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  1. Eclipsa here

    ok but people seriously sleep on Britney's self titled album lj1

    1. Gravity

      Which one of them jj2

    2. Eclipsa

      normally when people say her self-titled album they mean Britney, not Britney Jean jj2 

    3. Gravity

      Good because it's seriously underrated giveup1

  2. Eclipsa here

    just got done having a Twitter fight with Ariana stans lol3

    Nobody is messing with Farrah Moan under my watch jj3

    1. Chris Morlock

      Why are Twitter gays coming after miss Farrah Moan?

    2. edwinfg

      doing gods work sis alex1

    3. Eclipsa

      @Chris Morlock she said on Twitter that Ariana's team sent a designer a pic of Farrah wearing an outfit and that they wanted him to copy it for the 7 Rings music video and then she met up with the designer and he spilled the tea about it

      and now her stans are being delusional as always so I had to something about that bey1 

  3. Eclipsa here

    Tonight I'm gonna dance for all that we've been through
    But I don't wanna dance if I'm not dancing with you
    Tonight I'm gonna dance like you were in this room
    But I don't wanna dance if I'm not dancing with you


  4. Eclipsa


    ew Hyperballad won
  5. Eclipsa


    can't believe NOW that we've reached the top 5 I'm going to have to go to bed
  6. Eclipsa


    not my comment being butchered enough to seem lowkey shady
  7. Eclipsa


    I've lost count of the amount of commentary of mine that is not being included
  8. Eclipsa


    imagine calling any song on Post Christ filler
  9. Eclipsa


    y'all did this beautiful bicurious anthem dirty
  10. Eclipsa


    nnnnn not me being late not too bothered thus far except for Sweet Intuition
  11. Eclipsa


    and I was getting ready for a non-messy, not ruined by first listeners and haters megarate
  12. Eclipsa


    Impossible Princess, forever and always