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  1. I honestly don't remember how I found this song but it reminded of Be Alright almost instantly but not the final version of Be Alright, but the snapchat demo version from 2015 which i remember felt more upbeat So I used the stems for Be alright and Good In You and I made this mashup let me know what you think
  2. thanks idk why when I heard the beat I thought of HIR, I did another one with HIR here years ago
  3. I was wondering what some of britney's older songs would sound like if they were made today so I was scrolling through some instrumentals of newer songs and decided to mash this one with how I roll Let Me know what you think
  4. how am i just finding out about this now
  5. i actually like pretty girls. her song with kevin was way worse imo
  6. I thought why not share some awful songs and cringe together This whole album sounds like ARTPOP and Charli XCX's recent work but without any musical structure or talent Her daughter makes music too. It's not much better than the song above tho Here we have a basic Purpose sounding beat with some tiktok girl who faked her pregnancy and cant sing. I hope she gets sued by the Monroe estate or by Sesame Street ya'll remember that guy who sounded like Tones & I abou six years ago who went viral? he's now making religious music
  7. Somehow i found this song made by a tiktok star and i got the studio acapella for it which is a long story lmao Anyways, enjoy this mashup i made using the instrumental of toxic I'll probably make a reverse version with toxic's vocals and the instrumental of cake soon
  8. I always wondered how toxic would sound like as a ballad anyways, enjoy this mashup I made
  9. Hope ya'll enjoy this mashup i made I thought it would be cool to hear this song with a different type of production so I took an instrumental from ARTPOP Let me know which other ariana songs I should try to use next