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  1. Stan Now I get what you mean. Saving the draft post is normal, but it‘s usually your most recent post and not an ancient one
  2. She's making fun of our frustration
  3. She made a playlist of her past songs before introducing the new era, she's coming!
  4. Yeah, but if she does not want to be on social media you can't expect any good content from her team. Her team is working for her, if she was dissatisfied with them she could easily tell them. If she does neither give interviews, nor share anything of her private and daily life and hardly ever makes public appearances, what's there to promote or announce apart from tour dates?
  5. Then she is just lazy, which makes it even worse
  6. They could use different words, but it's not like the content would change much. Kesha doesn't even understand how Twitter works and lets her team record her at her house to give video messages instead of just doing a livestream, she's obviously a nightmare of a social media client
  7. Yeah, but you can only blame Kesha herself for that If Kesha does not want to share much of her private life or be more active in public, her team can't magically give her a great social media presence. Same goes for her not wanting to do interviews. And RCA can't promote Woman either if Kesha can neither shoot a new music video or give live performances of the song due to her knee injury. They actually promoted it quite heavily on radio, but it didn't connect.
  8. Why not? The rollout was well done and sophisticated.
  9. The promotion for Rainbow was amazing, RCA did great in that regard. But Kesha was knocked out due to a knee injury for four months, which is why the era died when Woman was released as a single in January last year.
  10. I didn‘t know people were stalking my presence on ATRL
  11. YOU‘RE BACK I was wondering all this time where you are How did you get back in if you forgot your password? Also you have a lot to read up on
  12. Well, I mean, it's an unreleased song, so who cares? That's not comparable to the actually released songs that are also registered under different titles on BMI...
  13. Considering it's an unreleased song, we will never really know the "actual" title. Kesha herself always said MMIS, so I'd say that one.
  14. The fact that every f*cking remix is registered as own song
  15. Yes and there are a looooot more examples in her repertoire
  16. Yeah, there isn't really anything that's not on BMI though. https://www.sesac.com/#/repertory/search
  17. That's a song for Havana Brown! Also it's not always clear if these are all new songs. A LOT of alleged unknown registered songs are also just different working titles of other songs.
  18. They've been there for a long time.
  19. Not "THE pinned threads" in general, I- Is this last.fm? Don't have that...