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  1. Your posts read like an eternal sentence that never stops and it‘s impossible to keep track
  2. Saaaamee @idrk sis, where is the punctuation?
  3. TomTom


    Love the lyrics because they are so direct and honest, but the production is just not it - very off-putting and boring. I think I have never listened to Emotional more than twice.
  4. TomTom

    She‘s hilarious...
  5. TomTom

    Not a big fan of the song, but I screamed at Pebe
  6. TomTom

    Considering your previous posts, I'm not sure if you're trolling with the left-wing attitude or not
  7. No, she‘s not - see the tweet that I posted above. That‘s exactly what I meant
  8. TomTom

  9. TomTom

    Celeb News

    I know. I saw it before you posted it, but the tweet didn‘t embed correctly and it took forever until it did.
  10. TomTom

    Celeb News

    + sexy poses