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  1. TomTom

    No, it was really short. Like five minutes or something.
  2. TomTom

    I don't think it's online. I listened to it live on air.
  3. TomTom

    I didn‘t know there was a press conference
  4. Unless Dr. Luke magically agrees to release it, I don't think so. She said she can't release it after it was recorded due to Dr. Luke and now it's still not released. Pretty sure she would have released it if it was possible.
  5. TomTom


    THIS A criminally underrated pop-rock jam (and gem) )
  6. TomTom


    One of these is right where it belongs
  7. No. He was fired from Kemosabe, meaning that he is unable to control any of her future releases starting with Rainbow. That does not affect the possibility to deny the release of music she recorded against his will while he was still in charge of Kemosabe. Lipsha won't get released. It might have if the judge allowed their contract(s) to be dissolved, but that didn't happen.
  8. Well, they can‘t release it for Dr. Luke-related legal reasons. If they could, they would have done so a long time ago
  9. She won't win against Gaga, but even a nomination would be great.
  10. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/lists/scott-feinberg-s-2019-oscars-forecast-updated-1159522
  11. TomTom