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  1. Me on my way to a gay club for the first time when quarantine ends



  2. Give me all your luvin and bitch im madonna at least sound like actually ready to be released pop music. Medellin is incomparably bad. Even at the beginning, that one two one two cha cha part and beat starting don't flow together. There is not a single place in the song where anything is made well stand alone or mixed well together. It sounds like a really bad fan made attempt to create an unreleased single. Medellin = Ma ma pa pa perfect illusion
  3. How doesn't this song not sound forced ??? It looks so sloppy from every perspective. Fans could have made a better fan-made single than this shit, vocals are awful, autotune sounds so bad, production is the shittest I've ever seen.... It sounds as if someone forced this to be released. The most awful piece of music Madge ever released...
  4. I still not feel sober from yesterday but all messages are like from 8 hours ago. What were you doing at 6 am ET or is it a party with no Americans ?
  5. Bitch I miss u. lana1

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    2. H.O.N.E.Y


      Welcome home. cry7


      I’m currently on the road as we speak. rav2

    3. CalixSpurius


      It can’t be so bad there tbh. 

      American interstate highways are horrible on the east coast. Cars are cruising on the left lane with 110-120 km/h giveup1

      I swear to god people buy all those cars with huge engines are just to show off while driving like they drive a 1.0L vw polo.

    4. H.O.N.E.Y


      Actually the opposite. Speeding is a thing here. rav2 


      But for a few years they inserted cameras everywhere and the fine is so high. I actually have a huge debt from that mess. But mine are mostly just right above the speed limit. dead2 

  6. CalixSpurius


    J’ai tue ma mere (I killed my mother) by Xavier Dolan Quebecois movie about the relationship of a gay son and his mother. As picturesque as Call Me By Your Name, much much much better storyline. Won 3 awards at Cannes, 2009.
  7. Initial Recommendation: Watch this movie with big speakers or high quality earphones. In scenes where Simon gets excited or heartbroken, background music follows his emotions which creates an amazing immersion. Cutest movie I watched recently to be honest. First coming from a not so tight family, I was totally jealous of Simon's beautiful loving family. I basically cried my eyes out during the whole "You get to exhale now, Simon" scene when I first saw the movie in cinema (won't go into details not give spoilers). I also love the fact that this is a gay movie with happy endin
  8. 1- Weird is not an excuse you fucktard. 2- They can buy breast milk, IVF is already an expensive procedure. 3- Two lesbians are literally more likely to be able to teach a young straight boy how to play football or pick up a girl than two gay men but why does it even matter ? What straight couple teaches their kid how to make quiche ? Two gay men are more likely to do so if we're going with stereotypes.
  9. If this fucking dude or Nic Jaar starts a new religion, Imma sign up to become their minister. 


  10. What the hell are you talking about ? Kylie's music is not dated at all; in fact, her music is very similar to deep house & nu-disco that have been rocking the mediterranean coast beach clubs for like 4-5 years now. Go to Mykonos, go to Ibiza, go to Bodrum, DJ will play those music at beach clubs; and yes, all those places are much more classy than trashy dive bars playing R&B, Urban, Rap influenced Americano slum pop. You have a problem if you think these songs sound dated:
  11. This is the tea. It could be argued that these definitions are somewhat necessary because current conjuncture thinks of male and female sex with associated characteristics but I agree with you. I think this approach legitimizes social gender norms rather than dismantling them.
  12. New jam


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    2. CalixSpurius


      I specifically love the less jazz-y 2000s Parov Stelar vibe the album gives me. 

    3. Urbi


      That was my first thought when I was listening to this album for the first time dead1 Parov and his amazing The Princess

    4. CalixSpurius


      Taste rih1 


      Rest of FOTP can't relate rih1