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  1. My Hair is full on R&B and she sings while she whistles for the last 30 seconds or so.
  2. 1. Imagine 1. Needy 1. NASA 1. Bloodline 1. Fake Smile 1. Bad Idea 1. Ghostin' 1. In My Head 1. 7 rings 1. Thank U, Next 1. Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm bored 2. Make Up Makeup's production is all over the place. It's like a Pharrell and Tommy B song mashed up together, but it is slowly growing on me.
  3. Selena. It would be an ASMR and all you would hear are her whispered moans.
  4. The easiest Ariana Grande song to sing
  5. I want an album full of Max Martin, Ilya, Savan, Tommy Brown, and some tracks by Cashmere Cat. Thats how I dream AG5 to be like. Full of masterpieces and not some lackluster fillers.
  6. Remember when people thought the album was gonna be called Artemis
  7. I was expecting a bunch of songs to sound like Be Alright, Into You, KB/FB, Thinkin' Bout You, & Touch It. But only a couple do, With the closest being Breathin'. Everytime and Goodnight n Go sound like songs cut from DW.
  8. Imagine the tour with most of these songs...
  9. This album should've been named Pharrell. most of the songs are too much like pharrell and don't have that Ariana magic too it. Breathin, Everytime, Goodnight n Go, Better Off, GIAW, and NTLTC sound like they belong on another album of their own. 300 songs and these the ones that are put out!? Ok then...
  10. Im surprised no one said that most of these songs are fillers. Ha you all said Bad Decisions was a filler, But it seemed like pop masterpiece compared to half of this album. I'd even probably favour IDC over a couple of the songs on this album.
  11. Sweetener more like unsweetened.
  12. That ballad should've been Get Well Soon. Breathin is very DW and pairs well with Into You. Breathin is like the chill version of Into You.
  13. I feel like Ari hyped this album too much cause she made it seem like it was better than DW which kinda raised our expectations. She said GIAW was better than Into You but we all know Into you > GIAW. Blazed, Sweetener, Borderline, TLIC, and Successful are all too similar to eachother. R.E.M was a bit too long for my liking, and Get Well Soon's Production does not pair well with the lyrics at all. Also there should've been more Upbeat songs cause it was kinda boring with most songs being mid tempo. I still love this album but it doesn't compare to DW or maybe even ME. Also I feel that SGHO
  14. The album is very Yours Truly like but with a urban twist to it. Max Martin would've made this track SO much better but I didn't mind Pharrell's production cause it gives me YT vibes.
  15. It should've been Raindrops, GIAW, than NTLTC cause the harmonies in GIAW ending to the harmonies in NTLTC intro would be the perfect transition