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  1. CalixSpurius


    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LGBT_rights_in_Swaziland I guess their government is so unfunctional that they couldn't even send in the cops to stop it considering male homosexuality is illegal & female homosexuality is not (most likely defined as sodomy in their laws)...
  2. CalixSpurius

    I still not feel sober from yesterday but all messages are like from 8 hours ago. What were you doing at 6 am ET or is it a party with no Americans ?
  3. Suddenly Christian Grey is vanilla. She said she cut open her cunt with scissors.
  4. CalixSpurius


    I'm going to Tomorrowland soon I'm pretty excited... But no, I don't go to music festivals often but I hope it changes since I'm starting uni now.
  5. Turkey's long-standing leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan has won a new five-year term after securing outright victory in the first round of a presidential election. Mr Erdogan got nearly 53% with almost all votes counted. His closest rival Muharrem Ince was on 31%. Turkish voters gave President Recep Tayyip Erdogan a decisive victory in national elections, lengthening his 15-year grip on power and granting him vastly expanded authority over the legislature and judiciary. Mr Erdogan has presided over a strong economy and built up a solid support base by investing in healthcare, education and infrastructure. But the 64-year-old has also polarised opinion, cracking down on opponents and putting some 160,000 people in jail. Mr Erdogan gave a triumphant victory speech from the balcony of his party's headquarters in the capital Ankara at 03:00 (00:00 GMT), declaring: "The winner of this election is each and every individual among my 81 million citizens." He said Turkey would act more firmly against terrorist groups, and would continue to "liberate Syrian lands" so refugees could return to their homes there. Congratulations have come in from Islamic leaders including Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. Russian President Vladimir Putin talked of Mr Erdogan's "great political authority and mass support". Although Erdoğan’s AKP party lost its majority in parliament, as many pollsters predicted, their junior coalition partner, the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), performed better than expected, meaning they will still hold the most seats in parliament. Parties in the parliament: People's Alliance: AK Parti (Erdogan) - Right Wing -- Neo-Ottomanism, Economic Liberalism, Social Conservatism MHP (Bahceli) - Far-Right Wing -- Turkish Ultranationalism, Turanism Nation Alliance: CHP (Kilicdaroglu) - Centre-Left -- Social Democracy, Kemalism IYI (Aksener) - Centre-Right -- Liberal Conservatism, Civic Nationalism No Alliance: HDP (Demirtas) - Far-Left Wing -- Democratic Socialism, Regionalism, Kurdish Nationalism Presidential Results: R.I.P social progression for Turkey until Erdo dies. They successfully made him into their own Putin.
  6. Do German gays actually vote for her ??? She's a conservative, that seems unlikely.
  7. Bitch I miss u. lana1

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    2. H.O.N.E.Y

      Welcome home. cry7


      I’m currently on the road as we speak. rav2

    3. CalixSpurius

      It can’t be so bad there tbh. 

      American interstate highways are horrible on the east coast. Cars are cruising on the left lane with 110-120 km/h giveup1

      I swear to god people buy all those cars with huge engines are just to show off while driving like they drive a 1.0L vw polo.

    4. H.O.N.E.Y

      Actually the opposite. Speeding is a thing here. rav2 


      But for a few years they inserted cameras everywhere and the fine is so high. I actually have a huge debt from that mess. But mine are mostly just right above the speed limit. dead2 

  8. CalixSpurius

    J’ai tue ma mere (I killed my mother) by Xavier Dolan Quebecois movie about the relationship of a gay son and his mother. As picturesque as Call Me By Your Name, much much much better storyline. Won 3 awards at Cannes, 2009.
  9. CalixSpurius

    I actually liked SUMMER and HEARD ABOUT US a lot. The rest seems to have variations of generic rap beat.
  10. CalixSpurius


    Well, let's be more honest, Catholic Church is changing slowly... It only changes enough to not cease to exist based on discrepancy with contemporary values.
  11. CalixSpurius

    Initial Recommendation: Watch this movie with big speakers or high quality earphones. In scenes where Simon gets excited or heartbroken, background music follows his emotions which creates an amazing immersion. Cutest movie I watched recently to be honest. First coming from a not so tight family, I was totally jealous of Simon's beautiful loving family. I basically cried my eyes out during the whole "You get to exhale now, Simon" scene when I first saw the movie in cinema (won't go into details not give spoilers). I also love the fact that this is a gay movie with happy ending. This is not something we see everyday honestly... It's a really really cute easy to watch feel good movie that happens to centre around a gay storyline, I'd say don't expect a magnum opus but expect a gay Jennifer Aniston romcom with teen flavour which is something we never had before so definitely watch this movie if you still didn't
  12. The most successful: Madonna The less successful: (I don't care) The most admired: Madonna The most loved: Beyoncé The most hated: (I don't care) The biggest fashion icon: Madonna & Lady Gaga With the biggest impact on music: Madonna With the biggest stan base: Lady Gaga The most controversial: Madonna The most ambitious: (I don't know) The most daring: Madonna & Lady Gaga The most fearless: Madonna
  13. CalixSpurius

    It was not horrible but it was very bland.
  14. CalixSpurius

    She is not even touring Europe though. She has 6 dates in British Isles specifically aka still in the Anglophone world, that's about it.