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  1. I love it. I know a lot of people have said it, but it is soooooooo different than what most pop artists are doing right now. I love dance songs and the direction popular music is going, but man give me a midtempo song like this and I just LIVE. .gif' alt='cry3'> I don't know about success. I guess we will see. I thought Scream and Shot would flop, but I was wrong so yeah imma keep my thoughts to myself.
  2. Do any of your favorite artists use words, phrases, ideas, themes, etc. a lot in their songs? For example, Nicki Minaj has quite a few songs dealing with fire (Blazin', Pound the Alarm, Fire Burns, Up in Flames, and Girl on Fire are just a few) and she makes biblical references a lot as well as references to the male genitalia. I can't think of any themes right now tho, sooooo anyone else want to share? +tehe3+
  3. She confirmed on Twitter that the rumor is false. Have you listened to her mixtape, Fantasea? It is better than 1991 imo. Stream + download it at http://kunt.fm/. Fierce and Esta Noche are two of her best songs. Her unreleased stuff is good too.
  4. Lemme just turn in my stan card again. I'll claim her again when she goes back to putting out music. She has to realize that she does not have time for these petty feuds and she needs to focus on her ALBUM and trying to put out a single. I love her so much and she has SO much talent, but she cannot continue this mess. +sip+
  5. I prefer Fantasea and her unreleased material. 1991 was good but eh and I am not a fan of BBD (but it'll grow on me).
  6. Azealia didn't seem to realize that the only reputation she was hurting was her own. Perez is probably fully aware that no one likes him and was just trying to pull her down with him. +laughcry+
  7. Well... After tonight's mess, I have discovered that I am not the only Azealia fan who loves her music, but dislikes her personality. Azealia needs to really stop with this beef stuff like pronto. The list is so long now and she hasn't even dropped an album... +sip+ But, hey, thanks for making my fave look like America's sweetheart. +whatever+
  8. The whole site though. Go read the wiki pages.
  9. I was looking forward to those two (and Christina too just because she is signed w/ YM). dead2dead2dead2 We all know this won't happen. Like, underperforming for Gaga would be selling normally for most of the industry so... I mean, most artists decrease in album sales over time, so she might have a hard time getting to the 5 million mark if anything. No mention on whether it'll be a single or the success? K. ::
  10. Kitty Kat I am trying to figure out whether I like B'Day or 4 more, so I am listening to both again. :flutter:
  11. These pop blogs and their commenters/lurkers always hating on certain people, smh. Azealia Banks has not "properly gotten going" when you compare her to Frank Ocean. The only people I know in real life who know her are fellow internet people. All of her releases this year were pushed back (1991 if i remember correctly, Fantasea, debut single, BBD) plus Frank is nominated for Grammys. He should be above her or at least #2. I know Lana is a whole lot more successful tho and she slayed 2012. Mixtapes are not pointless and they promote the artist & allow for the artist to find their sty