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  1. Me on my way to a gay club for the first time when quarantine ends



  2. CalixSpurius


    I did, thank you
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    please link for stupid love.
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    Can you pm me a link please ? :/
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    It honestly sounds like those auto-tunes from fan-made songs used to cover awful vocals. It's not like she doesn't know how to use auto-tune properly:
  6. CalixSpurius

    I've been actually looking forward to bopping to new Madonna music. But I'm so pressed that I decided to make this thread aka the only versus Medellin deserves: Which one is better ? vs
  7. CalixSpurius

    Give me all your luvin and bitch im madonna at least sound like actually ready to be released pop music. Medellin is incomparably bad. Even at the beginning, that one two one two cha cha part and beat starting don't flow together. There is not a single place in the song where anything is made well stand alone or mixed well together. It sounds like a really bad fan made attempt to create an unreleased single. Medellin = Ma ma pa pa perfect illusion
  8. CalixSpurius

    How doesn't this song not sound forced ??? It looks so sloppy from every perspective. Fans could have made a better fan-made single than this shit, vocals are awful, autotune sounds so bad, production is the shittest I've ever seen.... It sounds as if someone forced this to be released. The most awful piece of music Madge ever released...
  9. CalixSpurius

    IS THIS THE SONG MADGE WILL PERFORM AT EUROVISION ??? I was actually looking forward to that performance
  10. CalixSpurius

    Honestly, I can even defend Some Girls compared to this bullshit. What was she thinking ???
  11. CalixSpurius

    Oh my god, no. New Madonna song - if it means anything - solely means that she should stop making new music. She has never released a worse single before.
  12. CalixSpurius

    That were made by Western capital. Let's be honest, Subsaharan Africa is a shit hole with nowhere to go on the horizon. Do you think it's luck that South Africa is the most advanced nation there ? It's not by luck, South Africa is the most advanced state because it was the only settlers colony in Africa (settlers colony aka where the state sends its own people like United States vs. resource exploitation colony like British East India Company). Since South Africa is institutionally discriminating against its white citizens, this is happening: South African Economy Contracts At Sharpest Rate in 9 years (Since Mortgage Crisis). There is no realism in the polarized "all equally valuable" world view of this world. There are institutions and cultural norms all states need to function properly, and yes adopting them requires certain level of assimilation into the post-Renaissance European culture. Even the biggest civilizations of history did that when they realized they needed these norms and institutions. Japan is probably the biggest example of this. South Africa reappropriates the lands of white farmers to black South Africans right now but they also fear drought because black people don't know farming through modern methods. People and culture are valuable. Subsaharan African cultures might not be detrimental to their surroundings like ISIS but it's self-destructive if they wanna live at the same standard as Europeans... Another example ? The most wealthy black made nation of Africa was Liberia which was again a nation founded by freed African slaves from North America who adopted certain aspects of European culture. Liberia turned into the shit hole it is now (now, it's one of the poorest countries in whole africa with a super HIV rate) when natives challenged the ruling class aka freed African-American slaves. Again, There is no realism in the polarized "all equally valuable" world view of this world. There is one civilization in the world that all nations (with good enough scholarly culture to adequately interpret the knowledge) adopted the institutions of when they realized their own systems didn't work anymore. Japanese Meiji Period, Ataturk's revolutions in Turkey, Chinese Dismantling the longest lasting statehood of history with Qing Dynasty. They all represent this, that these nations understood the necessity of adopting the post-Renaissance European methods if they wanted to stay independent despite their vast empires that were crumbling.
  13. CalixSpurius

    Right to claim land ownership is transferred through conquests. Being there first doesn't mean much.
  14. CalixSpurius


    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LGBT_rights_in_Swaziland I guess their government is so unfunctional that they couldn't even send in the cops to stop it considering male homosexuality is illegal & female homosexuality is not (most likely defined as sodomy in their laws)...
  15. CalixSpurius

    I still not feel sober from yesterday but all messages are like from 8 hours ago. What were you doing at 6 am ET or is it a party with no Americans ?