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  1. Well, Dr. Luke brought Katy into this and not Kesha which you would know if you were familiar with this case. But apparently you aren't. Read this article: https://www.thelily.com/a-judge-says-kesha-defamed-her-former-producer-by-claiming-rape-legal-experts-say-the-law-needs-updating/ Kesha's case is over. We're talking about Dr. Luke vs. Kesha here and for that one, this is really bad. She has to pay 373k for unpaid interest rates and damages for the text messages that have yet to be determined at trial. A jury will decide the remaining claims though (whether Kesha has been raped or not, etc.). No, you two don't understand...these were PRIVATE text messages that only became known as part of the discovery process in court. Dr. Luke only became aware of them DURING the lawsuit and then included them later in his complaint after he realized that they existed. When Kesha wrote these messages, shortly after her injunction was denied, she was unaware that they would become public as part of the discovery process in court, let alone that she could be sued for defamation in a private document. Legal scholars are already talking about the dangerous precedent that this verdict will have for EVERYONE, not just Kesha, and the outdated law that is the basis for this decision.
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    Just listen to it if you wanna know
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    Back when we still had a section...
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    Rainbow leaked two days before release, so it's possible. We're about to have three different listening parties in three different countries within one week, so some songs will definitely be recorded. And apparently the whole album is supposed to be played...
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    We all moved over to Discord and basically abandoned FOTP.
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    Wait, are you for real? It's like...a huge messaging channel You can make your own servers with specific channels and invite people to chat (we are like 80 people in the Kesha server) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Discord_(software)
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    Omg How many unread messages? 30k?
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    Yes, but you can't post in them anymore
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    What do you mean?
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    omg same, I had to delete the link from my bookmarks there was a banner after the update when the site was reorganized + you can't post in the fave sections which hinted at them being archived
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    Yes Another reason for you to be more active on Discord where we are over 50 members now