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    HCTC is not tragic and I'm not a cunt
  2. TomTom


    This Is Me, but HCTC is amazing too.
  3. If Praying is your standard criterion, you can wait a long time to find a good song
  4. The release date of the movie was moved to December 25 because Universal wants to give it an Oscar push!
  5. He made a typo, he meant "no other info".
  6. That's what he just told me:
  7. They will not release an album or a lead single anytime soon What he meant is that it could have been the lead single because he knew that RCA would properly promote it.
  8. https://www.refinery29.com/en-us/2018/09/208707/kesha-young-voters-change-midterm-elections-essay
  9. He said that it would be coming this week and it came this week. He doesn't make up things. Also, the movie comes out in December. Of course they will release a video by then at the latest.
  10. OF COURSE there will be a video.
  11. Nnn This is exactly what I'm interested in hearing from her Well, there are always some delusionals
  12. How can you compare the atrocity that is Finding You to this song, I am disgusted.