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  1. TomTom


    Ikr No, it's not
  2. Body Talks just played in the background of Germany's Got Talent
  3. TomTom

    He adds new alleged evidence all the time (like all the old tweets in the second amended complaint), but that doesn't mean it's convincing. Rather desperate. It doesn't really matter anyway since he demanded a jury trial.
  4. TomTom

    Not at all He isn't doing anything else. I don't know why you think that. All the depositions alone. It's not really up to them to bring evidence to "support Kesha's defense", it's up to Dr. Luke to bring evidence to support his accusations and that alleged evidence is being questioned by Kesha's side all the time.
  5. TomTom

    That sentence is not that deep Also, how can you say "four years of nothing"? Quite the opposite.
  6. TomTom

    I really don't think so...at all
  7. TomTom

    @Recycled stardust Have you read Kesha's answer to Dr. Luke's third amended complaint? The FLOOD of arguments at the end, damn!
  8. I don't think it's pandering when it's really what she believes in. "Pandering" implies she isn't sincere - I don't think you can say that for Kesha, given her past behavior and actions, whether you like them or not.
  9. Our ATRL sisters seeing the light, when will @Kivo and @Chris Morlock ?
  10. TomTom


    That feeling is mutual
  11. TomTom


    Trust me, HCTC really is worth your time
  12. I like this even more with every listen Where is it pandering when the movie director explicitly wanted Kesha to sing this song because of her "immense talent and passionate voice" ?
  13. Ugh, finally someone with taste Our fellow ATRL sisters can't relate
  14. TomTom


    HCTC is not tragic and I'm not a cunt