlay” – an app that removes the vocals of the selected song (leaving the background vocals and probably hidden vocals, depending on the song) which make it sort of like a Karaoke version – I played ‘Woman’ and listened to the song carefully and heard a hidden line in the part when she sang “… buy my love, yeah”. I think it’s about a guy being rejected or something, I don’t know. Could someone make a further speculation on this? Thanks!
  6. Discussion Top 3 Songs Off Rainbow

    My original Top 3 before the album was released: Praying Learn To Let Go Hymn But now the album’s released, here are my Top 3 songs off of Rainbow: Rainbow Boots Let 'Em Talk This is off-topic, but don’t you think ‘Boots’ can be mashed up with Lady Gaga’s ‘Aura’ from her ARTPOP album? A perfect combination in my opinion.