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    Well, let's be more honest, Catholic Church is changing slowly... It only changes enough to not cease to exist based on discrepancy with contemporary values.
  2. CalixSpurius

    Initial Recommendation: Watch this movie with big speakers or high quality earphones. In scenes where Simon gets excited or heartbroken, background music follows his emotions which creates an amazing immersion. Cutest movie I watched recently to be honest. First coming from a not so tight family, I was totally jealous of Simon's beautiful loving family. I basically cried my eyes out during the whole "You get to exhale now, Simon" scene when I first saw the movie in cinema (won't go into details not give spoilers). I also love the fact that this is a gay movie with happy ending. This is not something we see everyday honestly... It's a really really cute easy to watch feel good movie that happens to centre around a gay storyline, I'd say don't expect a magnum opus but expect a gay Jennifer Aniston romcom with teen flavour which is something we never had before so definitely watch this movie if you still didn't
  3. The most successful: Madonna The less successful: (I don't care) The most admired: Madonna The most loved: Beyoncé The most hated: (I don't care) The biggest fashion icon: Madonna & Lady Gaga With the biggest impact on music: Madonna With the biggest stan base: Lady Gaga The most controversial: Madonna The most ambitious: (I don't know) The most daring: Madonna & Lady Gaga The most fearless: Madonna
  4. CalixSpurius

    It was not horrible but it was very bland.
  5. CalixSpurius

    She is not even touring Europe though. She has 6 dates in British Isles specifically aka still in the Anglophone world, that's about it.
  6. Seriously though, electronic music from balkans fucking rocks. It's so random too, but they make really good deep house / nu-disco infused dance tunes. Romanian Turkish Croatian Albanian / Kosovar
  7. If this fucking dude or Nic Jaar starts a new religion, Imma sign up to become their minister. 


  8. CalixSpurius

    What the hell are you talking about ? Kylie's music is not dated at all; in fact, her music is very similar to deep house & nu-disco that have been rocking the mediterranean coast beach clubs for like 4-5 years now. Go to Mykonos, go to Ibiza, go to Bodrum, DJ will play those music at beach clubs; and yes, all those places are much more classy than trashy dive bars playing R&B, Urban, Rap influenced Americano slum pop. You have a problem if you think these songs sound dated:
  9. CalixSpurius

    I'm sorry but even if you think that's what everyone thinks of how all gay bottoms are, we literally have zero representation. There has never ever been a role model on media for people who are like "what everyone thinks of how all gay bottoms". And yes, I'm one of them.
  10. He's literally giving a look in between "Slap me, daddy - I've been a bad boy" and "I'm ready to please you, daddy". No power bottom disrespect detected.
  11. CalixSpurius

    I was joking. I didn't even know Troye dated Franta. I'm glad Troye found the path of righteousness, and became our not-your-masc-bro bottom icon. Speaking truthfully, I never knew a non-fictional role model I'd actually like to be growing up. He's a good model for gaybies like my little self.
  12. CalixSpurius

    This post is homophobic. All other male singers are basically tops, let us have our not-your-masc-bro bottom icon
  13. CalixSpurius

    I can see Vogue Madonna near the end (that's what I thought when I saw him in that suit and hair styled like that) What are other gay icons he pays homage to ? Edit: French painter hat reminds me of Boy George.
  14. CalixSpurius

    Don't be jealous that hot men don't really wanna play your hairy ass like a love song
  15. CalixSpurius

    Music Video

    Please remember this before blooming for someone: https://howtocleanyourass.wordpress.com/