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  1. You're all exaggerating. Guy has tons of piercings on his face + plug earring. He looks like a useless hipster, not a crazy Neo-Nazi. And He calls himself a Count Dankila. It's way too irritating that he constantly says "Gas the jews" but he's using the whole ideology in a ridiculous foolish way that wouldn't be liked by anyone who actually respects and follow it. It's not promoting anything. He's just stupid
  2. It's unbelievable that you're not even aware that you're the one who's completely brainwashed here. You don't have tiny bit of objectivity or you're not aware of your lack of knowledge. Only thing your brain can do is to associate every thing with Erdogan. While we're discussing international politics, there are shit ton of layers, Erdogan doesn't decide on Turkish foreign policy himself just like Trump doesn't decide on American foreign policy. There're stuff like military complex and deep state which is super big in Turkey. I have never said I like Turkey so much. But it's obvious that if there is a country who needs to dominate the region for the stability of MidEast, it's Turkey; that's all I'm saying. I'm throughly interested in these topics and obviously 10 times more knowledgeable than you. Try following sources like geopolitical features or read sensational people like George Friedman to start with (he's a bit over the top but still very relevant). If you love Kurds so much, why don't go live in Rojava ??? I'm well aware of atrocities Turks have done to Greeks but it's stupid to think Greeks have done absolutely nothing. Just like Turks have massacred Greeks during their Independence War, Greeks massacred Turks, Muslim Arvanites, and Jews during Greek Independence War. This is objectivity you lack in every bit. Do you I have to hate Turks because they massacred Greeks at some point ? Do I have to hate Greeks because they massacred Jews ? I'm half Jewish as well. I find your your question almost tribal in its implications. Should I hate you too ? You're Germanic in the end, like Nazis. I know one thing in particular. If it wasn't for the West, Greeks would still be living in Anatolia, and Turks in Greece. West perpetrated the division between Greeks and Turks, they made each nation massacre each nation and swiftly benefitted from it. Good old divide and conquer. For centuries, Greeks lived in these lands when Ottoman state was strong enough to prevent foreign intervention, neither people nor their institutions were humiliated like the West has done. In fact, Greeks were prosperous under Ottoman state because they were the most active group within the Empire with super lucrative Venetian-Ottoman trade. It's almost satirical. Even Ottoman governors of Hellene regions (Peloponnese, Macedonia etc) were Greek-speaking. They could speak the language, after the West helped Greece gain its independence, they swiftly put in charge a Bavarian King who couldn't even speak Greek. Even if the Turks subjugated Greek institutions, they never disrespected them like the West did like the 4th crusade: "The Crusaders vented their hatred for the Greeks most spectacularly in the desecration of the greatest Church in Christendom. They smashed the silver iconostasis, the icons and the holy books of Hagia Sophia, and seated upon the patriarchal throne a whore who sang coarse songs as they drank wine from the Church's holy vessels." . This was not a random vengeful act for the record. They have done so because Greeks happened to be Orthodox. I at least know that Turks didn't do such things because of existential characteristics of nations. Don't quote me back if you don't have anything other than unsubstantiated opinions repeated by all mediocrely educated people on Internet constantly repeat.
  3. OMG, lmao, I totally missed that you put My Private Idaho You should watch Prayers for Bobby, it's certainly a touching movie. It's not like those weird gay teen movies that are most likely a Germanic language like Dutch or Danish in which nothing ever seems to happen except homoerotic approachment of some boys.
  4. 1- Global Firepower is just a 'fun' website. Its rankings aren't facts, there is no such thing as world's 8th best army. Operational capabilities of Armies are conditional. Also Global Firepower do not look at non-state actors like YPG, it's completely stupid to say 'they're not even top 100'. I have never said anything like crisis is close to being over or something, where the fuck do you come up with all these stupid things I have never said ?!?! 2- OMG, you're unbelievably ignorant. Armenians were deported and killed in retaliation because they rebelled during war time and helped the enemy of the state. They were not killed because of their ethnic origin, you're way too ignorant about the subject. Armenians were as free as a minority could ever be at the time in Ottoman Empire. There were even Armenian ministers / which minority had such equal representation in states back in 19th century ?!?! Armenian Massacres is not comparable to Holocaust. As far as I know, Jews didn't sabotage German armies or fight on the side of enemy in act of treason against the state. Read Manifesto of Armenian Independence movement to learn about organized sabotage of Armenian Militias against the Turks during WW1: https://archive.org/stream/armenianrevolution00katc#page/n0/mode/2up You shouldn't talk about stuff you don't know and understand which you always do. Have you ever heard of Dunning-Kruger syndrome ? It's unbelievable, you speak like you are the expert about topics even though your knowledge is as deep as wikipedia articles. 3- EU and US might have much more freedom of expression and human rights than Turkey but it doesn't reflect on Syrians. In which case, US invaded a country and actually improved their situation ?!?! EU and US only invade countries to exploit their resources, that's colonialism for you. Turkish Imperialism is based on instincts of a land Empire. If Turkey was to annex parts of Syria, Syrians wouldn't be exploited. Instead, they would have municipal services such as schools, hospitals etc etc which Turkey is already bringing to areas under its control in Syria unlike US. Edit: For colonialism remark, settler colonies like Canada and Australia are different than Colonial Mandates like India and Mideast. Just saying considering you think Armenian Genocide and Holocaust are comparable.
  5. 1- Turkey is not 3rd biggest military power in the world. I said that I know Turkey would have beaten YPG but many thought differently under the illusion of US propaganda that YPG was so strong because look they could even beat ISIS, in reality beating ISIS was no brainer with Air Support. 2- 5.5 million Turks died in Balkans during Ottoman contraction, about 600k-1.5m Circassian Muslims died during Ottoman contraction (Russian annexation of Caucasus). Who apologized to Turks ? No one, then why would Turks apologize ? This Armenian Genocide debate is more political above all, there is a reason why it is remembered by Europe when they think Turkey is being naughty. Neither that Amnesty report nor Armenian Genocide has anything to do with what we're discussing right now. By the way, be cautious regarding Amnesty reports. Amnesty is a heavily politicized organization that always avoids saying things against US narrative of international politics although I'd agree with most of the stuff said in the specific report but it has nothing to do with Syria. Although I said report is mostly right, there is one thing they got wrong. It's not dissent that is being ruthlessly suppressed but treason. Turkish TV is full of political commentary shows where you can see critiques of Erdogan even on national TV, nobody really cares about critiques as long as their critique is constructive. For instance, you won't get arrested for critiquing Erdogan if you say he fucked up the education system but if you critique Erdogan by saying that Turkey should not be doing operations against PKK, then you obviously think betterment of PKK not Turkey. What does death penalty have to do anything with this situation ? Capital punishment exists in many countries around the world. By the way, you don't know the context of death penalty discussion. Turkey made capital punishment illegal as part of EU accession reforms; now that Turkey doesn't actively pursue EU-accession policy anymore, Erdogan said that as a reaction. There are no works for such referendum. Plus, constitutional court announced they didn't support capital punishment which is kind way of saying that if government decided to make such referendum, then it would be cancelled by highest judicial authority. It's not logical think to that if one country is accused of a genocide and they haven't apologized for it, then they are directly the worst possible nation. What we're discussing here has nothing to do with US past with natives either. You gotta try understanding more than making unidimensional judgements constantly. 3- I don't understand based on what you claim that anyone but Turks have equal rights to Turkish Republic.
  6. I am not brainwashed by AKP-propaganda you have no idea what you're talking about which is why you keep repeating the same shit over and over again. Turks were gentle in the past towards all minorities as long as they were loyal. - Unlike Nazis' Anti-Semitism, - Spanish Inquisition - Habsburg persecution of protestants - British starving of Indians for the economic betterment of British people --> Turks did not apply arbitrary violence to their minorities because of their existential characteristics (because of who they are), they applied violence to those whom they considered as betrayers. Armenian Massacres/Genocide came after Ottoman Armenians' cooperation with Russian Forces on the eastern front of WW1. What do you compare against what ? It's unbelievable how ignorant and propaganda fed all your comments are. Armenian Genocide is nothing like Holocaust, it's an Imperial Reaction to a rebellion. Only reason why it's so popular is because Armenian Genocide is used by Europeans. Is it coincidence that Europe only remembers Armenians whenever Turks give them middle finger ? 5.5 million Muslims died in Balkans during Ottoman contraction, much higher number than Armenian Genocide, not even counting Circassian Genocide by Russians on the caucasus which again, no one talks about because it's all politics. If Turks were not gentle, there wouldn't be any Christians left in Balkans just like Spaniards cleansed their land of Moors. Challenge me if you can: In European political sphere, Turks are the only nation who practiced any form of tolerance towards minorities before modern ages. Example: Salonica's biggest ethnic group was Jews under Turkish rule, specifically sephardic Jews who fled Spanish Inquisition and came to Turkey. Salonica was called mother of Israel. After Salonica got annexed by Greece, its jewish population fled the city. While Ottomans lost their European holdings, muslims were either expelled or forced to flee with massacres. Their mosques were all converted to churches. Arbitrary violence and discrimination based on one's existence is a European concept, Turks used violence to ones whom they considered betrayers. That's much more gentle than massacring because they are not like you in my opinion. You're right about jailing journalists. That's the only thing you're right about.
  7. 1- I know Afrin is a small city in the north of Syria. I never said capture of Afrin meant the end of civil war, I have no idea where you got such idea. Capture of Afrin is informational victory above all. YPG is the US-puppet in the region, US-media kept hyping them up into "the only force that could defeat ISIS" to the extent people were saying Afrin would be Turkey's Vietnam etc. The victory is the breaking up that ridiculous perception that YPG is a strong actor in the Syrian Civil War for Turkey. I have never said this was a significant military victory, I have said here before that I expected Turkish Army to take Afrin easily when the outcome of the operation wasn't obvious. 2- US is literally famous for stirring the shit up everywhere in the globe to advance their political interests. US doesn't consider YPG a strategic player, it's just the international excuse to be in Syria (look locals want us to be here) just like Turkey is using Free Syrian Army for the same purpose. Turkey is way more trustable than US. First and foremost, Turks ruled these lands for centuries benevolently during which the region was as stable as anywhere else unlike now aka period of US sponsored conflicts. Also PKK/YPG has always been a more serious threat than ISIS to Turkey. Do you have any idea how many civilians YPG/PKK killed in Turkey vs ISIS ? 3- I don't know how Turkish government manages the resettlement policies of refugees but there are 3 million Syrian refugees in Turkey, Afrin is not big to locate such number of people. I don't think it's a matter of forcing anyone, there are enough Syrian refugees who would be willing to move there because they don't speak Turkish.
  8. PKK has been fighting a guerrilla war over 40 years in Turkey, they didn't succeed a bit. At the end of every guerrilla war, you gotta have a last stand and start holding territory. Also guerrilla war needs a territory favouring unsupported infantry like mountains or jungles, Afrin doesn't have such territory. Even above that, YPG cannot fight a guerrilla war like PKK does with suicide bombings and civil officials assassinations because if they do, US cannot protect them in the eastern cantons which is the only way YPG can cease to hold territory since we have seen how easy Turkish Forces advanced on YPG. There is a reason why Iraq and Syria have been perpetual state of internal turmoil. They have no national unity or no political administrative culture. They are colonial administrative divisions that became independent. YPG-held territory is basically US occupation zone. Free Syrian Army-held territory is Turkish occupation zone. It's not hard to see which one is the more benevolent force in the region. Turkish-controlled Syria is the only part of Syria where reconstruction of Syria has started.
  9. Your language sounds extremely uneducated. There is no such thing as black or white in this world, nothing as the worst or the best, especially in international politics. Let alone saying such thing without backing it up which is what you're doing. There are only sides that protect their own interest. I don't even think you know what "you're guessing it will backfire soon". Care to share it if you know what will backfire soon ?
  10. The units entered Afrin at 8:30 a.m. on March 18, and the Syrian city was under control on the 58th day of the operation, with Turkish and FSA flags raised, Turkish President Erdoğan said, speaking at the commemoration ceremony of the Gallipoli Campaign during World War One in the northwestern Çanakkale province. Turkey will immediately take the necessary steps to make sure the residents of the city are able to return to their homes as soon as possible, he said. Turkey launched “Operation Olive Branch” in Syria’s Afrin district on Jan. 20 to clear the region of the YPG, a group Ankara sees as a terror organization for its links to the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). “We will take all necessary steps to bring the people of the region living in our country or other places back to their homes as soon as possible,” he said. Turkey launched “Operation Olive Branch” in Syria’s Afrin district on Jan. 20 to clear the region of the YPG, a group Ankara sees as a terror organization for its links to the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). Erdoğan said a total of 3,603 militants have been “neutralized” since the beginning of the operation. Authorities said 46 Turkish soldiers had been killed and 225 injured.Turkish authorities often use the term “neutralized” to refer to injured, killed, captured and surrendered militants. YPG itself announced around 1500 KIA (Killed inaction) combatants for their name. Well, this was very fast. I thought this would have taken much longer after US-media hyped YPG up by constantly repeating stuff like "the only effective force against ISIS". It seems their defence lines collapsed like a house of cards. It's good that there is no collateral damage to the city compared to other operations in Syrian Civil War which left entire cities in ruins. https://www.reddit.com/r/syriancivilwar/comments/859h64/obf_are_in_full_control_of_the_afrin_city_photos/ https://www.reddit.com/r/syriancivilwar/comments/85ayx3/oath_of_turkish_commando_is_chanted_in_afrin_town/ https://www.reddit.com/r/syriancivilwar/comments/859xla/turkish_special_forces_in_afrin_city_center/ Interesting combat footages from operations / No gore
  11. Where's Xavier Dolan movies ? J'ai tué ma mère ? Les Amours Imaginaires ? What about My Private Idaho ? What about Prayers For Bobby ? I find that list twink-phobic except Call Me By Your Name
  12. I highly doubt so. At this point, Turks don't seem to chase EU membership anymore, they know it will never happen (at least not in the foreseeable future). I mean even if everything went perfectly smooth by a miracle, Cyprus would block Turkey's accession due to the fact that half of Cyprus is governed by unrecognized Turkish puppet state. This will be a long explanation but a pretty good one for why Turks were so insistent on joining the EU for decades (I messed up the flow a bit, I should have given main idea in the beginning but I did so only at the end): Urbanite Elites/Kemalist Turks were naive enough to think that Turkey would ever be accepted into European Brotherhood. Their expectation is understandable from the perspective that Turkey has been part of European polito-cultural sphere post 15th century but their naivety stemmed from their inability to recognize that Turkey constituted "the other" of European Brotherhood as the foe to be battled, menace to be scared of, or the other to be ridiculed since 11th century. Even Kemalist Turks (hardcore secularists - borderline social atheists by any standard) couldn't grasp this because of differences in state culture of Turkey and European Kingdoms. Since Middle Ages, European Kingdoms have been quiet consolidated in terms of demographics either by ethnolinguistic culture and/or religion, when such consolidation wasn't achieved as in the example of Habsburg Austria, persecution was method to employ to achieve it (Habsburg persecution of protestants for instance). Up until the foundation of Turkish Republic, Turkey (including times before Ottoman rule) has always been diverse in terms of ethnolinguistic and religious minorities. By forming into an ethnolinguistic/religiously consolidated nation state, Turks thought they became the member of European Brotherhood but the consolidation was a brought over idea, not a naturally developed one so Turks never really comprehended underlying motivation for such consolidation. That motivation is the concept of consolidated "nationhood". For European identity, it starts from the core of Catholic-Protestant Central Europe and gets more distant with every layer of differentiation. The whole aggregate only recently expanded into Eastern & Non-renaissance & Orthodox Europe and would not expand to Muslim Turks. Turks never recognized adopting European concept of consolidated "nationhood" wouldn't make them part of the brotherhood because brotherhood wasn't based on common ethos but cultural consolidation. And because concept of "nationhood" is related to common ethos rather than cultural consolidation in Turkish state culture, Turks never realized this. PS: I didn't say that Turks didn't persecute anyone like Europeans. They did so but for different reasons than Europeans.
  13. Because religious symbolism is a sign of bias in many cases, hence lack of it is the neutral state of being. Although to be honest, this is completely undemocratic if we are to consider Germany as a Liberal Democracy where individual freedoms are supposed to be protected as long as other people's rights are not violated. This move can be either a xenophobically motivated move based of decaying image of Islam or an enlightened autocratic move. I don't know enough to comment which is the reason for this move but it's definitely not democratic.
  14. Honestly, this is super interesting coming from Erdogan. His voter base is pretty much the equivalent of Trump's voter base in US --> ignorant Turks who eat up religious rhetoric but this time he actually slammed fundamentalist Islamic clerics which he avoids doing so to not offend the stupidest bunch of his voter base that is already plenty stupid on average. Erdogan has been vocal in his support of legal secularism despite his opposition to traditional Turkish social secularism which advocated removal of religion from public spaces in its entirety. During Erdogan's rule, Islam has become much more prominent in Turkish society as laws that ban religious symbolism(such as Islamic headscarf) from being worn by public officials or in public buildings (such as universities) were lifted. President Erdoğan has slammed Islamic writers over their sexist comments, calling on the Religious Affairs Directorate (Diyanet) to take a more active role in adapting religious practices to current historical and social conditions on Mar. 8 to mark International Women’s Day in Ankara. His comments came after conservative Social Fabric Foundation head Nureddin Yıldız stirred debate by making a controversial comment on violence against women. “Women should be grateful to God, because God allowed men to beat women and be relaxed,” Yıldız said on Mar. 3, in a video posted online. Yıldız was already a subject of complaint. He previously sparked outrage after suggesting that children as young as six-years-old could marry other children or adults, as well as suggesting that men and women should not get on an elevator alone together. Following the outrage, Ankara Public Prosecutor’s office filed a criminal complaint against Yıldız for “inciting the public to hatred and animosity.” "We would never take into account the words of some marginal people who aim at nothing but to abuse the values of our religion, our nation. These preachers have no place in our religion. They either do not know which century we live in or are living in an entirely different century because they are so impotent that they do not know Islam should be revised. You cannot implement provisions that were dated 14-15 centuries ago, or carry the regulations and traditions of a specific society in a specific date that would only spoil the matter. I invite all people who comment on the matter to be careful, not to harm themselves along with our values and not to offend our women" said Erdoğan.