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  1. I think that the first snippet is the song "You" that was previously on sweetener. She said she might release it during the zach sang interview, but she never did sadly...
  2. R.E.M


    Into You Popular Song
  3. R.E.M


    1. Imagine 2. Goodnight n Go 3. God Is A Woman 4. Everytime 5. Better Off 6. Ghostin' 7. Fake Smile 8. Interlude - Happy 9. Bad Idea 10. 7 Rings 11. Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored 12. Bloodline 13. NASA 14. In My Head 15. Needy 16. Breathin' 17. No Tears Left To Cry 18. Thank U, Next
  4. The song leaked and it's trash... But she does whistle at the end.
  5. Yes. She confirmed on her Instagram post that they have a plan for it and that they'll release another song they made on tour as well.
  6. R.E.M


    1. Imagine 1. Needy 1. NASA 1. Bloodline 1. Fake Smile 1. Bad Idea 1. Ghostin' 1. In My Head 1. 7 rings 1. Thank U, Next 1. Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm bored 2. Make Up Makeup's production is all over the place. It's like a Pharrell and Tommy B song mashed up together, but it is slowly growing on me.
  7. R.E.M


    DW = TU,N > Sweetener > ME > YT
  8. Bloodline since it's the song that gets the least amount of hype from the fans...and it has been my claimed track since the start.
  9. Shape Of You Girls Like You 7 years Anything 21 pilots
  10. I think thats the new song that she was talking about saying it was 'fun'. But she also removed a track because she didn't feel ready to share it...I bet she removed Remember...
  11. R.E.M

    Selena. It would be an ASMR and all you would hear are her whispered moans.
  12. R.E.M

    Dinah. Retrograde is better than both of their songs. But seriously though idk who to pick because both songs are short as hell but are hella catchy...maybe I'll go with Lauren on this one.
  13. 1.Be Alright 2.Into You 3.Breathin' 4.God Is A Woman 5.Everytime 6.Break Free 7.Love Me Harder Ft The Weeknd 8.Let Me Love You Ft Lil Wayne 9.Greedy 10.No Tears Left To Cry 11.Side To Side FT Nicki Minaj 12.KB/FB 13.Dangerous Woman 14.Bad Decisions 15.Touch It 16.Thinkin' Bout You 17.Thank U, Next 18.Problem Singles: 1.Thank U, Next 2.Into You 3.God Is A Woman 4.No Tears Left To Cry 5.Side To Side Ft Nicki Minaj 6.Breathin'
  14. R.E.M


    Nah I don't think he's making a song for the album...the album was already completed the first week of december.
  15. R.E.M


    It would've been worse if she had originally stuck with the original sweetener album that had Pharrell only...Luckily she called Max, Ilya, Savan, and Tommy to come save the day by producing some bangers for us to enjoy. But tbh Sweetener doesn't feel like an Ariana album but at the same time it does, if y'all know what I mean. But watch Thank U, Next, an album made in a couple months be better than Sweetener, an album made in 2 years. (But that's because no Pharrell)