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  1. It was posted on Reddit but got deleted meanwhile, I don't know any other source.
  2. It was only online for an hour on Reddit and that's where I heard it, so I don't...
  3. My thoughts exactly Not them including Poland, but not even France or Italy I did!
  4. Doesn't make much sense to set up this phone book thing if it's coming tomorrow anyways and her Kimmel performance is on the 28th, so next Friday sounds more realistic.
  5. Yes, she's gonna serve looks! I think it's coming next week, not tomorrow
  6. The album will probably be great as always...RH though
  7. ATRL is currently down for everyone since this morning
  8. Yes, but it's by far not as bad as it used to be. That's exactly why I dislike the majority of Twitter Animals who tweet #FreeKesha all the time and act as if she still was the slave she was until 2016. The same people are the ones complaining about this topic getting mentioned over and over again in the press, even though they are the reason it keeps spreading across the public in the first place. That does not mean the status quo isn't bad, but Kesha literally once said she was the most happiest in her life when she was completely broke. That's not even close to the current situation, but it
  9. She is creatively free, but Dr. Luke keeps making money from her music because her contracts with his publishing and production companies can't be dissolved.
  10. She shaded CORE Water and Dr. Luke
  11. I have no fucking clue Looks like it