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  1. Shape Of You Girls Like You 7 years Anything 21 pilots
  2. R.E.M

    Selena. It would be an ASMR and all you would hear are her whispered moans.
  3. R.E.M

    Dinah. Retrograde is better than both of their songs. But seriously though idk who to pick because both songs are short as hell but are hella catchy...maybe I'll go with Lauren on this one.
  4. I always thought he was since Teen Beach
  5. Im still shocked at Video of the year...and Camila should've been in best new artist as she did start to gain popularity around the same time as Cardi. But am i surprised that happened, no. Cause this is the VMA's.
  6. R.E.M

    Sweetener is better lyrically but only a select few songs are great. Witness is better sonically as the production on most tracks are great, but the lyrics "open sesame" I like Sweetener better...but thats probably cause I like Ariana so...
  7. R.E.M


    This is what Sweetener should've been without certain tracks: 1. Raindrops (An Angel Cried) 2. God Is A Woman 3. No Tears Left To Cry 4. Everytime 5. Breathin' 6. R.E.M 7. Better Off 8. Goodnight n Go 9. Pete Davidson 10. Get Well Soon
  8. R.E.M


    I want an album full of Max Martin, Ilya, Savan, Tommy Brown, and some tracks by Cashmere Cat. Thats how I dream AG5 to be like. Full of masterpieces and not some lackluster fillers.
  9. R.E.M


    Ariana said she might release an unreleased track from Sweetener called You. It was seen on the tracklist in NTLTC but she cut it.
  10. R.E.M


    Remember when people thought the album was gonna be called Artemis
  11. R.E.M


    I just figured out what other song Breathin reminds me of other than into you. Its Love Me Harder. The beat is similar.
  12. R.E.M


    Honestly, Borderline and Blazed should've been replaced by other songs...they're the weaker songs out of the 15. I love them still but this is what I feel when listening to the album. But if I had to choose one then Blazed.
  13. R.E.M


    Borderline & Blazed are starting to grow on me so much...I'm playing the album as it rains and its perfect. Successful has grown on me also and is such a fun song, it kinda has a latin groove to it. I disliked Get Well Soon but I'm starting to love it. Each listen to the album gets better and better...at first I said it was worse than ME, but Im starting to like it better or maybe I like them equally. This album is great.
  14. R.E.M


    I would say Goodnight n Go or Everytime. Better Off too since people can relate to it.