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  1. I want to check out her discography, but not sure where to start. She has alot!
  2. Lucy88

    Artist Aaliyah

    Great news, guys! Aaliyah for Mac cosmetics is finally happening!!!!!!! https://www.instagram.com/p/BYLdzglB9pD/
  3. You got: Break the Rules Just like the title of the album suggests, you do things one way and one way only.. Your way! People love your fearless and protective attitude and makes sure to not get in on your wrong side. Do you right however, and you’ll shower them with love, respect and support! Overlooked by fans and critics alike, Break the Rules was the first album that truly showed the decline in Namie’s sales in Japan. Just like the album, people just need time to understand that you know what you want, and will do whatever you can to get it.