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  1. Me on my way to a gay club for the first time when quarantine ends



  2. I still not feel sober from yesterday but all messages are like from 8 hours ago. What were you doing at 6 am ET or is it a party with no Americans ?
  3. Bitch I miss u. lana1

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    2. H.O.N.E.Y


      Welcome home. cry7


      I’m currently on the road as we speak. rav2

    3. CalixSpurius


      It can’t be so bad there tbh. 

      American interstate highways are horrible on the east coast. Cars are cruising on the left lane with 110-120 km/h giveup1

      I swear to god people buy all those cars with huge engines are just to show off while driving like they drive a 1.0L vw polo.

    4. H.O.N.E.Y


      Actually the opposite. Speeding is a thing here. rav2 


      But for a few years they inserted cameras everywhere and the fine is so high. I actually have a huge debt from that mess. But mine are mostly just right above the speed limit. dead2 

  4. CalixSpurius


    J’ai tue ma mere (I killed my mother) by Xavier Dolan Quebecois movie about the relationship of a gay son and his mother. As picturesque as Call Me By Your Name, much much much better storyline. Won 3 awards at Cannes, 2009.
  5. Initial Recommendation: Watch this movie with big speakers or high quality earphones. In scenes where Simon gets excited or heartbroken, background music follows his emotions which creates an amazing immersion. Cutest movie I watched recently to be honest. First coming from a not so tight family, I was totally jealous of Simon's beautiful loving family. I basically cried my eyes out during the whole "You get to exhale now, Simon" scene when I first saw the movie in cinema (won't go into details not give spoilers). I also love the fact that this is a gay movie with happy endin
  6. If this fucking dude or Nic Jaar starts a new religion, Imma sign up to become their minister. 


  7. New jam


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    2. CalixSpurius


      I specifically love the less jazz-y 2000s Parov Stelar vibe the album gives me. 

    3. Urbi


      That was my first thought when I was listening to this album for the first time dead1 Parov and his amazing The Princess

    4. CalixSpurius


      Taste rih1 


      Rest of FOTP can't relate rih1

  8. This is so good mj1


  9. OMG, lmao, I totally missed that you put My Private Idaho You should watch Prayers for Bobby, it's certainly a touching movie. It's not like those weird gay teen movies that are most likely a Germanic language like Dutch or Danish in which nothing ever seems to happen except homoerotic approachment of some boys.
  10. Where's Xavier Dolan movies ? J'ai tué ma mère ? Les Amours Imaginaires ? What about My Private Idaho ? What about Prayers For Bobby ? I find that list twink-phobic except Call Me By Your Name
  11. I watched the 1st of this show. It's a cute show but I decided not to watch the 2nd season. This show is even slower than the Walking Dead, also amount of stuff they leave unanswered bothers me. Show doesn't seem to make logical sense, and that's pretty important in sci-fi.
  12. Part 1 of Pop-Bops that Americanos will never discover, with drunk me ny6


  13. I like being chill, let me be chill 


  14. The way Chris Martin moves like a mischievous little boy on the stage cry9